Birds (English Vocabulary)

ESL Vocabulary for Birds

The following page has learning games and example sentences using the following 16 words from the "birds" category:
Studying bird vocabulary is useful discussing nature and the environment.

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Example Sentences


sparrow icon

a small, passerine bird known for its brownish-gray plumage and cheerful chirping

Easy Examples

  • A sparrow is a small bird with brown feathers.
  • Sparrows are common in cities and gardens.
  • Sparrows chirp in the morning.

Harder Examples

  • The sparrows gathered around the bird feeder, pecking at seeds and crumbs.
  • Sparrows are often found in urban areas, nesting in trees and buildings.
  • She admired the agility of the sparrows as they darted through the bushes.


swan icon

a large, graceful waterfowl known for its long neck and elegant appearance

Easy Examples

  • A swan is a graceful bird with a long neck.
  • Swans are often seen in ponds and lakes.
  • Swans glide on the water.

Harder Examples

  • The swans glided majestically across the mirror-like surface of the lake.
  • Swans are often associated with love and beauty due to their regal presence.
  • She watched in awe as the swan stretched its wings in a display of splendor.


chicken icon

a domesticated bird often raised for its meat and eggs

Easy Examples

  • A chicken is a farm bird that lays eggs.
  • Chickens come in different colors and sizes.
  • People raise chickens for meat and eggs.

Harder Examples

  • The chickens clucked contentedly in the coop, pecking at grains and insects.
  • Chicken eggs are a staple in many culinary dishes and recipes.
  • She enjoyed the taste of freshly roasted chicken for dinner.


dove icon

a small to medium-sized bird known for its gentle cooing sounds and symbolism of peace

Easy Examples

  • A dove is a peaceful bird with a soft cooing sound.
  • Doves are symbols of peace and love.
  • White doves are often used in ceremonies.

Harder Examples

  • The doves perched on the windowsill, their soft coos filling the morning air.
  • Doves are often released at weddings and ceremonies as a symbol of love and harmony.
  • She watched the doves' graceful flight as they soared into the clear sky.


duck icon

a waterfowl known for its webbed feet and distinctive quacking sound

Easy Examples

  • A duck is a water bird with webbed feet.
  • Ducks swim in ponds, rivers, and lakes.
  • Ducklings are baby ducks.

Harder Examples

  • The ducks swam leisurely in the pond, dabbling for aquatic plants and insects.
  • Ducks often form a V-shaped formation when migrating to warmer climates.
  • She tossed pieces of bread to the ducks, delighting in their antics.


flamingo icon

a tall wading bird known for its long legs, curved neck, and vibrant pink plumage

Easy Examples

  • A flamingo is a tall bird with long legs and a pink color.
  • Flamingos often stand on one leg.
  • Flamingos live in wetlands and eat shrimp.

Harder Examples

  • The flamingos waded gracefully in the shallow waters of the marsh, filtering for food.
  • Flamingos get their pink color from the pigments in their diet of crustaceans and algae.
  • She was captivated by the sight of a flock of flamingos taking flight at sunset.


goose icon

a waterfowl similar to a duck, known for its distinctive honking sound

Easy Examples

  • A goose is a water bird with a honking sound.
  • Geese can fly in V-shaped formations.
  • Goslings are baby geese.

Harder Examples

  • The geese flew in a formation that resembled a perfect V across the autumn sky.
  • Geese are known for their loud honking calls during migration.
  • She watched as the mother goose led her goslings to the safety of the pond.


hoopoe icon

a distinctive-looking bird with a crown of feathers on its head, known for its striking appearance and melodious call

Easy Examples

  • A hoopoe is a colorful bird with a distinctive crown.
  • Hoopoes are known for their unique appearance.
  • Hoopoes are found in various parts of the world.

