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The following page has learning games and example sentences using the following 24 words from the "adjectives things" category:
Exploring adjectives is important for expressing precise descriptions and opinions about objects in daily life.

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Example Sentences


transparent icon

allowing light to pass through so that objects on the other side can be seen clearly

Easy Examples

  • Transparent means you can see through it.
  • Glass is transparent.
  • Transparent things are clear.

Harder Examples

  • The glass windows of the skyscraper are transparent, offering a stunning view of the city.
  • The crystal-clear lake water is so transparent that you can see the fish swimming beneath the surface.
  • She chose a transparent umbrella so she could see the raindrops falling during the storm.


big icon

large in size or dimensions; not small

Easy Examples

  • Big means something is very large.
  • Elephants are big animals.
  • Big trucks carry heavy things.

Harder Examples

  • The elephant is a big animal with enormous ears.
  • They live in a big house with plenty of room for their family.
  • She ordered a big bowl of ice cream to cool off on a hot day.


blunt icon

having a dull edge or point; not sharp

Easy Examples

  • Blunt means not sharp.
  • A spoon is blunt.
  • Blunt knives are not good for cutting.

Harder Examples

  • The chef used a blunt knife to avoid accidents while preparing the meal.
  • His pencil had a blunt tip, so he needed to sharpen it before writing.
  • She carefully filed the nails on her dog's paws to keep them from becoming blunt.


bright icon

emitting or reflecting a lot of light; intense in color

Easy Examples

  • Bright means very light or shining.
  • The sun is bright.
  • Bright stars twinkle in the sky.

Harder Examples

  • The sun was so bright that they had to wear sunglasses to protect their eyes.
  • She painted her bedroom walls a bright shade of yellow to create a cheerful atmosphere.
  • The fireworks lit up the night sky with bright bursts of color.


clean icon

free from dirt, stains, or impurities; not dirty

Easy Examples

  • Clean means not dirty.
  • A clean room is neat and tidy.
  • People like clean clothes.

Harder Examples

  • She spent the morning cleaning the entire house from top to bottom.
  • The laundry detergent made their clothes smell fresh and look clean.
  • The kitchen was spotlessly clean after a thorough scrubbing.


colorful icon

having many bright and vibrant colors

Easy Examples

  • Colorful means having many colors.
  • Rainbows are colorful.
  • Colorful flowers make a garden beautiful.

Harder Examples

  • The garden was filled with colorful flowers of all shapes and sizes.
  • The artist's painting was a riot of colorful swirls and patterns.
  • The parade featured colorful floats and costumes.


dark icon

having little or no light; of a color that is closer to black than white

Easy Examples

  • Dark means having very little light.
  • Nighttime is dark.
  • Dark caves are spooky.

Harder Examples

  • As night fell, the forest became dark and mysterious.
  • The room was too dark to see anything, so she switched on a lamp.
  • His dark hair and eyes gave him a striking appearance.


dirty icon

covered in or marked by dirt; not clean

Easy Examples

  • Dirty means not clean.
  • Muddy shoes are dirty.
  • Dirty dishes need to be washed.

Harder Examples

  • After playing in the mud, the children's clothes were dirty and muddy.
  • She washed her hands thoroughly to remove the dirty grease stains.
  • The car needed a good wash to get rid of the layers of dirty road grime.


empty icon

containing nothing; not filled or occupied

Easy Examples

  • Empty means having nothing inside.
  • An empty box has no toys.
  • Empty chairs have no people.

Harder Examples

  • The room was empty, with no furniture or decorations.
  • He opened the fridge, but it was completely empty except for a jar of pickles.
  • The parking lot was almost empty, with only a few cars parked.


expensive icon

costing a lot of money; high in price

Easy Examples

  • Expensive means something costs a lot of money.
  • Diamonds are expensive.
  • Expensive cars are fast and fancy.

Harder Examples

  • The designer handbag she wanted to buy was too expensive for her budget.
  • Eating at a fancy restaurant can be quite expensive.
  • He saved up for months to purchase the expensive gaming console.


filthy icon

extremely dirty or covered in filth; disgustingly unclean

Easy Examples

  • Filthy means very, very dirty.
  • A filthy room is disgusting.
  • Filthy water is not safe to drink.

Harder Examples

  • The neglected room was so filthy that it took hours to clean.
  • After hiking in the mud, their boots were absolutely filthy.
  • She couldn't stand the filthy conditions of the public restroom.


full icon

containing or holding as much or as many as possible; not empty

Easy Examples

  • Full means having no more space.
  • A full cup is not empty.
  • Full buses have many passengers.

