Airplane or Aeroplane?

What is the difference between airplane and aeroplane?

Airplane is the American spelling.
Aeroplane is the non-American spelling.

Airplane or Aeroplane?

Writers are often confused whether to use airplane or aeroplane. Airplane is the preferred spelling in American English, while aeroplane is the preferred spelling in British English.

Example Sentences with Airplane and Aeroplane

Below is an example of aeroplane in a British publication. Below are some examples of airplane in American publications.

A Quick Test

Most Brits Will Accept Airplane

Airplane is becoming increasingly common in British English and is now accepted by most people who follow British English writing conventions. However, few Americans would accept aeroplane.

Airport Not Aeroport

The word aeroport is not British English. It's French. The British English word is airport (like the American).

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