Harder Examples

  • The hoopoe perched on a branch, its distinctive crest catching the sunlight.
  • Hoopoes are admired for their vibrant plumage and unique markings.
  • She was fortunate to spot a hoopoe in her backyard, a rare and beautiful sight.


kiwi icon

a flightless, nocturnal bird native to New Zealand, known for its small size and long, slender beak

Easy Examples

  • A kiwi is a flightless bird from New Zealand.
  • Kiwi birds are known for their small size and long beaks.
  • Kiwi birds are nocturnal and lay large eggs.

Harder Examples

  • The kiwi foraged for insects and worms in the dark underbrush of the forest.
  • Kiwi birds are known for their strong sense of smell and excellent hearing.
  • She learned about the conservation efforts to protect the endangered kiwi species.


owl icon

a nocturnal bird of prey known for its large eyes, silent flight, and hooting calls

Easy Examples

  • An owl is a bird of prey known for its nocturnal habits.
  • Owls have large eyes and can turn their heads around.
  • Owls are silent flyers.

Harder Examples

  • The owl perched high in the tree, its round eyes scanning the darkness for prey.
  • Owls are often associated with wisdom and mystery in folklore and mythology.
  • She heard the haunting hoots of owls echoing through the moonlit forest.


parrot icon

a colorful and intelligent bird known for its ability to mimic sounds and speech

Easy Examples

  • A parrot is a colorful bird known for mimicry.
  • Parrots can imitate human speech and sounds.
  • Parrots are often kept as pets.

Harder Examples

  • The parrot chattered enthusiastically, mimicking the words and sounds it had learned.
  • Parrots are often kept as pets due to their vibrant plumage and engaging personalities.
  • She marveled at the parrot's ability to imitate human speech with remarkable accuracy.


penguin icon

a flightless bird known for its upright waddling gait and adaptability to cold climates

Easy Examples

  • A penguin is a bird that cannot fly and lives in cold regions.
  • Penguins are excellent swimmers.
  • Penguins have black and white feathers.

Harder Examples

  • The penguins huddled together for warmth on the icy shores of Antarctica.
  • Penguins are excellent swimmers and use their flippers for agile underwater maneuvers.
  • She watched the playful antics of penguins as they slid on their bellies across the ice.


pigeon icon

a bird often found in urban environments, known for its gray plumage and cooing sounds

Easy Examples

  • A pigeon is a common city bird.
  • Pigeons have a distinctive cooing sound.
  • Pigeons are often seen in urban areas.

Harder Examples

  • The pigeons gathered in the city square, scavenging for bits of food left by passersby.
  • Pigeons have been used throughout history to carry messages due to their homing instincts.
  • She found beauty in the subtle iridescence of a pigeon's feathers.


puffin icon

a seabird known for its distinctive black and white plumage, colorful beak, and ability to fly underwater

Easy Examples

  • A puffin is a bird with a colorful beak and short wings.
  • Puffins are skilled divers and swimmers.
  • Puffins are found in northern regions.

Harder Examples

  • The puffins nested on the rocky cliffs of the coastal island, their beaks filled with fish.
  • Puffins are excellent divers and can catch prey underwater using their wings.
  • She was enchanted by the comical appearance of puffins as they perched on sea cliffs.


robin icon

a small to medium-sized bird known for its reddish-orange breast and cheerful song

Easy Examples

  • A robin is a small bird with a red or orange breast.
  • Robins are known for their cheerful songs.
  • Robins are a sign of spring.

Harder Examples

  • The robins foraged for worms in the garden, their melodious songs filling the air.
  • Robins are often considered a sign of spring when they return from migration.
  • She enjoyed watching the parent robins feed their hungry chicks in the nest.


seagull icon

a coastal bird known for its white and gray plumage, as well as its scavenging behavior near the ocean

Easy Examples

  • A seagull is a coastal bird often seen at the beach.
  • Seagulls have white feathers and can fly long distances.
  • Seagulls scavenge for food along the shore.

Harder Examples

  • The seagulls soared gracefully on the sea breeze, scanning the waves for food.
  • Seagulls are opportunistic feeders and often scavenge for scraps near beaches.
  • She admired the elegant flight patterns of seagulls against the backdrop of the ocean.
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