Christmas (English Vocabulary)

ESL Vocabulary for Christmas

The following page has learning games and example sentences using the following 22 words from the "Christmas" category:
Learning Christmas vocabulary is important for participating in festive traditions and understanding cultural celebrations.

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Example Sentences


reindeer icon

a type of deer often associated with Christmas and Santa Claus, known for pulling Santa's sleigh

Easy Examples

  • A reindeer is a large, horned animal.
  • Reindeer are known for pulling Santa's sleigh.
  • Reindeer are often associated with Christmas.

Harder Examples

  • The reindeer's antlers were adorned with twinkling lights for the holiday parade.
  • Children eagerly awaited the arrival of Santa's reindeer on Christmas Eve.
  • She wore reindeer-themed pajamas to celebrate the festive season.

Santa hat

Santa hat icon

a red hat with a white pom-pom, typically worn by Santa Claus during Christmas

Easy Examples

  • A Santa hat is a red hat with a white pom-pom.
  • Santa Claus wears a Santa hat.
  • People wear Santa hats during the holidays.

Harder Examples

  • He put on his Santa hat and greeted guests with a jolly "Ho, ho, ho!"
  • The children took turns wearing a Santa hat while decorating the Christmas tree.
  • She sewed a miniature Santa hat onto her pet's holiday costume.


Santa icon

a beloved figure in Western culture associated with Christmas, known for delivering gifts to children on Christmas Eve

Easy Examples

  • Santa Claus is a jolly, gift-giving figure.
  • Santa delivers presents on Christmas Eve.
  • Children write letters to Santa.

Harder Examples

  • The children eagerly wrote letters to Santa, listing their holiday wishes.
  • Santa Claus made a grand entrance at the Christmas parade, waving to the crowd.
  • She portrayed Santa at the local charity event, spreading joy to all.


sleigh icon

a vehicle used by Santa Claus in folklore to deliver gifts, often pulled by reindeer

Easy Examples

  • A sleigh is a vehicle that Santa uses to deliver presents.
  • Sleighs are often pulled by reindeer.
  • Sleighs have a festive and magical appearance.

Harder Examples

  • The toy store displayed a miniature sleigh filled with presents in its window.
  • The children imagined riding in Santa's sleigh through a snowy night.
  • He crafted a detailed model of Santa's sleigh for a festive centerpiece.


snowflake icon

a delicate ice crystal that falls as snow, often with a unique and intricate pattern

Easy Examples

  • A snowflake is a delicate ice crystal.
  • Snowflakes are unique and come in various shapes.
  • Snowflakes fall from the sky when it snows.

Harder Examples

  • The snowflake landed on her mitten, its symmetrical design mesmerizing her.
  • Children created paper snowflakes to decorate the windows for Christmas.
  • He marveled at the beauty of each snowflake as they covered the landscape.


snowman icon

a figure made of snow, typically with a carrot for a nose and coal for eyes and buttons

Easy Examples

  • A snowman is a figure made of snow.
  • Snowmen have carrot noses and coal eyes.
  • Building a snowman is a fun winter activity.

Harder Examples

  • The children built a snowman in the yard, dressing it in a scarf and top hat.
  • The snowman's smile seemed to brighten the snowy neighborhood.
  • She placed a small snowman figurine on the windowsill as a decoration.


star icon

a celestial object often represented as a five-pointed shape, commonly used as a Christmas tree topper

Easy Examples

  • A star is a bright object in the night sky.
  • Stars are often placed on top of Christmas trees.
  • Wishing upon a star is a tradition.

Harder Examples

  • They placed a shimmering star at the apex of the Christmas tree.
  • The starry night sky served as a backdrop for the holiday festivities.
  • She painted a golden star on a greeting card for her family.


stocking icon

a decorative sock or fabric bag often hung by the fireplace on Christmas Eve for gifts from Santa

Easy Examples

  • A stocking is a long sock used to hold presents.
  • Children hang stockings by the fireplace on Christmas Eve.
  • Stockings are filled with small gifts and treats.

Harder Examples

  • The children hung their stockings by the chimney with care before bedtime.
  • Her stocking overflowed with small presents and treats on Christmas morning.
  • He stitched personalized stockings for each family member.


wreath icon

a circular arrangement of flowers, leaves, or other materials, often used as a festive decoration

Easy Examples

  • A wreath is a circular decoration made of flowers or leaves.
  • Wreaths are often hung on doors during the holidays.
  • Wreaths symbolize warmth and welcome.

Harder Examples

  • She adorned the front door with a wreath made of pine branches and red berries.
  • The holiday wreath emitted a pleasant aroma throughout the house.
  • He crafted a wreath from dried flowers and herbs for a rustic touch.


angel icon

a celestial being often depicted as a benevolent figure with wings, associated with Christmas and guardian spirits

Easy Examples

  • An angel is a heavenly being with wings.
  • Angels are often depicted as messengers of God.
  • Angels appear in nativity scenes.

Harder Examples

  • The angel figurine stood atop the Christmas tree, watching over the festivities.
  • She placed an angelic ornament on the mantel to symbolize peace and hope.
  • He believed that his late grandmother was now his guardian angel.


bauble icon

a small, decorative ornament often hung on Christmas trees, typically made of glass or plastic

Easy Examples

  • A bauble is a shiny Christmas ornament.
  • Baubles are hung on Christmas trees.
  • Baubles come in various colors and designs.

