A logosglyph is a word that looks like what it means. (Logosglyphs contrast with onomatopoeic words that sound like what they mean.)

Easy Examples of Logosglyphs

  • The word bed looks like a bed.
  • The word eye looks like a pair of eyes and a nose.

More Examples of Logosglyphs

The word logosglyph literally means "word carving" from the Greek words for word (logos) and carving (glyphe).
  • Amanda has eyes like pools.
  • (The words eyes and pools are logosglyphs. The oo in pool paints a picture of large, round eyes, while the meaning of pool suggests eyes deep and hypnotic.)
  • He threw her a discreet sideways look.
  • (Here, discreet and look are logosglyphs. The ee in discreet looks like a sideways look, and the oo in look looks like eyes.)
  • Tall legs like stilts.
  • (All the words are logosglyphs as their letters (particularly the Ls) give a sense of height.)

Why Should I Care about Logosglyphs?

Logosglyphs are rare. They are typically used in poetry to bring an idea to life by appealing directly to the sense of sight.