Wear, Were, We're, and Where

Wear, were, we're, or where?

To wear is a verb with two meanings: (1) to have clothing on, and (2) to deteriorate. There is also a noun associated with each meaning. Were is the past tense version of are. We're is a short for we are. Where refers to a place.


The verb to wear means to be adorned with clothing, decoration, or protection. It also means to cause deterioration or damage by continuous use or friction. (The word wear can also be used as a noun.)


The word were is one the past tense forms of the verb to be. Look at this table:
PronounPersonVerb To Be in Past Tense
IFirst person singularwas
YouSecond person singularwere
He/She/ItThird person singularwas
WeFirst person pluralwere
YouSecond person pluralwere
TheyThird person plural were

Were is also the subjunctive form of was. For example:


We're is a contraction of we are. For example:


The adverb where is used to refer to a place. For example:

A Quick Test

What Part of Speech Is Where?

The word where refers to a place. Grammatically, it plays three key roles:

Where as an interrogative adverb: Read more about interrogative adverbs.

Where as a relative adverb: Read more about relative adverbs.

Where as a subordinating conjunction: Note: This is an unusual use of where. It translates best as in situations when. Often it can be replaced with when, particularly if at times when is a better fit.

Read more about subordinating conjunctions.

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