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Subordinating Conjunction - Glossary of Terms

Subordinating Conjunction

Subordinating conjunctions are used to join subordinate clauses to main clauses. Common examples include: although, because, since, unless, until and while.


She left early because Mike arrived with his new girlfriend.
      main clause                             subordinate clause     

Keep your hand on the wound until the nurse asks you to take it off.
              main clause                                subordinate clause     

Interactive example:
This aircraft is not moving until the fuel arrives. [show me the subordinating conjunction]
A subordinating conjunction and the subordinate clause often form an adverbial clause. For example:

Keep your hand on the wound until the nurse asks you to take it off.
(The text in bold is an adverbial clause - an adverb of time.)

When an adverbial clause is at the start of a sentence, it is usual to follow it with a comma
. However, there is no need when it ends the sentence (as above).

Until the nurse asks you to take it off, keep your hand on the wound.
(Note the comma.)
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