pour, pore and poor

To pour means to tip a liquid out a container.
To pore means to examine closely. A pore is small opening in the skin.
Poor usually means impoverished or inadequate.

The words pour, pore, and poor sound similar, but their meanings are very different.


The verb to pour means to transfer a liquid from a container (usually by tipping).



The word pore has two unrelated meanings:

To examine closely. A small opening in the skin.


The adjective poor means impoverished (i.e., having little money or few possessions), or low quality (e.g., poor crop) or unfortunate (e.g., That poor cat).


A Quick Test


The word poor does not usually cause grammar mistakes; however, there is often confusion over pour and pore.

If you remember that pour out soup contains three sets of the letters ou, it will help you remember the meaning of pour, which only has one meaning. Therefore, everything else must be pore.

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