Colors (English Vocabulary)

ESL Vocabulary for Colors

The following page has learning games and example sentences using the following 14 words from the "colors" category:
Mastering color-related vocabulary is fundamental for describing the visual world and artistic expression.

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Example Sentences


black icon

the darkest color with the absence of light

Easy Examples

  • Black is the color of the night sky.
  • My favorite color is black.
  • She wore a black dress to the party.

Harder Examples

  • She wore a sleek black dress to the formal event.
  • He prefers black cars because they look stylish.
  • They painted their bedroom walls black for a modern look.


blue icon

a color resembling the clear sky or the deep sea

Easy Examples

  • The ocean looks blue on a sunny day.
  • Blue is a calming color.
  • I like to paint with blue crayons.

Harder Examples

  • She painted her office walls a calming shade of blue.
  • He loves wearing blue shirts for a fresh look.
  • They decorated the living room with blue curtains.


brown icon

a color that resembles the earth or tree bark

Easy Examples

  • Brown is the color of tree trunks.
  • Chocolate is often brown.
  • I have a brown teddy bear.

Harder Examples

  • She chose a warm brown for the interior of her cabin.
  • He wears brown leather shoes with his business attire.
  • They like the natural look of brown furniture.


gray icon

a neutral color between black and white

Easy Examples

  • Gray clouds usually mean it will rain.
  • His hair is starting to turn gray.
  • I'm wearing a gray sweater today.

Harder Examples

  • She decided on a gray color scheme for her kitchen.
  • He finds gray suits to be versatile for different occasions.
  • They used gray tiles for the bathroom renovation.


green icon

a color associated with nature, foliage, and growth

Easy Examples

  • Grass and leaves are usually green.
  • Green is the color of fresh vegetables.
  • I like the color green because it's so natural.

Harder Examples

  • She planted green shrubs in her garden.
  • He enjoys hiking in the lush green forests.
  • They painted their front door a vibrant green.


navy icon

a deep blue color resembling the night sky

Easy Examples

  • Navy blue is a dark shade of blue.
  • Sailors often wear navy uniforms.
  • I have a navy backpack for school.

Harder Examples

  • She wore a navy suit to the formal business meeting.
  • He likes decorating his bedroom with navy accents.
  • They chose navy bridesmaid dresses for the wedding.


orange icon

a vibrant color resembling the fruit of the same name

Easy Examples

  • Oranges are orange in color.
  • The sunset can be orange and beautiful.
  • I love the bright orange color.

Harder Examples

  • She added orange throw pillows to her living room.
  • He enjoys eating fresh oranges for breakfast.
  • They painted their kitchen walls a cheerful orange.


peach icon

a soft and pale shade of orange

Easy Examples

  • Peaches are a delicious fruit with a peachy color.
  • The sky at dawn can be peach-colored.
  • Her dress is a lovely shade of peach.

Harder Examples

  • She decorated her nursery with peach-colored walls.
  • He bought a peach sweater for the cool evenings.
  • They served peach sorbet for dessert at the party.


pink icon

a color associated with femininity and sweetness

Easy Examples

  • Pink is a pretty and girly color.
  • Flamingos are pink birds.
  • I bought pink shoes for the party.

Harder Examples

  • She wore a pink dress to celebrate her birthday.
  • He gifted her a bouquet of pink roses.
  • They painted their daughter's room a lovely pink.


purple icon

a color often associated with royalty and luxury

Easy Examples

  • Purple flowers are my favorite.
  • Grapes can be purple or green.
  • Her room is decorated in shades of purple.

Harder Examples

  • She chose a deep purple for the accent wall in her bedroom.
  • He likes to wear purple ties to make a statement.
  • They decorated their dining room with rich purple curtains.


red icon

a bold and passionate color

Easy Examples

  • Fire trucks are often painted red.
  • The color red is associated with love.
  • I like to wear red dresses.

Harder Examples

  • She painted her front door a vibrant red.
  • He enjoys eating red apples as a snack.
  • They bought red roses to symbolize love.


teal icon

a greenish-blue color often found in tropical waters

Easy Examples

  • Teal is a combination of blue and green.
  • The lake had a beautiful teal color.
  • I painted my bedroom walls teal.

Harder Examples

  • She decorated her bathroom with teal accents.
  • He chose teal swim trunks for their beach vacation.
  • They like the calming effect of teal in their bedroom.


white icon

the color of purity, light, and cleanliness

Easy Examples

  • Snow is white and pure.
  • White doves symbolize peace.
  • I prefer white shirts in the summer.

Harder Examples

  • She wore a white wedding gown on her special day.
  • He prefers white bedding for a fresh look.
  • They painted their living room walls bright white.


yellow icon

a bright and cheerful color associated with sunshine

Easy Examples

  • Bananas are yellow when they are ripe.
  • The sunflower has bright yellow petals.
  • I drew a yellow sun in my picture.

Harder Examples

  • She planted yellow sunflowers in her garden.
  • He likes to wear yellow T-shirts during summer.
  • They painted the kitchen cabinets a sunny yellow.
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