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The following page has learning games and example sentences using the following 22 words from the "airport" category:
Studying airport-related vocabulary is useful for travellers, as it facilitates navigation, communication, and a smoother travel experience.

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Example Sentences

to take off

to take off icon

the action of an aircraft becoming airborne and leaving the ground at the beginning of a flight

Easy Examples

  • Planes go up in the sky.
  • Taking off is how flights start.
  • Planes need a lot of space to take off.

Harder Examples

  • The airplane taxied to the runway and prepared to take off.
  • Passengers are required to fasten their seatbelts when the plane is about to take off.
  • The moment of takeoff is always exhilarating.

window seat

window seat icon

a seat on an airplane or other form of transportation located next to a window

Easy Examples

  • The window seat is by the window.
  • People like to look out of window seats.
  • Window seats let you see outside.

Harder Examples

  • She prefers to book a window seat to enjoy the view during the flight.
  • Window seats are popular among passengers who like to gaze outside.
  • He watched the clouds go by from his comfortable window seat.


airplane icon

a powered flying vehicle with fixed wings and a weight greater than that of the air it displaces

Easy Examples

  • An airplane flies in the sky.
  • Airplanes take people to faraway places.
  • Airplanes have wings and engines.

Harder Examples

  • The airplane taxied down the runway before taking off into the sky.
  • Airplanes have revolutionized long-distance travel and transportation.
  • He's fascinated by the mechanics of how an airplane stays in the air.

aisle seat

aisle seat icon

a seat on an airplane or other form of transportation located along the aisle, typically providing easier access to the restroom and cabin crew

Easy Examples

  • The aisle seat is by the aisle.
  • Aisle seats have more space to move.
  • Aisle seats are next to the walkway.

Harder Examples

  • Passengers who prefer to stretch their legs often choose the aisle seat.
  • The flight attendant walked down the aisle, offering drinks to passengers.
  • She requested an aisle seat to have more room to move around.

baggage claim

baggage claim icon

the area in an airport where passengers retrieve their checked luggage after a flight

Easy Examples

  • Baggage claim is where you get your bags.
  • People wait for their luggage at baggage claim.
  • Baggage claim is after the flight.

Harder Examples

  • After the long flight, they headed to the baggage claim area to collect their suitcases.
  • Baggage claim can sometimes be a chaotic place with passengers searching for their bags.
  • He realized he had left his laptop in the overhead locker when he reached baggage claim.

boarding pass

boarding pass icon

a document issued to a passenger, typically in the form of a paper ticket or electronic barcode, that grants access to a flight

Easy Examples

  • A boarding pass is your ticket.
  • You need a boarding pass to get on the plane.
  • Boarding passes have your name.

Harder Examples

  • He printed out his boarding pass at home to save time at the airport.
  • Passengers must present their boarding passes and identification during the security check.
  • She scanned her mobile boarding pass at the gate to board the plane.


check-in icon

the process of arriving at an airport or hotel and registering as a guest or passenger

Easy Examples

  • Check-in is where you start your flight.
  • You check in at the airport counter.
  • Check-in is before security.

Harder Examples

  • They arrived at the airport early to complete the check-in process.
  • Online check-in is a convenient option that allows passengers to skip the line at the airport.
  • The check-in counter was bustling with travelers.


cockpit icon

the compartment in an aircraft where the pilot and co-pilot operate the controls and instruments

Easy Examples

  • The cockpit is where the pilot sits.
  • The cockpit has all the controls.
  • Only pilots go in the cockpit.

Harder Examples

  • Only authorized personnel are allowed to enter the cockpit during a flight.
  • The pilot announced over the intercom from the cockpit.
  • The cockpit is equipped with advanced navigation and communication systems.

control tower

control tower icon

a tall structure at an airport from which air traffic controllers manage the movement of aircraft on the runways and in the airspace

Easy Examples

  • The control tower is tall and has windows.
  • People in the control tower talk to pilots.
  • The control tower helps planes land safely.

Harder Examples

  • The air traffic controller in the control tower guided the plane to its designated runway.
  • The control tower plays a crucial role in ensuring safe takeoffs and landings.
  • He had a great view of the airport from the control tower.

flight attendant

flight attendant icon

a member of the cabin crew on an airplane responsible for ensuring the safety and comfort of passengers during a flight

Easy Examples

  • Flight attendants help on the plane.
  • Flight attendants give you food and drinks.
  • Flight attendants wear uniforms.

Harder Examples

  • The flight attendant demonstrated how to fasten the seatbelt and use the oxygen mask.
  • Flight attendants serve meals and beverages to passengers during the flight.
  • She aspired to become a flight attendant from a young age.


gate icon

the designated area in an airport where passengers wait to board their flights

Easy Examples

  • The gate is where you wait for your flight.
  • The gate has a number on it.
  • People line up at the gate before boarding.

