Climactic and Climatic

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What's the difference between climactic and climatic?

Climactic relates to the highest point. For example:
  • It's a climactic ending to the film.
Climatic pertains to the weather. For example:
  • Tree growth is mostly determined by climatic events.

Climactic and Climatic

Climactic and climatic look similar, but their meanings are quite different.


The adjective climactic derives from the noun climax. It pertains to a peak, a decisive moment, or the point of greatest tension.

  • In the climactic scene of the movie, the aliens emerge from the capsule and start zapping the onlookers.
  • Who would have thought that the season would have ended in such a climactic way?


The adjective climatic derives from the noun climate. It pertains to the weather.

  • Climatic change is defined as the long-term significant change in the expected patterns of weather.
  • His assessment of the eco-climatic system over Africa is based solely on satellite data.