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Parenthesis in Apposition - Glossary of Terms

Parenthesis in Apposition

A parenthesis offers additional information to a sentence.  It is offset with either brackets, commas or dashes (called parentheses). If a parenthesis is removed from a sentence, the sentence is still grammatically sound. The term "in apposition" just means "the same". Therefore, when a parenthesis is the same thing as whatever it follows, it is called "parenthesis in apposition".


Kent Oliver - the only professional jockey from Jersey - won his first race on Tuesday.
                                    (dashes used as parentheses)

(Kent Oliver is the professional jockey. This is parenthesis in apposition.)

At midnight last night, Skip (a guard dog for Bonds Ltd in Bury) hospitalised two intruders who broke in the company yard.
                                           (brackets used as parentheses)

(Skip is the guard dog. This is parenthesis in apposition.)

Jamie Buxton, who fainted in church during his wedding, apologized to his wife...
                                (commas used as parentheses)

(This is not parenthesis in apposition.) 

Paul, on the other hand, in considered extremely trustworthy.
     (commas used as parentheses)

(This is not parenthesis in apposition.)

Interactive example:
Prices in Alton, a small town only 25 minutes from London, are soaring. [show the parenthesis in apposition]
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