Definition of Compound Adjective

Definition of Compound Adjective (with Examples)

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A compound adjective is a single adjective comprising more than one word. The words in a compound adjective are usually grouped together using hyphens to show it is a single adjective.

Examples of Compound Adjectives

Here are some example of compound adjectives (shaded):
  • four-foot table
  • 12-page magazine
  • free-range eggs
  • never-to-be-forgotten experience
  • well-known lawyer

Alternatives to Hyphens in Compound Adjectives

Compound adjectives can also be grouped using italics, quotation marks, and title case (i.e., capital letters). For example:
  • It's a bona fide purchaser.
  • (compound adjective grouped using italics)
  • Is that your "go away" look?
  • (compound adjective grouped using quotation marks)
  • Did you watch the Harry Potter documentary?
  • (compound adjective grouped using title case)


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