Directions (English Vocabulary)

ESL Vocabulary for Directions

The following page has learning games and example sentences using the following 14 words from the "directions" category:
Exploring direction-related words is important for navigation and giving or following directions in various contexts.

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Example Sentences


east icon

the direction that is 90 degrees clockwise from north, typically associated with the sunrise

Easy Examples

  • The sun rises in the east.
  • To find the beach, head east from here.
  • East is the direction of the sunrise.

Harder Examples

  • She headed east to catch the early morning sun.
  • He traveled eastward to reach the coastal city.
  • They admired the beautiful landscapes while driving east.

go down

go down icon

to move from a higher position to a lower one

Easy Examples

  • Go down the stairs carefully.
  • To reach the basement, go down this hallway.
  • Please go down the hill slowly.

Harder Examples

  • She decided to go down the stairs instead of taking the elevator.
  • He carefully went down the steep hill on his bike.
  • They needed to go down to the basement to retrieve their luggage.

go past

go past icon

to move or travel beyond a particular point or location

Easy Examples

  • Go past the red house to get to the park.
  • Don't forget to wave when you go past my house.
  • I saw a beautiful garden when I went past that field.

Harder Examples

  • She didn't notice the street sign as she went past it.
  • He often went past the bakery on his way to work.
  • They realized they had gone past their intended exit on the highway.

go straight on

go straight on icon

to continue moving in a straight line without turning

Easy Examples

  • Keep going straight on this road until you see the school.
  • If you go straight on the path, you'll reach the lake.
  • Going straight on is the quickest way to the store.

Harder Examples

  • She instructed him to go straight on until he reached the intersection.
  • He advised his friend to go straight on for another mile.
  • They followed the road signs that indicated 'Go straight on.'

go through

go through icon

to move from one side or end of something to the other, typically passing through an area or obstacle

Easy Examples

  • To get to the other side of the forest, you have to go through it.
  • When you go through the tunnel, it might be a little dark.
  • Going through a maze can be challenging but fun.

Harder Examples

  • She needed to go through the crowded market to get to the other side.
  • He had to go through a security check before entering the airport.
  • They decided to go through the forest rather than around it.

go up

go up icon

to move from a lower position to a higher one

Easy Examples

  • You need to go up the stairs to get to the second floor.
  • If you go up the hill, you'll have a great view from the top.
  • Going up is the opposite of going down.

Harder Examples

  • She had to go up several flights of stairs to reach her apartment.
  • He watched the hot air balloon slowly go up into the sky.
  • They used an elevator to go up to the observation deck of the tower.


left icon

the direction to one's left when facing forward; the opposite of right

Easy Examples

  • Turn left at the traffic light to reach the park.
  • When you see the big oak tree, turn left and follow the path.
  • To find the library, take a left after the bridge.

Harder Examples

  • She turned left at the intersection to reach the park.
  • He checked his left side mirror before changing lanes.
  • They walked to the left side of the building to find the entrance.


north icon

the direction that points toward the North Pole; typically considered the top of a map

Easy Examples

  • The North Star helps people find their way when traveling north.
  • If you head north, you'll reach colder regions.
  • In some countries, the northern part is closer to the Arctic.

Harder Examples

  • She traveled north to explore the Arctic region.
  • He enjoyed hiking in the forests of the northern states.
  • They admired the northern lights during their trip to Alaska.


right icon

the direction to one's right when facing forward; the opposite of left

Easy Examples

  • Turn right at the intersection to reach the supermarket.
  • When you come to a fork in the road, take the right path.
  • To get to the museum, turn right after the traffic circle.

Harder Examples

  • She made a right turn onto the busy street.
  • He found his keys in the right pocket of his jacket.
  • They saw a sign that read 'Turn right for the scenic route.'


south icon

the direction that points toward the South Pole; typically considered the bottom of a map

Easy Examples

  • In the southern hemisphere, summer falls during December and January.
  • If you travel south, you might reach warmer climates.
  • Some people dream of going south for a winter vacation.

Harder Examples

  • She vacationed in the southern hemisphere for some winter sun.
  • He took a road trip down south to visit family.
  • They marveled at the wildlife in the southern jungles.

turn left

turn left icon

to change direction by moving to the left

Easy Examples

  • Remember to use your signal when you turn left while driving.
  • To find the restaurant, turn left at the corner and walk a few blocks.
  • Turning left is like making an L shape with your path.

Harder Examples

  • She signaled to turn left at the next intersection.
  • He carefully turned left at the narrow alleyway.
  • They needed to turn left to reach the museum.

turn right

turn right icon

to change direction by moving to the right

Easy Examples

  • When you reach the end of the hallway, turn right to find the restroom.
  • To reach the park, turn right after leaving the hotel.
  • Turning right is like making a backwards L shape with your path.

Harder Examples

  • She always remembered to turn right at the big oak tree.
  • He signaled his intention to turn right at the traffic light.
  • They hesitated before deciding to turn right onto the highway.


west icon

the direction that is 90 degrees clockwise from south, typically associated with the sunset

Easy Examples

  • The sun sets in the west in the evening.
  • If you keep heading west, you might see the mountains.
  • The compass needle points towards the west.

Harder Examples

  • She watched the sun set in the west over the ocean.
  • He traveled westward to explore the desert landscapes.
  • They drove west to reach the picturesque mountain range.


cross icon

to move from one side of a road, river, or obstacle to the other

Easy Examples

  • Be sure to look both ways before you cross the street.
  • To get to the school, you'll need to cross the bridge.
  • Crossing the river can be an adventure.

Harder Examples

  • She waited for the traffic light to change before crossing the street.
  • He helped his child safely cross the busy intersection.
  • They used a bridge to cross the wide river.
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