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Object - Glossary of Terms


An object is a noun (or pronoun) that is being acted on by a verb or a preposition.  There are 3 main kinds: 


Direct Object (the noun which the verb acts on directly):

Please pass the butter
        verb       direct object

Indirect Object (the noun to which the verb happens):

Please pass the butter to Simon.        /      Please pass Simon the butter.
         verb                   indirect object              verb       indirect object

The Object of a Preposition (the noun which follows a preposition, e.g., in, on, at, near, by):

She lives near Brighton.
    preposition      object of the preposition

Interactive example:
Please remove the mugs on the coffee tables. [show me the objects]
The word who is never the object. The objective case of who is whom.

You saw whom? (direct object)
You gave whom the book? (indirect object)
You wrote about whom? (object of a preposition)

This may look confusing, but whom is to who as:

me is to I
him is to he
her is to she
us is to we
and them is to they
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