Which or Witch?

What is the difference between which and witch?

Which is used to request or present specifying information. (It can be used as a pronoun or an adjective.) The noun witch denotes a woman who performs magic with spells and potions.


The word which can be used used to request specifying information (i.e., to ask a question) or to give specifying information. When which is used to ask a question, it will be an interrogative pronoun or an interrogative adjective. When it is used to give information, it will be a relative pronoun.

Examples: The big question with which is whether to precede it with a comma or not.



The noun witch denotes a woman who performs magic using spells, potions, and the invocation of spirits.


A Quick Test


Only a witch can get an itch.

Which is one of the wh-pronouns. The wh-pronouns are either interrogative pronouns or relative pronouns. Other common ones are:

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