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ESL Vocabulary for Farm

The following page has learning games and example sentences using the following 21 words from the "farm" category:
Understanding farm-related vocabulary is valuable for agriculture discussions and exploring rural lifestyles.

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Example Sentences


sheep icon

a domesticated mammal raised for its wool, meat, or milk

Easy Examples

  • Sheep are fluffy animals that give wool.
  • Farmers raise sheep for their wool and meat.
  • Sheep often graze in fields.

Harder Examples

  • The shepherd tended to the flock of sheep grazing in the meadow.
  • She admired the soft and warm wool from the sheep on the farm.
  • He learned the art of shearing sheep during the annual farm festival.


silo icon

a tall cylindrical structure used for storing and preserving grain or animal feed

Easy Examples

  • A silo is a tall structure used to store grain and feed.
  • Silos help keep farm products safe and dry.
  • Farmers fill silos during harvest time.

Harder Examples

  • The silo was filled with freshly harvested corn to feed the livestock.
  • Farmers relied on silos to ensure a steady supply of animal feed year-round.
  • He climbed to the top of the silo to inspect the grain levels.


stable icon

a building or shelter where horses or other livestock are housed and cared for

Easy Examples

  • A stable is a building where horses and other animals are kept.
  • Horses sleep and eat in stables.
  • Stables are important for caring for animals.

Harder Examples

  • The horses were comfortably housed in the spacious stable.
  • She cleaned and maintained the stable to ensure the animals' well-being.
  • He often spent his free time at the stable, bonding with the horses.


tractor icon

a motorized vehicle used on farms for plowing fields, hauling, and other agricultural tasks

Easy Examples

  • A tractor is a farm vehicle used for plowing and pulling.
  • Tractors help with planting and harvesting crops.
  • Farmers drive tractors in the fields.

Harder Examples

  • The farmer drove the tractor to plow the fields and prepare for planting.
  • Modern tractors were equipped with advanced technology for efficiency.
  • He admired the vintage tractor collection displayed at the county fair.


well icon

a hole or excavation in the ground that provides access to a natural underground water source

Easy Examples

  • A well is a hole in the ground with water.
  • Wells provide water for drinking and irrigation.
  • People use buckets to draw water from wells.

Harder Examples

  • The well supplied clean water for drinking and irrigation on the farm.
  • They gathered around the well to share stories and quench their thirst.
  • He dug a new well to ensure a reliable water source for the farm.


barn icon

a large farm building used for storing hay, grain, and equipment, as well as housing livestock

Easy Examples

  • A barn is a large building used to store hay and shelter animals.
  • Barns are common on farms for animal care and storage.
  • Barns often have a loft for hay storage.

Harder Examples

  • The barn was a hub of activity during harvest season, filled with freshly baled hay.
  • She loved exploring the historic red barn on her family's farm.
  • He repaired the roof of the barn to protect the stored crops.


chicken icon

a domesticated bird raised for its meat, eggs, and feathers

Easy Examples

  • A chicken is a bird raised for its meat and eggs.
  • Chickens lay eggs that people eat.
  • Chicken is a popular source of protein.

Harder Examples

  • The chicken coop was home to a variety of hens and roosters.
  • Fresh eggs from the chickens were a staple in their breakfasts.
  • He enjoyed the sound of clucking chickens in the morning.


coop icon

a small enclosure or shelter for housing chickens or other poultry

Easy Examples

  • A coop is a small enclosure for keeping chickens.
  • Coops provide shelter and protection for chickens.
  • Eggs are collected from chicken coops.

Harder Examples

  • The coop provided a safe and warm environment for the baby chicks.
  • They built a new coop to expand their poultry farming operations.
  • He collected fresh eggs from the coop each morning.


cow icon

a large domesticated mammal raised for its milk, meat, or other dairy products

Easy Examples

  • A cow is a large farm animal that gives milk.
  • Cows are often milked on dairy farms.
  • Beef comes from cows raised for meat.

Harder Examples

  • The dairy cow was milked twice a day to supply fresh milk for the farm.
  • She learned how to milk a cow and appreciated the farm's homemade cheese.
  • He raised cows and sold beef at the local farmers' market.


donkey icon

a domesticated animal related to the horse, often used for labor and transportation

Easy Examples

  • A donkey is a small, sturdy animal often used for carrying loads.
  • Donkeys are known for their strong backs.
  • Donkeys are helpful on farms and in hilly areas.

Harder Examples

  • The donkey carried heavy loads of hay and firewood from the fields.
  • They owned a friendly donkey that the children loved to ride.
  • He trained the donkey to assist with plowing tasks on the farm.


duck icon

a waterfowl bird often raised for its meat, eggs, and feathers

Easy Examples

  • A duck is a waterfowl bird that can be found on farms.
  • Ducks often swim in ponds and eat insects.
  • Ducklings are baby ducks.