Harder Examples

  • They arrived at the gate early to ensure they wouldn't miss their flight.
  • The gate was crowded with travelers waiting for their boarding call.
  • The gate agent announced the final boarding call for the flight.

life jacket

life jacket icon

a personal flotation device worn by passengers on airplanes and boats to aid in buoyancy and water survival in case of an emergency

Easy Examples

  • A life jacket keeps you safe in water.
  • Life jackets are on planes and boats.
  • Life jackets float in water.

Harder Examples

  • Before takeoff, the flight attendant demonstrated how to use a life jacket in case of a water landing.
  • Life jackets are stored under the seats for easy access during emergencies.
  • Passengers were instructed to put on their life jackets during the water evacuation drill.


luggage icon

bags, suitcases, and other containers used for carrying personal belongings when traveling

Easy Examples

  • Luggage is bags and suitcases.
  • People put clothes in their luggage.
  • Luggage goes in the plane's hold.

Harder Examples

  • They checked their luggage at the counter before heading to security.
  • Overhead lockers are used to store carry-on luggage during the flight.
  • She packed her luggage with care, making sure not to forget anything.

overhead locker

overhead locker icon

a storage compartment above passenger seats in an airplane cabin used for stowing carry-on luggage

Easy Examples

  • The overhead locker is above your seat.
  • People put bags in the overhead locker.
  • The overhead locker is for carry-on items.

Harder Examples

  • Passengers are advised to place their smaller bags in the overhead lockers during the flight.
  • He struggled to fit his oversized backpack into the overhead locker.
  • The flight attendant assisted a passenger in retrieving a bag from the overhead locker.


passenger icon

a person who is traveling in a vehicle, such as an airplane, ship, train, or car, but is not the driver or operator

Easy Examples

  • A passenger is someone on the plane.
  • Passengers sit in seats.
  • There are many passengers on a flight.

Harder Examples

  • Passengers should remain seated with their seatbelts fastened during turbulence.
  • The airplane was filled with passengers of various ages and backgrounds.
  • She struck up a conversation with her seatmate, a fellow passenger.


passport icon

an official document issued by a government that identifies a person as a citizen and allows them to travel internationally

Easy Examples

  • A passport is an important travel document.
  • You need a passport to go to other countries.
  • A passport has your picture and information.

Harder Examples

  • He presented his passport and boarding pass to the immigration officer.
  • A valid passport is required to enter many foreign countries.
  • She carefully placed her passport in a secure travel wallet.


pilot icon

a person who is trained and qualified to operate an aircraft and is responsible for its navigation and control during flight

Easy Examples

  • The pilot flies the plane.
  • Pilots have special training.
  • Pilots wear uniforms.

Harder Examples

  • The pilot announced the estimated arrival time and weather conditions for the destination.
  • Pilots undergo extensive training and must pass rigorous exams to obtain their licenses.
  • She admired the skills and expertise of the experienced pilot.


runway icon

a long, straight strip of paved surface at an airport, used for takeoffs and landings of airplanes

Easy Examples

  • The runway is where planes take off and land.
  • Runways are long and flat.
  • Planes go really fast on the runway.

Harder Examples

  • The airplane taxied toward the runway in preparation for takeoff.
  • The control tower cleared the runway for the approaching aircraft.
  • She watched as the airplane touched down smoothly on the runway.


seatbelt icon

a safety belt or harness designed to secure passengers in their seats to prevent injury during sudden stops or turbulence

Easy Examples

  • A seatbelt keeps you safe in the seat.
  • People must wear seatbelts during takeoff and landing.
  • Seatbelts click and hold you in place.

Harder Examples

  • The flight attendant reminded passengers to fasten their seatbelts when the seatbelt sign was illuminated.
  • Wearing a seatbelt is a crucial safety measure during flights and car journeys.
  • He reached for the seatbelt and clicked it securely in place.


security icon

measures and procedures put in place to protect individuals and property from harm or threats, especially at airports

Easy Examples

  • Security checks your bags at the airport.
  • Security keeps the airport safe.
  • You go through security before your flight.

Harder Examples

  • Passengers must go through security screening before entering the departure area.
  • Airport security is essential to ensure the safety of all travelers.
  • The security personnel conducted thorough checks of carry-on bags.


terminal icon

the building at an airport where passengers arrive, depart, check in, and wait for flights

Easy Examples

  • The terminal is the airport building.
  • Terminals have shops and restaurants.
  • People wait for their flights in the terminal.

Harder Examples

  • They arrived at the terminal well in advance of their flight's departure time.
  • The airport terminal is equipped with various amenities for travelers.
  • She met her friend at the arrivals terminal after a long journey.

to land

to land icon

the action of an aircraft descending and coming in contact with the ground or a runway at the end of a flight

Easy Examples

  • Planes come down from the sky to land.
  • Landing is how flights end.
  • Landing is smoother than takeoff.

Harder Examples

  • The airplane began its descent as it prepared to land at the destination airport.
  • Passengers applauded the pilot's smooth landing.
  • He felt a sense of relief as the plane touched down safely.
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