Family (English Vocabulary)

ESL Vocabulary for Family

The following page has learning games and example sentences using the following 16 words from the "family" category:
Exploring family-related words is useful for discussing relationships, kinship, and personal life.

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Example Sentences


wife icon

a married woman in a spousal relationship with a man

Easy Examples

  • A wife is a married woman.
  • Wives often live with their husbands and share their lives.
  • Some people call their wife their 'partner' or 'spouse.'

Harder Examples

  • He surprised his wife with a bouquet of roses on their anniversary.
  • She and her wife celebrated their love with a beautiful wedding ceremony.
  • They enjoyed spending quality time together as husband and wife.


aunt icon

the sister of one's parent, often a relative who provides care and support

Easy Examples

  • An aunt is your parent's sister.
  • Aunts can be kind and caring family members.
  • You can visit your aunt to spend time together.

Harder Examples

  • Her aunt visited on weekends, bringing homemade cookies for the kids.
  • They cherished the stories their aunt told them about family traditions.
  • He sought advice and guidance from his wise and caring aunt.


brother icon

a male sibling, sharing one or both parents with another individual

Easy Examples

  • A brother is a male sibling.
  • Brothers can be older or younger than you.
  • Brothers can be playmates and friends.

Harder Examples

  • The brothers spent their childhood playing and exploring together.
  • Sibling rivalry was common, but they always had each other's backs.
  • She admired her older brother as a role model and protector.


children icon

plural form of 'child,' referring to young individuals in a family or community

Easy Examples

  • Children are young people or kids.
  • Children need love, care, and education.
  • Parents take care of their children.

Harder Examples

  • The children played in the park, their laughter filling the air.
  • Parenting required patience and understanding when raising children.
  • They watched as their children grew into independent and responsible adults.


cousin icon

a child of one's aunt or uncle, typically sharing a grandparent as a common relative

Easy Examples

  • A cousin is the child of your aunt or uncle.
  • Cousins can be like friends and part of your extended family.
  • Family gatherings often include cousins.

Harder Examples

  • Family reunions brought cousins together for fun and laughter.
  • Cousins formed strong bonds through shared experiences and traditions.
  • She considered her cousin a lifelong friend and confidant.


father icon

a male parent in a family, often providing guidance, support, and love

Easy Examples

  • A father is a male parent.
  • Fathers provide love, support, and guidance to their children.
  • Fathers often play with their kids.

Harder Examples

  • He taught his children valuable life lessons and led by example.
  • Father's Day was a time to express gratitude and appreciation.
  • She had a special place in her heart for her loving and caring father.


grandchildren icon

plural form of 'grandchild,' referring to the offspring of one's children

Easy Examples

  • Grandchildren are the children of your children.
  • Grandparents love spending time with their grandchildren.
  • Grandchildren can bring joy to their grandparents.

Harder Examples

  • The grandparents adored their grandchildren and spoiled them with gifts.
  • Family gatherings were filled with laughter and stories shared by the grandchildren.
  • They cherished the unique personalities and talents of their grandchildren.


granddaughter icon

the female grandchild, typically the daughter of one's son or daughter

Easy Examples

  • A granddaughter is the female child of your child.
  • Granddaughters are special to their grandparents.
  • Granddaughters can have a close bond with their grandparents.

Harder Examples

  • Her granddaughter's smile brightened her day, and they shared a special bond.
  • The proud grandfather watched his granddaughter perform in a school play.
  • She looked forward to baking cookies with her beloved granddaughter.


grandfather icon

the father of one's parent, often a wise and respected elder in the family

Easy Examples

  • A grandfather is the father of your parent.
  • Grandfathers share stories and wisdom with their grandchildren.
  • Grandfathers often have nicknames from their grandkids.

Harder Examples

  • Grandfather told captivating stories of his youth and adventures.
  • The grandchildren looked up to their grandfather as a source of wisdom.
  • She inherited a cherished heirloom passed down by her grandfather.


grandmother icon

the mother of one's parent, often a nurturing and caring figure in the family

Easy Examples

  • A grandmother is the mother of your parent.
  • Grandmothers are known for their love and baking treats.
  • Grandmothers are often called 'grandma' or 'nana.'

Harder Examples

  • Grandmother's homemade apple pie was a family favorite at gatherings.
  • She spent afternoons knitting cozy blankets for her grandchildren.
  • The grandchildren knew they could always turn to their grandmother for love.


grandparents icon

plural form of 'grandparent,' referring to one's father and mother's parents

Easy Examples

  • Grandparents are the parents of your parents.
  • Grandparents are an important part of a family.
  • Grandparents offer advice and support.

Harder Examples

  • Family traditions were passed down through the generations by the grandparents.
  • The grandparents celebrated their milestone anniversary surrounded by family.
  • They felt grateful for the wisdom and love shared by their grandparents.


grandson icon

the male grandchild, typically the son of one's son or daughter

Easy Examples

  • A grandson is the male child of your child.
  • Grandsons bring happiness to their grandparents.
  • Grandsons often look up to their grandfathers.

Harder Examples

  • His grandson shared his passion for fishing, creating special bonding moments.
  • Grandparents attended their grandson's graduation ceremony with pride.
  • She treasured the hand-drawn artwork gifted by her artistic grandson.


husband icon

a married man in a spousal relationship with a woman

Easy Examples

  • A husband is a married man.
  • Husbands care for their wives and families.
  • A husband and wife are partners in marriage.

Harder Examples

  • She supported her husband's dreams and ambitions throughout their marriage.
  • Husband and wife shared responsibilities and built a life together.
  • He surprised his wife with breakfast in bed to express his love.


mother icon

a female parent in a family, often providing care, nurturing, and love

Easy Examples

  • A mother is a female parent.
  • Mothers love and care for their children.
  • A mother's love is strong and unconditional.

Harder Examples

  • She dedicated herself to raising her children with love and compassion.
  • Mother's Day was a time to show gratitude for everything mothers do.
  • He admired his mother's strength and resilience in the face of challenges.


sister icon

a female sibling, sharing one or both parents with another individual

Easy Examples

  • A sister is a female sibling.
  • Sisters can be your best friends and confidants.
  • Sisters share a special bond with each other.

Harder Examples

  • Sisters supported each other through life's ups and downs, forming a strong bond.
  • Sibling rivalry sometimes led to playful arguments, but love always prevailed.
  • She confided in her sister, knowing she would always have her back.


uncle icon

the brother of one's parent, often a male relative who offers guidance and support

Easy Examples

  • An uncle is your parent's brother.
  • Uncles can be fun and supportive family members.
  • You can learn from your uncle and enjoy his company.

Harder Examples

  • His uncle introduced him to the world of sports and became a mentor.
  • Uncles played a role in shaping their nieces' and nephews' interests.
  • She admired her uncle's sense of humor and storytelling abilities.
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