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The following page has learning games and example sentences using the following 24 words from the "hobbies and interests" category:
Learning about hobbies and interests is useful for sharing personal passions and connecting with others over shared activities.

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Example Sentences


pottery icon

the art of creating objects from clay, often by hand-shaping or using a pottery wheel, followed by firing in a kiln

Easy Examples

  • Pottery is making things from clay.
  • You can make bowls and cups with clay.
  • Pottery is fun.

Harder Examples

  • She spent her weekends in a pottery studio, crafting beautiful ceramic pieces.
  • Pottery classes allowed him to explore his creativity through sculpting clay.
  • They admired the intricate pottery displayed in the local art gallery.

rock climbing

rock climbing icon

a challenging sport or recreational activity that involves ascending natural or artificial rock walls and cliffs

Easy Examples

  • Rock climbing is climbing rocks.
  • You use your hands and feet to climb.
  • Rock climbing is cool.

Harder Examples

  • Rock climbing enthusiasts enjoy the physical and mental challenges of scaling cliffs.
  • They hiked to a popular rock climbing spot to conquer a challenging route.
  • Rock climbing gyms provide a safe environment for beginners to learn the ropes.


sculpting icon

the art of creating three-dimensional sculptures or statues from materials like clay, stone, wood, or metal

Easy Examples

  • Sculpting is making art from clay or stone.
  • You can make statues with sculpting.
  • Sculpting is creative.

Harder Examples

  • She devoted hours to sculpting a detailed figurine from a block of marble.
  • Sculpting workshops allowed him to refine his skills in creating abstract sculptures.
  • They marveled at the lifelike sculptures displayed in the art museum.


sewing icon

the craft of joining fabrics together using a needle and thread to create clothing, accessories, or decorative items

Easy Examples

  • Sewing is stitching fabric together.
  • You can make clothes with sewing.
  • Sewing is useful.

Harder Examples

  • Sewing machines make it easier and faster to stitch together fabrics for clothing.
  • She hand-sewed a quilt as a thoughtful gift for a friend's wedding.
  • They attended sewing classes to learn how to make custom-fitted garments.


skiing icon

a winter sport that involves gliding over snow-covered terrain using skis attached to boots, with various styles including downhill and cross-country skiing

Easy Examples

  • Skiing is gliding on snow.
  • You wear skis on your feet to ski.
  • Skiing is fun in winter.

Harder Examples

  • Skiing down the slopes of a snowy mountain was an exhilarating experience.
  • They embarked on a cross-country skiing adventure through the winter wilderness.
  • Ski resorts offer ski rentals and lessons for beginners.


swimming icon

a water-based activity where individuals propel themselves through the water using various strokes, often for exercise, competition, or leisure

Easy Examples

  • Swimming is moving in water.
  • You use your arms and legs to swim.
  • Swimming is great in pools.

Harder Examples

  • Swimming laps in the pool was his favorite way to stay fit.
  • She taught her children how to swim during family trips to the beach.
  • Swimming competitions drew talented athletes from around the world.


weightlifting icon

a sport or fitness activity involving the lifting of weights, often with the goal of building muscle strength and endurance

Easy Examples

  • Weightlifting is lifting heavy weights.
  • You can build strong muscles with weightlifting.
  • Weightlifting makes you strong.

Harder Examples

  • Weightlifting enthusiasts train regularly to increase their strength and lift heavier weights.
  • He followed a structured weightlifting program to prepare for a competition.
  • Weightlifting is one of the sports featured in the Olympic Games.

wood carving

wood carving icon

the art of sculpting wood to create intricate designs or objects using carving tools

Easy Examples

  • Wood carving is making art from wood.
  • You use tools to carve wood.
  • Wood carving is artistic.

Harder Examples

  • Wood carving requires precision and skill to bring out the beauty of the wood grain.
  • He crafted a detailed wood carving of a bird perched on a branch.
  • Wood carving workshops provided beginners with the basics of the craft.


yoga icon

a holistic practice that combines physical postures, breathing exercises, and meditation to promote relaxation, flexibility, and mental well-being

Easy Examples

  • Yoga is stretching and relaxing.
  • You do yoga poses to feel calm.
  • Yoga is good for you.

Harder Examples

  • Yoga classes helped her find balance and reduce stress in her daily life.
  • They practiced yoga on a serene mountaintop, surrounded by nature.
  • Yoga retreats offered participants a chance to deepen their practice.


archery icon

the sport or skill of using a bow to shoot arrows at targets, often practiced for precision and concentration

Easy Examples

  • Archery is using a bow and arrow.
  • You aim and shoot in archery.
  • Archery is precise.

Harder Examples

  • Archery competitions require focus and precision to hit the bullseye.
  • He honed his archery skills by practicing at an archery range.
  • Archery has historical significance as a hunting and combat technique.


ballet icon

a classical dance form characterized by graceful and precise movements, often performed to music

Easy Examples

  • Ballet is graceful dancing.
  • Ballet dancers are elegant.
  • Ballet is beautiful.

Harder Examples

  • Ballet dancers undergo rigorous training to perfect their technique and artistry.
  • She played the lead role in a ballet performance of 'Swan Lake.'
  • Ballet performances are known for their elegant costumes and storytelling.


camping icon

an outdoor recreational activity involving staying in tents, cabins, or under the open sky, often in natural settings

Easy Examples

  • Camping is sleeping outdoors.
  • You stay in a tent when camping.
  • Camping is an adventure.

