Censor, Sensor, or Censure?

What Is the Difference between "Censor," "Sensor," and "Censure"?

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The Quick Answer

  • To censor means to forbid.
  • A sensor is a detector.
  • Censure is displeasure.

Censor, Sensor, Censure

Writers sometimes confuse censor and sensor. Even though they sound identical, their meanings are quite different (i.e., they're homonyms). As censure sounds similar, we've included it on this page, but errors involving censure are far rarer than with censor and sensor.


The verb to censor means to forbid public distribution of something (usually a film or a newspaper).

  • How did that statement end up on the streets? I censored the article myself.


The noun sensor denotes a detector of a stimulus (such as heat, light, motion, pressure).

  • An infrared sensor designed to detect movement triggered the roadside bomb.


The noun censure denotes a formal rebuke or official displeasure.

  • He has received two letters of censure from the commandant.

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