Clothing (English Vocabulary)

ESL Vocabulary for Clothing

The following page has learning games and example sentences using the following 16 words from the "clothing" category:
Exploring clothing-related words is important for daily life, fashion discussions, and shopping experiences.

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Example Sentences


underpants icon

a type of undergarment worn beneath clothing to cover the lower body

Easy Examples

  • Underpants are worn under other clothing.
  • Underpants are also called underwear.
  • Underpants come in various styles and colors.

Harder Examples

  • She bought a pack of comfortable cotton underpants for everyday wear.
  • His favorite underpants were adorned with playful patterns and colors.
  • He realized he had packed only one pair of underpants for the trip.

bathing suit

bathing suit icon

a garment designed for swimming, typically consisting of a top and bottom

Easy Examples

  • A bathing suit is worn for swimming.
  • Bathing suits are designed for water activities.
  • People wear bathing suits at the beach or pool.

Harder Examples

  • She donned her bathing suit and headed to the beach for a day of sun and surf.
  • His bathing suit had vibrant tropical prints that matched the seaside vibe.
  • They packed their bathing suits and towels for a weekend getaway by the pool.


blouse icon

a loose-fitting, often lightweight top for women, typically with buttons or a tie

Easy Examples

  • A blouse is a type of women's top.
  • Blouses can be formal or casual.
  • A blouse is often paired with a skirt or pants.

Harder Examples

  • She paired a floral blouse with a skirt for a fresh and feminine look.
  • The silk blouse felt cool and comfortable against her skin on a warm day.
  • He admired the intricate lace details on the vintage blouse.


camisole icon

a sleeveless, often lace-trimmed undergarment or top for women

Easy Examples

  • A camisole is a sleeveless undergarment.
  • Camisoles are comfortable to wear.
  • Some people wear camisoles as sleepwear.

Harder Examples

  • She wore a silk camisole under her blouse for added warmth and style.
  • The camisole provided a layer of comfort and elegance beneath her outfit.
  • She chose a black lace camisole to peek out from under her jacket.


dress icon

a one-piece garment for women, typically with a bodice and skirt, often worn on formal or special occasions

Easy Examples

  • A dress is a one-piece garment.
  • Dresses come in various styles and lengths.
  • Many women wear dresses on special occasions.

Harder Examples

  • She chose a beautiful red dress for the gala, feeling elegant and confident.
  • The dress had a flowing, ethereal quality that made her feel like a princess.
  • He surprised her with a new dress for their anniversary dinner.


jacket icon

a short coat typically worn as outerwear, designed for warmth and protection

Easy Examples

  • A jacket is a type of outerwear.
  • Jackets are worn to keep warm.
  • Leather jackets are stylish and durable.

Harder Examples

  • She bundled up in a warm jacket before heading out into the winter chill.
  • The leather jacket added a touch of edge to his casual outfit.
  • They hung their jackets by the door and stepped into the cozy cabin.


jeans icon

a type of durable, casual pants made of denim fabric, often worn as everyday attire

Easy Examples

  • Jeans are a type of pants made of denim.
  • Jeans are popular for their durability.
  • Blue jeans are a classic fashion choice.

Harder Examples

  • She loved her favorite pair of jeans, perfectly worn and comfortable.
  • His jeans were faded from years of outdoor adventures and exploration.
  • He slipped into a pair of jeans for a relaxed day at the park.


pyjamas icon

a set of comfortable clothing worn for sleeping, typically consisting of a top and pants

Easy Examples

  • Pyjamas are sleepwear for bedtime.
  • Pyjamas are comfortable for sleeping.
  • Pyjamas often consist of a top and pants.

Harder Examples

  • She changed into her cozy pyjamas and settled into bed with a book.
  • The pyjamas had a whimsical print of stars and moons, adding a touch of fun.
  • They had a tradition of wearing matching pyjamas on Christmas Eve.


raincoat icon

a waterproof coat designed to keep the wearer dry in rainy or wet weather

Easy Examples

  • A raincoat is worn to stay dry in the rain.
  • Raincoats are waterproof and protect from rain.
  • Raincoats often have hoods and pockets.

Harder Examples

  • She put on her yellow raincoat and grabbed an umbrella for the drizzly day.
  • The raincoat's hood protected her from getting wet as she walked in the downpour.
  • He stashed his raincoat in the car in case of unexpected showers.


shirt icon

a garment with a collar, buttons, and sleeves, often worn on the upper body

Easy Examples

  • A shirt is a basic piece of clothing for the upper body.
  • Shirts come in different styles, such as button-up or t-shirt.
  • People wear shirts for work and casual occasions.

Harder Examples

  • She tucked her shirt into her pants for a polished and professional look.
  • His shirt had a crisp, tailored appearance suitable for the office.
  • They wore matching shirts to celebrate their team's victory.


shorts icon

casual, knee-length or shorter pants, often worn in warm weather or for athletic activities

Easy Examples

  • Shorts are a type of clothing for the lower body.
  • Shorts are comfortable in hot weather.
  • Athletes often wear shorts for sports.

Harder Examples

  • She enjoyed wearing shorts and a tank top during the hot summer months.
  • His shorts were perfect for a day of hiking and exploring in the wilderness.
  • He packed a pair of comfortable shorts for his beach vacation.


skirt icon

a garment worn on the lower part of the body, often with a waistband and varying in length

Easy Examples

  • A skirt is a garment for the lower body.
  • Skirts can be long or short.
  • Skirts are often worn by women.

Harder Examples

  • She twirled in her flowy skirt, feeling carefree and playful.
  • The skirt had a colorful, abstract pattern that caught everyone's eye.
  • He paired a denim skirt with a casual top for a relaxed weekend look.


sweater icon

a knitted garment designed to provide warmth and comfort, often with long sleeves

Easy Examples

  • A sweater is a knitted top for warmth.
  • Sweaters keep you cozy in cold weather.
  • People wear sweaters in the winter.

Harder Examples

  • She wore a cozy sweater and sipped on hot cocoa by the fireplace.
  • The sweater's soft cashmere material felt luxurious against her skin.
  • He selected a festive sweater adorned with reindeer for the holiday party.


sweatshirt icon

a casual, pullover shirt made of soft, warm fabric, often worn for comfort and relaxation

Easy Examples

  • A sweatshirt is a casual, comfortable top.
  • Sweatshirts are often worn for leisure activities.
  • Sweatshirts may have hoods.

Harder Examples

  • She threw on a sweatshirt and headed to the gym for a morning workout.
  • The sweatshirt had a hood and a front pocket for added convenience.
  • They cuddled up on the couch in their sweatshirts for a movie night.


trousers icon

a type of pants typically worn for formal or business occasions, often with a belt

Easy Examples

  • Trousers are a type of pants.
  • Trousers are often worn for formal occasions.
  • Trousers are available in various fabrics.

Harder Examples

  • She paired her trousers with a blazer for a professional and polished look.
  • The trousers had a classic, tailored fit that conveyed confidence.
  • He decided to wear trousers instead of jeans to the important meeting.


t-shirt icon

a short-sleeved, casual shirt often made of cotton and featuring various designs or graphics

Easy Examples

  • A t-shirt is a simple, short-sleeved top.
  • T-shirts are comfortable for everyday wear.
  • Graphic t-shirts have designs or messages.

Harder Examples

  • She slipped into a comfortable t-shirt and jeans for a laid-back day at home.
  • The t-shirt bore the logo of her favorite band, sparking conversations with fans.
  • He collected vintage t-shirts from concerts and events around the world.
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