Harder Examples

  • The Christmas tree sparkled with colorful baubles and twinkling lights.
  • Children carefully hung baubles on the tree, each with its own story.
  • She collected vintage baubles, treasuring the memories they held.


bells icon

musical instruments often used as decorative elements during the holiday season, known for their festive jingling sound

Easy Examples

  • Bells are musical instruments that make a ringing sound.
  • Bells are often used to announce the arrival of Santa.
  • Sleigh bells are associated with Christmas.

Harder Examples

  • The bells on the door chimed as guests entered the cozy holiday shop.
  • Children shook jingle bells to create joyful melodies in the square.
  • He attached sleigh bells to his horse's harness for a festive carriage ride.


candle icon

a cylindrical piece of wax with a wick, often lit for illumination and as a symbol of hope during the holidays

Easy Examples

  • A candle is a source of light made of wax.
  • Candles are often used in holiday decorations.
  • People light candles on Christmas Eve.

Harder Examples

  • They lit a scented candle on the dining table for a warm and inviting atmosphere.
  • The candlelight flickered in the darkness, casting dancing shadows on the walls.
  • She placed a row of candles in the windows to welcome guests.

candy cane

candy cane icon

a sweet, curved confectionery with red and white stripes, often associated with Christmas and hung as ornaments

Easy Examples

  • A candy cane is a striped, sweet confection.
  • Candy canes are a popular Christmas treat.
  • Candy canes are often hung on trees.

Harder Examples

  • The children each received a candy cane as a treat during the holiday party.
  • Candy canes adorned the Christmas tree, adding a festive touch to the decorations.
  • He crushed candy canes to sprinkle over hot cocoa for a minty flavor.

Christmas pudding

Christmas pudding icon

a traditional dessert often served on Christmas, made with ingredients like dried fruits, suet, and spices

Easy Examples

  • Christmas pudding is a traditional holiday dessert.
  • Christmas pudding is often served with a flaming brandy.
  • Christmas pudding is rich and full of flavors.

Harder Examples

  • The family gathered around to enjoy a rich and steaming Christmas pudding.
  • Christmas pudding was served with a generous drizzle of brandy sauce.
  • She prepared the Christmas pudding weeks in advance for its flavors to mature.

Christmas tree

Christmas tree icon

an evergreen tree, often decorated with ornaments and lights, as a central symbol of Christmas celebrations

Easy Examples

  • A Christmas tree is a decorated tree associated with Christmas.
  • Families decorate Christmas trees with ornaments and lights.
  • Christmas trees are often topped with a star.

Harder Examples

  • They decorated the Christmas tree with tinsel, baubles, and twinkling lights.
  • The Christmas tree stood tall and fragrant in the living room, filling the space with holiday cheer.
  • He carefully selected a fresh Christmas tree from the local tree farm.


elf icon

a mythical creature often depicted as a small, mischievous being with pointy ears, associated with helping Santa Claus

Easy Examples

  • An elf is a mythical creature known for helping Santa.
  • Elves are often depicted as small and mischievous.
  • Elves work in Santa's workshop.

Harder Examples

  • Children wrote letters to Santa, asking for gifts from the busy elves in the North Pole.
  • The elf figurines on the shelf seemed to come to life each night.
  • She dressed up as an elf for the holiday costume party, complete with curly shoes.

gift tag

gift tag icon

a small label attached to a gift, often bearing the recipient's name and a holiday message

Easy Examples

  • A gift tag is a small card attached to a present.
  • Gift tags often have the recipient's name on them.
  • People write messages on gift tags.

Harder Examples

  • She carefully wrote a personalized message on each gift tag before wrapping presents.
  • Gift tags with colorful designs and festive greetings adorned the presents under the tree.
  • He used recycled materials to create eco-friendly gift tags for the holiday season.


gingerbread icon

a type of sweet, spiced cookie often shaped into various festive designs and decorated with icing

Easy Examples

  • Gingerbread is a type of spiced cookie or cake.
  • Gingerbread cookies are often shaped like people.
  • Gingerbread houses are a festive decoration.

Harder Examples

  • The children decorated gingerbread houses with gumdrops and icing for a fun activity.
  • Gingerbread cookies in the shape of reindeer and snowflakes were a holiday favorite.
  • She baked a batch of gingerbread men to share with friends and family.


holly icon

a plant with glossy green leaves and red berries, often used for decoration during the Christmas season

Easy Examples

  • Holly is a plant with bright red berries.
  • Holly is often used in Christmas wreaths.
  • Holly symbolizes the holiday season.

Harder Examples

  • She made a wreath of holly and ivy to hang on the front door for the holidays.
  • The holly berries added a pop of vibrant red to the festive centerpiece.
  • He used holly sprigs to adorn the dining table for the Christmas feast.

mince pie

mince pie icon

a small, sweet pastry filled with mincemeat, a mixture of dried fruits, spices, and suet, traditionally served at Christmas

Easy Examples

  • A mince pie is a sweet pastry filled with mincemeat.
  • Mince pies are a traditional Christmas dessert.
  • Mince pies are often served warm.

Harder Examples

  • They enjoyed warm mince pies with a dollop of whipped cream after the holiday meal.
  • Mince pies were a cherished family tradition, passed down through generations.
  • She baked a batch of mince pies to share with carolers on Christmas Eve.


present icon

a gift or package wrapped in festive paper, often exchanged during the holiday season

Easy Examples

  • A present is a gift given to someone on a special occasion.
  • People exchange presents on Christmas morning.
  • Opening presents is a joyful tradition.

Harder Examples

  • The children eagerly tore open their presents on Christmas morning, filled with excitement.
  • The stack of presents under the tree grew larger as more family members arrived.
  • He carefully selected a thoughtful present for each of his loved ones.
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