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Adjuncts - Glossary of Terms


An adjunct is an adverb used to modify a verb.  Adjuncts are used to indicate time, manner, place, frequency, reason and degree.  They can be single words, phrases or clauses


The alarm went off again last night.
 (time adjunct - also called "adverb of time")

Simon drinks his pints like a demon.
(manner adjunct - also called "adverb of manner")

She buries all her toys wherever Ollie buries his.
(place adjunct - also called "adverb of place")
Interactive example:
Present your case carefully, or he will veto the bill in the morning. [show me the adjuncts]
Position your adjunct so that it is unambiguous.

Cycling uphill quickly strengthens your calf muscles.

Does "quickly" modify "Cycling uphill" or "strengthens"?  This is called a squinting modifier.

Cycling uphill strengthens your calf muscles quickly.
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