Accept and Except

What is the difference between accept and except?

To accept most commonly means to receive willingly. Except usually means apart from or excluding.

Accept and Except

There is often confusion over the words accept and except. They sound similar, but their meanings are very different.
accept and except


To accept is a verb. It has several meanings:

To hold something as true. To receive something willingly. To answer yes (especially to an invitation).


The word except is most commonly seen as a preposition. However, it can also be used a conjunction and very occasionally as a verb.

Except as a preposition means apart from, not including, or excluding.

For example: Except as a conjunction means but or 'if not the fact that'.

For example: Except as a verb means to exclude.

For example:

A Quick Test

Except = Excluding

Let the first two letters of except remind you that it means excluding.

Common Terms with Accept and Except

Accept Except

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