waist and waste

Waist is the middle part of the body.
Waste means rubbish garbage or to expend without reason.

Waist and Waste

The words waist and waste sound identical, but their meanings are very different.


Waist is the part of the body between the ribs and hips. A section of clothing that fits the waist may also be called the waist (e.g., The waist on this suit is too tight). Similarly, midsections of airplanes and ships can also be referred to as waists.



Waste can be a noun, a verb or an adjective. It has several meanings:

Useless materials left over from another activity (i.e., rubbish , garbage ). To expend materials or resources without reason.

To wear away, to weaken or to tire. Uninhabited or uncultivated (usually of land). To kill (slang).

A Quick Test


Imagine the i in the middle of waist is a person. So:

"There's a person in the middle of waist. There's a waist in the middle of a person."

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