Furniture (English Vocabulary)

ESL Vocabulary for Furniture

The following page has learning games and example sentences using the following 23 words from the "furniture" category:
Studying furniture-related terms is useful for interior design discussions and furnishing homes.

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Example Sentences


sink icon

a basin with a faucet and a drain for washing hands, dishes, and other items in a kitchen or bathroom

Easy Examples

  • A sink is a basin for washing dishes or hands.
  • Sinks have faucets to control water flow.
  • You can find sinks in kitchens and bathrooms.

Harder Examples

  • She filled the sink with warm soapy water to wash the dishes.
  • Sinks come in various materials, including stainless steel and porcelain.
  • They installed a new sink with a modern design in the bathroom.


sofa icon

a comfortable upholstered seat with a backrest and armrests, often used for seating in a living room or lounge

Easy Examples

  • A sofa is a comfortable seat for sitting or lying down.
  • Sofas are often found in living rooms.
  • Sofas are great for relaxing.

Harder Examples

  • The family gathered on the sofa to watch a movie together.
  • Sofas are available in different styles, from contemporary to traditional.
  • She added decorative throw pillows to the sofa for a pop of color.

sound system

sound system icon

a set of audio equipment, including speakers and amplifiers, used to enhance audio quality for music or movies

Easy Examples

  • A sound system is a set of speakers and a music player.
  • Sound systems play music and make it loud.
  • Sound systems are used for parties and listening to music.

Harder Examples

  • The sound system filled the room with rich, immersive audio.
  • Sound systems can be connected to various devices, such as TVs and smartphones.
  • They hosted a karaoke night with a powerful sound system for singing enthusiasts.


toilet icon

a fixture with a seat and a flushing mechanism for disposing of human waste in a bathroom

Easy Examples

  • A toilet is a bowl for human waste disposal.
  • Toilets have a flush to clean the bowl.
  • Toilets are in bathrooms for using the restroom.

Harder Examples

  • She flushed the toilet and washed her hands afterward.
  • Toilets come in different types, including standard, low-flow, and dual-flush models.
  • They upgraded their bathroom with a modern, water-efficient toilet.

vanity table

vanity table icon

a small table or desk often equipped with a mirror, used for grooming and applying makeup

Easy Examples

  • A vanity table is a small table with a mirror for makeup and grooming.
  • Vanity tables have drawers for storing beauty products.
  • People use vanity tables to get ready.

Harder Examples

  • She sat at the vanity table to do her hair and makeup in the morning.
  • Vanity tables may have drawers or compartments for storing beauty products.
  • They found a vintage vanity table at an antique shop and restored it.


wardrobe icon

a large closet or cabinet for storing clothing and accessories

Easy Examples

  • A wardrobe is a large cabinet for storing clothes.
  • Wardrobes have shelves and hangers for clothes.
  • You can find wardrobes in bedrooms.

Harder Examples

  • He organized his clothes neatly inside the wardrobe.
  • Wardrobes often include hanging rods, shelves, and drawers for storage.
  • They chose a wardrobe with mirrored doors to make the room appear larger.

washing machine

washing machine icon

an appliance used for cleaning and laundering clothes and other textiles

Easy Examples

  • A washing machine is a device for cleaning clothes.
  • Washing machines use water and detergent to wash clothes.
  • Washing machines save time on laundry.

Harder Examples

  • She loaded the dirty laundry into the washing machine and selected a cycle.
  • Washing machines come in top-loading and front-loading designs.
  • They purchased a high-efficiency washing machine to save on water and energy.

writing desk

writing desk icon

a small desk with a flat surface, often used for writing, studying, or working on tasks

Easy Examples

  • A writing desk is a table for writing or working.
  • Writing desks often have drawers for storing supplies.
  • Writers use writing desks for their work.

Harder Examples

  • He sat at the writing desk to compose a heartfelt letter.
  • Writing desks may have built-in storage for pens, paper, and stationery.
  • They placed a vintage writing desk by the window for a cozy workspace.


armchair icon

a comfortable, single-seat chair with armrests, often used for relaxation and reading

Easy Examples

  • An armchair is a cozy chair with armrests.
  • Armchairs are good for reading or relaxing.
  • Armchairs are smaller than sofas.

Harder Examples

  • She curled up in the armchair with a good book and a cup of tea.
  • Armchairs are available in a variety of upholstery fabrics and styles.
  • They placed an elegant armchair by the fireplace for cozy evenings.


bathtub icon

a large, water-filled container designed for bathing, often found in bathrooms

Easy Examples

  • A bathtub is a large container for taking baths.
  • Bathtubs are filled with water for bathing.
  • Some people prefer showers to bathtubs.

Harder Examples

  • She soaked in the bathtub to unwind after a long day.
  • Bathtubs come in different shapes, including clawfoot and freestanding models.
  • They installed a whirlpool bathtub for a spa-like experience.


bed icon

a piece of furniture designed for sleeping or resting, typically consisting of a frame and a mattress

Easy Examples

  • A bed is a piece of furniture for sleeping.
  • Beds come in different sizes like twin and queen.
  • A comfortable mattress makes a good bed.

Harder Examples

  • They chose a king-sized bed for extra comfort and space.
  • Beds are available in various styles, from platform to canopy beds.
  • She made the bed with fresh sheets and fluffy pillows.

bedside drawer

bedside drawer icon

a small table or drawer unit placed next to a bed, often used for storing items within easy reach

Easy Examples

  • A bedside drawer is a small table with drawers next to a bed.
  • Bedside drawers hold items like books and lamps.
  • People keep things they need at night in bedside drawers.

