Every Day and Everyday

Every day is similar in meaning to each day. (It is an adjective and a noun.) For example: Everyday is an adjective. It means normal or ordinary. For example:

Every Day or Everyday?

There is often confusion over every day and everyday.

Every day

Every day (two words) can usually be substituted with each day. (In this expression, the word every is an adjective which modifies the noun day.)

Try substituting the every day in these examples with each day:


Everyday (one word) is similar to normal, ordinary, or usual. (Everyday is an adjective.)


A Quick Test


Like every, the word each is an adjective. If each works as a perfect substitute for every in your sentence, then you should be using every day not everyday. If each day does not work well (i.e., you feel normal would be a better replacement), then you should be using everyday. For example:

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