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What Is the Difference between "precedence" and "precedents"?

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Precedence pertains to ranking.
A precedent is a previous example used to guide a decision.


The noun precedence pertains to ranking or status in order of importance or urgency.

  • The medics treated them in order of precedence according to their
  • The rules that govern the precedence of members of the Royal Family are complex.


The noun precedent means an example from the past that provides evidence for an argument. It is most commonly used in legal circles and, more specifically, can be described as a previously decided case that guides the decision of a future case.

  • Having discovered a similar case in the past, the prosecution team used this precedent to support their argument.
  • There is precedent with last year's Smith versus Jones case.
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Common Terms

Here are some common terms with precedent and precedence:


Common terms with precedent:
  • To set a precedent
  • There is past precedent


Common terms with precedence:
  • In order of precedence
  • To take precedence over something

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