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The following page has learning games and example sentences using the following 38 words from the "opposite verbs" category:
Learning opposite verbs helps in expressing contrasting actions and ideas effectively.

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Example Sentences


sit icon

to rest on a chair or surface with your weight supported by your buttocks

Easy Examples

  • I sit on the chair.
  • Please sit down.
  • She likes to sit by the window.

Harder Examples

  • I like to sit by the window and read a book.
  • She prefers to sit at the front of the classroom.
  • They will sit together at the dinner table.


sleep icon

to rest with your eyes closed and your body inactive

Easy Examples

  • I sleep at night.
  • I need to sleep for eight hours.
  • She sleeps like a baby.

Harder Examples

  • After a long day, he likes to sleep for eight hours.
  • She had trouble falling asleep last night.
  • They enjoy taking naps in the afternoon.


stand icon

to be in an upright position on your feet

Easy Examples

  • Please stand up.
  • He can't stand still.
  • They stand in a line.

Harder Examples

  • She likes to stand on the balcony and watch the sunset.
  • He stood in line patiently waiting for his turn.
  • They will stand together during the ceremony.


start icon

to begin or commence an action, process, or event

Easy Examples

  • Let's start the game.
  • I start my day with breakfast.
  • She wants to start a new project.

Harder Examples

  • Let's start the meeting in five minutes.
  • She started her new job yesterday.
  • They will start their journey early in the morning.


throw icon

to propel an object through the air using force

Easy Examples

  • He throws the ball.
  • Throw the paper into the bin.
  • She can throw a frisbee.

Harder Examples

  • He can throw a baseball with great accuracy.
  • She threw the ball to her friend across the yard.
  • They like to play catch and throw the frisbee.

wake up

wake up icon

to stop sleeping and become conscious after a period of rest

Easy Examples

  • I wake up early in the morning.
  • She wakes up with an alarm clock.
  • We wake up refreshed.

Harder Examples

  • I usually wake up at 7:00 AM on weekdays.
  • She woke up feeling refreshed and ready to start the day.
  • They set an alarm to wake up early for the hike.


walk icon

to move on foot by taking steps

Easy Examples

  • I walk to school.
  • Let's take a walk in the park.
  • She can walk long distances.

Harder Examples

  • She likes to walk in the park every morning.
  • He walked to the store to buy some groceries.
  • They will walk together to explore the city.


win icon

to achieve victory in a competition, game, or contest

Easy Examples

  • I want to win the race.
  • They win the game.
  • He wins a prize.

Harder Examples

  • He was determined to win the chess tournament.
  • She won the first-place medal in the race.
  • They celebrated their team's win with enthusiasm.


work icon

to engage in physical or mental effort to achieve a task or goal

Easy Examples

  • I work at the office.
  • She works hard every day.
  • They work as a team.

Harder Examples

  • I have to work late to finish this project.
  • She works as a software engineer for a tech company.
  • They work together to solve complex problems.


agree icon

to have the same opinion or come to a mutual understanding

Easy Examples

  • I agree with your idea.
  • They agree to the terms.
  • She and I agree on many things.

Harder Examples

  • They both agree that the plan is a good idea.
  • She agreed to help him with his homework.
  • He hopes they can agree on the terms of the contract.


answer icon

to respond to a question or statement with a reply

Easy Examples

  • Please answer the question.
  • He answers the phone.
  • They answer emails promptly.

Harder Examples

  • He will answer your inquiry as soon as possible.
  • She answered all the interview questions confidently.
  • They expect him to answer honestly during the interview.


argue icon

to engage in a disagreement or heated discussion

Easy Examples

  • They argue about politics.
  • I don't like to argue.
  • We often argue with each other.

Harder Examples

  • They argue about politics every time they meet.
  • She argued with her brother about borrowing her car.
  • He doesn't like to argue and prefers peaceful discussions.


ask icon

to pose a question or request information from someone

Easy Examples

  • Can I ask a question?
  • She asks for help.
  • He asks for directions.