Harder Examples

  • The restaurant was full, and they had to wait for a table to become available.
  • Her backpack was full of supplies for the camping trip.
  • The glass was full of cold, refreshing lemonade.


hard icon

difficult to bend or break; solid and firm in texture

Easy Examples

  • Hard means not easy to bend or break.
  • Rocks are hard.
  • Hard work requires effort.

Harder Examples

  • The rock was hard and couldn't be chipped away easily.
  • She worked hard to achieve her goals and succeed in her career.
  • The bread crust was hard and crunchy.


new icon

recently made, produced, or acquired; not old

Easy Examples

  • New means something is not old.
  • A new toy is exciting.
  • New books smell fresh.

Harder Examples

  • They moved into a new house in a quiet neighborhood.
  • She got a new job with a higher salary and more responsibilities.
  • The bookstore just received a shipment of new novels.


old icon

having been in existence for a long time; not new

Easy Examples

  • Old means something is not new.
  • Grandparents are old.
  • Old trees are very tall.

Harder Examples

  • The ancient castle had a history dating back hundreds of years.
  • She found an old photo album filled with pictures of her grandparents.
  • The antique clock on the mantelpiece was quite old but still functioning.


opaque icon

not transparent; not allowing light to pass through

Easy Examples

  • Opaque means you can't see through it.
  • Brick walls are opaque.
  • Opaque curtains block light.

Harder Examples

  • The curtains in the room were thick and opaque, blocking out all sunlight.
  • The paint used on the windows was opaque, providing privacy to the occupants.
  • The frosted glass on the bathroom window was intentionally opaque.


round icon

having a circular shape; shaped like a circle or sphere

Easy Examples

  • Round means having a circular shape.
  • The sun is round.
  • Round wheels help cars move.

Harder Examples

  • The round table in the dining room could comfortably seat eight people.
  • She wore a round pendant necklace with a beautiful gemstone in the center.
  • The moon was full and round in the night sky.


sharp icon

having a fine edge or point that is able to cut or pierce; mentally alert and quick

Easy Examples

  • Sharp means having a point that can cut.
  • A knife is sharp.
  • Sharp pencils make neat drawings.

Harder Examples

  • He used a sharp knife to slice the vegetables with precision.
  • Her sharp wit and sense of humor made her a popular comedian.
  • The mountain had steep and sharp cliffs that were challenging to climb.


shiny icon

reflecting or producing a bright, gleaming light; polished and smooth in appearance

Easy Examples

  • Shiny means reflecting a lot of light.
  • Gold is shiny.
  • Shiny jewelry looks beautiful.

Harder Examples

  • The polished marble floor was so shiny that it reflected the chandeliers above.
  • Her new car had a shiny, metallic finish that caught everyone's eye.
  • The jewelry store displayed a dazzling array of shiny gemstones.


small icon

of limited size or dimensions; not large

Easy Examples

  • Small means not very big.
  • Ants are small insects.
  • Small candies are easy to eat.

Harder Examples

  • They lived in a small cottage in the countryside.
  • She carried a small backpack with her essentials for the day.
  • The tiny puppy fit snugly in the palm of her hand.


smelly icon

having a strong, unpleasant odor; stinky

Easy Examples

  • Smelly means having a strong, often unpleasant, odor.
  • Garbage can be smelly.
  • Smelly socks need washing.

Harder Examples

  • The garbage can was overflowing and starting to get smelly.
  • After a long day of hiking, their sweaty clothes were quite smelly.
  • He wrinkled his nose at the smelly cheese on the platter.


soft icon

yielding readily to touch or pressure; not hard or firm

Easy Examples

  • Soft means not hard, gentle to touch.
  • A teddy bear is soft.
  • Soft pillows are comfortable to sleep on.

Harder Examples

  • The bed had a soft mattress that provided a comfortable night's sleep.
  • She touched the soft petals of the flower in the garden.
  • The baby's skin was soft and delicate.


spotless icon

completely clean and free from any stains or blemishes

Easy Examples

  • Spotless means perfectly clean with no marks or stains.
  • A spotless kitchen is sparkling.
  • A spotless record is flawless.

Harder Examples

  • She prided herself on keeping her kitchen spotless and well-organized.
  • The car wash did an excellent job, leaving the vehicle spotless and gleaming.
  • The hotel room was spotless, with fresh linens and sparkling surfaces.


stripy icon

having stripes; marked with narrow, elongated bands of color or pattern

Easy Examples

  • Stripy means having stripes, lines of color.
  • A zebra is stripy.
  • Stripy socks can be fun to wear.

Harder Examples

  • He wore a stripy shirt with alternating blue and white stripes.
  • The zebra is known for its stripy black-and-white coat.
  • The awning on the beachside cafe was decorated with stripy fabric.
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