Harder Examples

  • He placed his reading glasses and a book in the bedside drawer.
  • Bedside drawers can hold essentials like lamps, clocks, and tissues.
  • They opted for a minimalist design for the bedside drawer to match their decor.

bunk bed

bunk bed icon

a type of bed with two or more mattresses stacked vertically, allowing multiple people to sleep in a compact space

Easy Examples

  • A bunk bed is a bed with two levels, one above the other.
  • Bunk beds are great for saving space in shared rooms.
  • Kids often sleep in bunk beds.

Harder Examples

  • The kids enjoyed sleeping in the bunk bed during sleepovers.
  • Bunk beds are a practical choice for shared bedrooms or dormitories.
  • They added safety railings to the bunk bed to prevent accidents.


chandelier icon

a decorative light fixture with multiple arms or branches, often adorned with crystals or glass ornaments

Easy Examples

  • A chandelier is a decorative light fixture that hangs from the ceiling.
  • Chandeliers have many crystals or bulbs.
  • Chandeliers add elegance to rooms.

Harder Examples

  • The chandelier in the dining room cast a warm and elegant glow.
  • Chandeliers can be the focal point of a room's decor.
  • They cleaned and polished the chandelier to make it sparkle.

chest of drawers

chest of drawers icon

a piece of furniture with multiple stacked drawers for storing clothing, linens, or personal items

Easy Examples

  • A chest of drawers is a tall cabinet with drawers for storing clothes.
  • Chests of drawers help keep clothes organized.
  • You can find chests of drawers in bedrooms.

Harder Examples

  • She organized her socks and accessories in the top drawer of the chest of drawers.
  • Chests of drawers come in various sizes and finishes to match room decor.
  • They inherited an antique chest of drawers with intricate carvings.

coffee table

coffee table icon

a low table placed in front of a sofa or seating area, often used for holding beverages, books, or decorative items

Easy Examples

  • A coffee table is a low table in the living room for placing drinks and snacks.
  • Coffee tables are often placed in front of sofas.
  • Coffee tables are great for entertaining guests.

Harder Examples

  • They gathered around the coffee table for board games and snacks.
  • Coffee tables come in different shapes, including rectangular and round.
  • She decorated the coffee table with a vase of fresh flowers.

computer desk

computer desk icon

a desk designed for working on a computer, often equipped with a keyboard tray and storage space for peripherals

Easy Examples

  • A computer desk is a desk for working on a computer.
  • Computer desks have space for a computer and accessories.
  • Many people have a computer desk in their home office.

Harder Examples

  • He set up his computer and monitors on the spacious computer desk.
  • Computer desks are designed for ergonomic comfort during long hours of work.
  • They placed a compact computer desk in the home office for productivity.

dining table

dining table icon

a table used for dining and sharing meals with family and guests

Easy Examples

  • A dining table is a table for eating meals.
  • Dining tables are often found in dining rooms or kitchens.
  • Families gather around the dining table for dinner.

Harder Examples

  • They gathered around the dining table for a festive holiday feast.
  • Dining tables come in various shapes, including rectangular and oval.
  • She set the dining table with fine china and elegant tableware.


door icon

a hinged or sliding barrier that allows entry or exit from a building or room

Easy Examples

  • A door is an entrance or exit with a knob or handle.
  • You can open and close doors.
  • Doors provide privacy and security.

Harder Examples

  • He knocked on the door and waited for someone to answer.
  • Front doors are often chosen for their aesthetic and security features.
  • Automatic doors are common in commercial buildings for convenience.


lamp icon

a portable light fixture with a base and a shade, used for illuminating a room or specific area

Easy Examples

  • A lamp is a device that provides light.
  • Lamps can be turned on and off.
  • Lamps come in various shapes and sizes.

Harder Examples

  • She turned on the lamp to create a cozy atmosphere in the living room.
  • Lamps come in various styles, including table lamps and floor lamps.
  • They replaced the old lampshade with a new one to freshen up the decor.


refrigerator icon

an appliance used for storing and cooling food and beverages, typically with a freezer compartment

Easy Examples

  • A refrigerator is a machine for keeping food cold.
  • Refrigerators have shelves and compartments for storing food.
  • Refrigerators help preserve food freshness.

Harder Examples

  • She opened the refrigerator to grab ingredients for dinner.
  • Refrigerators are equipped with adjustable shelves and temperature controls.
  • They cleaned and organized the refrigerator to maximize space.

shelving unit

shelving unit icon

a piece of furniture with multiple shelves or compartments, used for storing and displaying items

Easy Examples

  • A shelving unit is a set of shelves for storage.
  • Shelving units can be used for books or decorations.
  • Shelving units help keep things organized.

Harder Examples

  • They installed a shelving unit in the home office to store books and supplies.
  • Shelving units are versatile and can be used in various rooms.
  • She arranged decorative items on the living room shelving unit.

side table

side table icon

a small table placed next to a sofa or chair, often used for holding drinks, books, or decor

Easy Examples

  • A side table is a small table placed next to a sofa or chair.
  • Side tables hold items like drinks or books.
  • Side tables are convenient for reaching items.

Harder Examples

  • She placed a vase of fresh flowers on the side table by the reading chair.
  • Side tables come in different styles, from modern to vintage.
  • They used the side table to set down their coffee mugs while watching TV.
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