Harder Examples

  • I will ask the teacher for clarification on the assignment.
  • She asked him for his opinion on the matter.
  • They asked the waiter for the dessert menu.


attack icon

to use force or violence against someone or something

Easy Examples

  • The lion might attack.
  • They attack the enemy.
  • She doesn't want to attack.

Harder Examples

  • The enemy forces plan to attack at dawn.
  • She defended herself when she was attacked.
  • They will launch a counter-attack to protect their territory.


build icon

to construct or create something by assembling various components

Easy Examples

  • They build a sandcastle.
  • I want to build a house.
  • He builds with Lego.

Harder Examples

  • He wants to build a treehouse in the backyard.
  • She built a successful business from scratch.
  • They will help build a new playground for the community.


buy icon

to acquire something by paying a certain amount of money for it

Easy Examples

  • I want to buy a new car.
  • She buys groceries.
  • They buy gifts for their friends.

Harder Examples

  • She plans to buy a new car next month.
  • He bought a gift for his mother's birthday.
  • They will buy tickets for the concert online.


catch icon

to intercept or seize something that is in motion

Easy Examples

  • I catch the ball.
  • He can catch a fish.
  • They catch the bus every morning.

Harder Examples

  • He tried to catch the baseball but missed.
  • She caught the bus just in time to get to work.
  • They will catch the frisbee during their game.


close icon

to shut or fasten something that has an opening or can be closed

Easy Examples

  • Please close the door.
  • He closes the book.
  • She wants to close the window.

Harder Examples

  • Please close the door behind you when you leave.
  • She closed the book and put it on the shelf.
  • They will close the gate to keep the dog in the yard.


cry icon

to shed tears as an emotional response to sadness or pain

Easy Examples

  • I cry when I'm sad.
  • She cries during sad movies.
  • They cry because they are hurt.

Harder Examples

  • He didn't want to cry in front of his friends.
  • She cried tears of joy at her graduation ceremony.
  • They comforted her when she started to cry.


defend icon

to protect or support something or someone from harm or criticism

Easy Examples

  • He defends his team.
  • She defends her beliefs.
  • They defend their territory.

Harder Examples

  • He will defend his thesis in front of the committee.
  • She defended her friend when they were being bullied.
  • They are ready to defend their principles and values.


destroy icon

to cause severe damage or ruin something completely

Easy Examples

  • War can destroy cities.
  • She doesn't want to destroy nature.
  • They destroy old things.

Harder Examples

  • The tornado can destroy houses in seconds.
  • She accidentally destroyed the fragile artwork.
  • They will work to prevent the forest from being destroyed.


enter icon

to go or come into a place or location

Easy Examples

  • Please enter the room.
  • They enter the building.
  • She can enter the contest.

Harder Examples

  • Please enter your password to access the account.
  • She entered the room quietly so as not to disturb anyone.
  • They will enter the competition to showcase their talent.


exit icon

to leave a place or location

Easy Examples

  • We need to exit the building.
  • He exits the car.
  • She exits the room quickly.

Harder Examples

  • He will exit the building through the back door.
  • She exited the theater after the movie ended.
  • They will exit the subway station at the next stop.


finish icon

to complete or bring something to an end

Easy Examples

  • I finish my homework.
  • They finish the race.
  • She wants to finish her meal.

Harder Examples

  • She wants to finish her novel by the end of the year.
  • He finished the race in first place.
  • They will work hard to finish the project ahead of schedule.


forget icon

to fail to remember something

Easy Examples

  • I forget my keys sometimes.
  • She forgets to call her friend.
  • They forget important dates.

Harder Examples

  • Don't forget to pick up some milk on your way home.
  • She forgot her umbrella and got caught in the rain.
  • They often forget important dates and events.


hate icon

to have a strong aversion or intense dislike for something or someone

Easy Examples

  • I hate spiders.
  • She hates broccoli.
  • They hate Mondays.

