law and lore

Law means a rule or a collection of rules. Colloquially, the law it means the police.
Lore is knowledge or tradition passed from generation to generation.
Lores are part of a bird's head.

There is often confusion over the words law and lore.


Law is most commonly seen as a noun, but, like most nouns, it can be used as an adjective. It has several meanings:

A rule or collection of rules imposed by authority.

A universal principle that describes something's fundamental nature.

The police (colloquial)


The word lore is a noun. It is most commonly seen in the word folklore. Lore has several meanings:

Tradition or knowledge passed from generation to generation (often by word of mouth through legend or anecdote).

Lores: The surface on each side of a bird's head (used for other animals too; e.g. snakes).

yellow-lored Amazon parrot

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There is no such word as folklaw. It's folklore.

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