Harder Examples

  • Ducks waddled around the pond, quacking and searching for food.
  • She prepared a delicious roast duck for the family's Sunday dinner.
  • He built a floating platform for the ducks to rest on in the pond.


farmer icon

an individual who cultivates crops, raises livestock, and manages agricultural activities on a farm

Easy Examples

  • A farmer is a person who works on a farm.
  • Farmers grow crops and raise animals.
  • Farming is an important job for providing food.

Harder Examples

  • The farmer woke up early to tend to the animals and work in the fields.
  • She admired the dedication and hard work of the local farmers.
  • He was a fourth-generation farmer, carrying on the family tradition.


farmhouse icon

the primary residence on a farm where the farmer and their family live

Easy Examples

  • A farmhouse is a house on a farm where the farmer lives.
  • Farmhouses are often surrounded by fields and barns.
  • Farm families live in farmhouses.

Harder Examples

  • The farmhouse had a cozy porch where they enjoyed evening sunsets.
  • Family gatherings took place in the farmhouse, filled with laughter and food.
  • He renovated the farmhouse to preserve its historical charm.


field icon

an area of land used for growing crops, often divided into different plots or rows

Easy Examples

  • A field is an open area of land used for farming.
  • Fields can grow crops like wheat and corn.
  • Farmers plow and plant fields in spring.

Harder Examples

  • The golden wheat field stretched as far as the eye could see.
  • They planted rows of corn and soybeans in the fertile fields.
  • He admired the colorful wildflowers that bloomed in the field.


goat icon

a domesticated mammal raised for its milk, meat, and sometimes wool or hair

Easy Examples

  • A goat is a farm animal known for its milk and meat.
  • Goats are smaller than cows and have horns.
  • Goat cheese is made from goat's milk.

Harder Examples

  • The goats grazed on the hillside, providing fresh goat cheese for the farm.
  • She learned to milk goats and enjoyed making homemade goat yogurt.
  • He built a sturdy fence to keep the mischievous goats from escaping.


hay icon

dried grass or other plants, often used as animal feed or for bedding in barns

Easy Examples

  • Hay is dried grass or straw used as animal food and bedding.
  • Farmers bale hay to store it for the winter.
  • Horses and cows eat hay.

Harder Examples

  • They stored bales of hay in the barn for the winter months.
  • Freshly cut hay fields were a picturesque sight during the summer.
  • He loaded the hay wagon to transport the feed to the livestock.


horse icon

a large, strong domesticated animal often used for riding, pulling loads, or working on farms

Easy Examples

  • A horse is a large, strong animal used for riding and work.
  • Horses can pull plows and wagons on farms.
  • Horseback riding is a popular activity.

Harder Examples

  • The horse and its rider galloped through the fields with grace.
  • Horses were essential for plowing and transporting goods on the farm.
  • She spent hours grooming and caring for her beloved horse.


pen icon

an enclosed area or enclosure used to contain and manage livestock, such as sheep or pigs

Easy Examples

  • A pen is a small enclosure for keeping animals like pigs or sheep.
  • Pens provide a safe area for animals.
  • Pigs root around in pens.

Harder Examples

  • The sheep were gathered in the pen for shearing and health checks.
  • They built a sturdy pig pen to house the young piglets.
  • He repaired the wooden fence surrounding the cattle pen.


pig icon

a domesticated mammal raised for its meat, often known as pork

Easy Examples

  • A pig is a farm animal raised for its meat, known as pork.
  • Pigs are often pink and have curly tails.
  • Bacon and ham come from pigs.

Harder Examples

  • The piglets playfully rooted in the mud of the pigpen.
  • She prepared a delicious roast pig for the family barbecue.
  • He sold pork products from his farm at the local market.


pitchfork icon

a long-handled tool with tines used for lifting and pitching hay or other materials

Easy Examples

  • A pitchfork is a tool with long prongs used for lifting and tossing hay or straw.
  • Farmers use pitchforks to feed animals and clean stalls.
  • Pitchforks are handy tools on farms.

Harder Examples

  • He used the pitchfork to load bales of hay onto the wagon.
  • Pitchforks were essential tools for farm labor, especially during harvest.
  • She demonstrated the proper technique for using a pitchfork to the newcomers.


scarecrow icon

a human-like figure often made of straw or cloth, placed in fields to scare away birds and protect crops

Easy Examples

  • A scarecrow is a stuffed figure placed in fields to scare away birds.
  • Scarecrows keep birds from eating crops.
  • Scarecrows have clothes and hats to look like people.

Harder Examples

  • The scarecrow stood tall in the cornfield, guarding the ripening ears of corn.
  • Children enjoyed making scarecrows during the autumn festival.
  • He repaired the scarecrow's tattered clothing to keep the crows at bay.
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