Marinade or Marinate?

What Is the Difference between "Marinade" and "Marinate"?

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The Quick Answer

A marinade is sauce in which food is soaked before cooking.

To marinate is the corresponding verb. It means to soak food in a marinade.

(This distinction is blurring. The verb to marinade now features in many dictionaries.)

Marinade and Marinate

The words marinade and marinate are confused so often, the distinction between them is starting to blur.


The word marinade means a sauce in which food is soaked before cooking. For example:
  • A good marinade makes foods tastier, juicier, healthier, and more
  • With a marinade, the combination of oil, acid and flavour protects foods from the heat of the grill.
Marinade started out life as a noun, but it is used so often as a verb, many dictionaries now list it as one. For example:
  • Marinade the meat for at least 24 hours before cooking.
  • (We can't bring ourselves to give this a tick, but it is acceptable to use marinade as verb nowadays.)


The word marinate is a verb which means to soak in marinade. For example:
  • We need to marinate the meat before tomorrow.
  • Marinating is a great way to intensify the flavour of food with just a few basic
Don't forget the verb to marinate has other forms:
  • He marinates...
  • It was marinating...
  • It was marinated...

Meat marinating in a marinade

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