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What Is the Difference between "insight" and "incite"?

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The Quick Answer

The noun insight means an understanding.
The verb to incite means to stimulate action.

The words insight and incite sound very similar, but their meanings are very different.


The noun insight means an understanding of something. It often carries the connotation of a clear understanding with an insider's perspective.

  • The film offers a useful insight into sharks' behaviour.
  • She has a good insight into the company's strategy.


The verb to incite means to stimulate action, to rouse, or to stir up.

  • A 29-year-old man from Dover was arrested for trying to incite a riot.
  • The event is seeking to incite enthusiasm in young people.

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You cannot have incite. The word incite is only ever a verb. Like all verbs, it has various forms, e.g., inciting, incited, incites.

You can, however, have insight. Insight is a noun. It has two forms: insight and insights (plural).

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