Harder Examples

  • He doesn't hate anyone; he believes in forgiveness.
  • She hates the taste of olives and won't eat them.
  • They don't hate change; they embrace new opportunities.


laugh icon

to produce sound from the mouth as an expression of amusement or joy

Easy Examples

  • We laugh at jokes.
  • He laughs when he's happy.
  • She has a contagious laugh.

Harder Examples

  • They laugh heartily at their friend's jokes.
  • She couldn't help but laugh at the funny movie.
  • He tries to make people laugh to brighten their day.


lose icon

to be deprived of or unable to find something or someone

Easy Examples

  • I don't want to lose the game.
  • They lose their way.
  • She loses her phone often.

Harder Examples

  • She doesn't want to lose her keys again.
  • He lost his way in the unfamiliar city.
  • They will lose the game if they don't score soon.


love icon

to have deep affection or strong feelings of care and admiration for someone or something

Easy Examples

  • I love ice cream.
  • She loves her family.
  • They love going to the beach.

Harder Examples

  • They love spending time together as a family.
  • She loves her job because it's fulfilling.
  • He will always love his hometown and its memories.


open icon

to unfasten or reveal something that was closed or sealed

Easy Examples

  • Can you open the door?
  • She opens the gift.
  • They open the book.

Harder Examples

  • Please open the envelope and read the letter.
  • She opened the door to welcome her guests.
  • They will open the box to see what's inside.


play icon

to engage in an activity for amusement or recreation

Easy Examples

  • We play games together.
  • He plays the guitar.
  • She likes to play with her toys.

Harder Examples

  • Children love to play in the park.
  • She plays the piano beautifully.
  • They will play a board game during their family night.


pull icon

to exert force to move something toward oneself

Easy Examples

  • I can pull the rope.
  • He pulls the lever.
  • They pull the wagon.

Harder Examples

  • He needs to pull the heavy suitcase up the stairs.
  • She pulled the curtains to let in some sunlight.
  • They will pull the rope to ring the bell.


push icon

to exert force to move something away from oneself

Easy Examples

  • She can push the cart.
  • They push the button.
  • I push the swing.

Harder Examples

  • She will push the shopping cart in the supermarket.
  • He pushed the door to enter the room.
  • They push the swing to make it go higher.


remember icon

to recall or bring to mind something from the past

Easy Examples

  • I remember my birthday.
  • They remember important details.
  • She remembers to bring her umbrella.

Harder Examples

  • I can't remember where I left my keys.
  • She remembers her childhood vacations fondly.
  • They will remember this special day for years to come.


run icon

to move rapidly on foot, typically faster than walking

Easy Examples

  • I can run fast.
  • He runs in the park.
  • They run a marathon.

Harder Examples

  • He likes to run in the morning to stay fit.
  • She ran to catch the bus before it left.
  • They will run a marathon to raise funds for charity.


sell icon

to exchange goods or services for money

Easy Examples

  • I want to sell my old clothes.
  • She sells handmade crafts.
  • They sell tickets to the event.

Harder Examples

  • She plans to sell her old furniture online.
  • He sold his car to a friend who needed it.
  • They will sell tickets for the charity fundraiser.


send icon

to cause something to be delivered or transmitted to a destination

Easy Examples

  • I send a letter.
  • He sends an email.
  • She sends a gift to her friend.

Harder Examples

  • I will send you an email with the information.
  • She sent a birthday card to her grandmother.
  • They will send the package through express mail.


receive icon

to take or accept something that is given, sent, or offered

Easy Examples

  • I receive a package.
  • They receive a warm welcome.
  • She receives a surprise.

Harder Examples

  • She received a beautiful bouquet of flowers.
  • He received an award for his outstanding work.
  • They will receive guests at the reception.
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