Harder Examples

  • Camping trips allowed them to connect with nature and enjoy the outdoors.
  • They gathered around the campfire to roast marshmallows and share stories.
  • Camping gear includes essentials like tents, sleeping bags, and cooking equipment.


chess icon

a strategic board game played by two players, each controlling a set of pieces with the objective of capturing the opponent's king

Easy Examples

  • Chess is a board game of strategy.
  • You move pieces on a chessboard.
  • Chess is a smart game.

Harder Examples

  • Chess requires strategic thinking and careful planning of moves.
  • He enjoyed friendly chess matches at the local park with fellow enthusiasts.
  • Chess is a classic game with a rich history and international tournaments.


cooking icon

the practice of preparing food by combining ingredients and following recipes to create meals

Easy Examples

  • Cooking is making food.
  • You use recipes to cook.
  • Cooking is tasty.

Harder Examples

  • Cooking at home allows for creativity and experimentation with flavors.
  • She attended cooking classes to learn how to make gourmet dishes.
  • Cooking shows and cookbooks offer a wide range of culinary inspiration.


dancing icon

an expressive form of movement often accompanied by music, used for artistic performance, cultural expression, or social enjoyment

Easy Examples

  • Dancing is moving to music.
  • You dance with rhythm.
  • Dancing is fun.

Harder Examples

  • Dancing brings joy and energy to social gatherings and celebrations.
  • They took dance lessons to learn various dance styles, from salsa to hip-hop.
  • Dancing is a universal language that transcends cultural boundaries.


fishing icon

a recreational activity involving the pursuit of fish, often for sport or relaxation, using various fishing techniques and equipment

Easy Examples

  • Fishing is catching fish.
  • You use a fishing rod in fishing.
  • Fishing is relaxing.

Harder Examples

  • Fishing by the tranquil lake offered a sense of peace and solitude.
  • They used bait and lures to attract a variety of fish species.
  • Fishing enthusiasts practice catch-and-release to preserve fish populations.


football icon

a team sport played with a spherical ball, where players score goals by getting the ball into the opponent's goal area

Easy Examples

  • Football is kicking a ball.
  • You score goals in football.
  • Football is a team sport.

Harder Examples

  • Football matches draw passionate fans who cheer for their favorite teams.
  • He played football with friends in the park on weekends.
  • Football players showcase their skills in professional leagues around the world.


gardening icon

the cultivation and care of plants, flowers, and vegetables in outdoor or indoor gardens, often for pleasure or food production

Easy Examples

  • Gardening is growing plants.
  • You take care of plants in gardening.
  • Gardening is peaceful.

Harder Examples

  • Gardening is a therapeutic hobby that allows for relaxation and connection to nature.
  • She tended to a garden filled with colorful flowers and aromatic herbs.
  • Community gardens provide spaces for neighbors to collaborate on gardening projects.


hiking icon

an outdoor activity involving walking or trekking through natural landscapes, often along trails or mountain paths

Easy Examples

  • Hiking is walking in nature.
  • You walk on trails in hiking.
  • Hiking is exploring.

Harder Examples

  • Hiking offers opportunities to explore scenic vistas and connect with nature.
  • They packed backpacks with essentials for a challenging mountain hike.
  • Hiking boots provide comfort and support for long walks in rugged terrain.

horse riding

horse riding icon

an equestrian activity where individuals ride horses, often for leisure, sport, or as a means of transportation

Easy Examples

  • Horse riding is riding a horse.
  • You control the horse in horse riding.
  • Horse riding is a skill.

Harder Examples

  • Horse riding enthusiasts appreciate the bond formed with their horses.
  • She took riding lessons to improve her horsemanship skills.
  • Horseback riding trails wind through picturesque countryside and forests.


knitting icon

a craft or hobby involving the creation of fabric by interlocking loops of yarn with knitting needles

Easy Examples

  • Knitting is making things with yarn.
  • You use needles to knit.
  • Knitting is cozy.

Harder Examples

  • Knitting allows for the creation of warm and cozy clothing and accessories.
  • She knitted a scarf as a thoughtful handmade gift for her friend.
  • Knitting patterns offer a wide range of designs and techniques.


origami icon

the art of paper folding, where intricate and delicate sculptures are created by folding sheets of paper without cutting or gluing

Easy Examples

  • Origami is folding paper.
  • You make shapes with paper in origami.
  • Origami is a craft.

Harder Examples

  • Origami artists use precise folds to transform paper into beautiful creations.
  • They learned how to make origami animals and flowers from instructional books.
  • Origami paper comes in a variety of colors and sizes for different projects.


painting icon

an artistic activity involving the application of paint to a surface, often canvas, to create visual art and expressions

Easy Examples

  • Painting is making art with colors.
  • You use brushes in painting.
  • Painting is creative.

Harder Examples

  • Painting allows artists to convey emotions, ideas, and scenes through colors and strokes.
  • She exhibited her oil paintings in a local art gallery.
  • Painting classes provide instruction and a creative environment for aspiring artists.


photography icon

the practice of capturing and creating images through the use of a camera, often as a means of artistic expression or documentation

Easy Examples

  • Photography is taking pictures.
  • You use a camera for photography.
  • Photography captures moments.

Harder Examples

  • Photography enthusiasts explore different techniques to capture captivating images.
  • He took photographs of landscapes, portraits, and candid moments.
  • Photography exhibitions showcase the work of talented photographers.
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