Opposites (English Vocabulary)

ESL Vocabulary for Opposites

The following page has learning games and example sentences using the following 41 words from the "opposites" category:
Studying opposites vocabulary enhances language comprehension and communication skills.

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Example Sentences


short icon

having little height or not being tall

Easy Examples

  • She is short.
  • He has short hair.
  • The dog is short.

Harder Examples

  • She is quite short compared to her classmates.
  • He prefers to wear short sleeves in the summer.
  • They will take a shortcut to reach the destination faster.


skinny icon

having a slender and thin physique

Easy Examples

  • He is skinny.
  • She likes skinny jeans.
  • They have a skinny cat.

Harder Examples

  • She has always been naturally skinny.
  • He likes to wear skinny jeans.
  • They will have a skinny latte for breakfast.


slow icon

moving or proceeding at a low speed

Easy Examples

  • The turtle is slow.
  • I am a slow eater.
  • She walks slow.

Harder Examples

  • The turtle is known for its slow pace.
  • She drives slowly on icy roads to stay safe.
  • They will walk slowly to enjoy the scenery.


small icon

being of limited size or not large in dimensions

Easy Examples

  • The kitten is small.
  • He has a small toy.
  • It's a small room.

Harder Examples

  • The puppy is still very small and adorable.
  • He keeps his belongings in a small backpack.
  • They will stay in a small cottage by the lake.


sour icon

having a sharp and acidic taste or unpleasant odor

Easy Examples

  • The lemon is sour.
  • She makes a sour face.
  • They don't like sour candy.

Harder Examples

  • The lemonade was too sour for her liking.
  • She wrinkled her nose at the sour smell in the room.
  • They will add sugar to balance the sourness of the dish.


spotless icon

completely clean and without any blemishes or stains

Easy Examples

  • The kitchen is spotless.
  • He keeps his car spotless.
  • She has a spotless record.

Harder Examples

  • She keeps her house spotless at all times.
  • He admired the spotless mirror in the hotel room.
  • They will strive to maintain a spotless reputation.


strong icon

possessing physical power or being mentally resilient

Easy Examples

  • He is strong.
  • She lifts weights to get strong.
  • They have a strong grip.

Harder Examples

  • He is known for his strong physique and athleticism.
  • She showed strong determination to overcome obstacles.
  • They will build a strong bond through teamwork.


sweet icon

having a pleasant and sugary taste or being endearing

Easy Examples

  • The cake is sweet.
  • She likes sweet tea.
  • He has a sweet tooth.

Harder Examples

  • The dessert was incredibly sweet and satisfying.
  • She has a sweet smile that brightens everyone's day.
  • They will enjoy the sweet melodies of the music.


transparent icon

allowing light to pass through and see-through

Easy Examples

  • The glass is transparent.
  • She wears transparent glasses.
  • They want a transparent discussion.

Harder Examples

  • The glass is transparent, so you can see what's inside.
  • She used transparent plastic wrap to cover the food.
  • They will use a transparent umbrella on a rainy day.


ugly icon

unattractive in appearance or unpleasant to look at

Easy Examples

  • The painting is ugly.
  • He thinks he is ugly.
  • She calls him ugly.

Harder Examples

  • Beauty is subjective, and what is ugly to one may not be to another.
  • She found the old building to be rather ugly.
  • They believe that kindness can make a person beautiful, even if they appear ugly.


weak icon

lacking physical or mental strength and not strong

Easy Examples

  • He is weak.
  • She feels weak today.
  • They have a weak signal.

Harder Examples

  • He felt weak after the long hike in the mountains.
  • She has a weak immune system and often gets sick.
  • They will strengthen their muscles through regular exercise.


young icon

in an early stage of life or existence, not old

Easy Examples

  • She is young.
  • He is a young artist.
  • They have a young puppy.

Harder Examples

  • The young couple just got married last month.
  • She works with young children at the daycare center.
  • They will visit a young artist's gallery opening.


old icon

having lived or existed for a long time, not young

Easy Examples

  • The house is old.
  • She has an old car.
  • He is getting old.

Harder Examples

  • The old tree in the park is over a hundred years old.
  • He loves reading old books with yellowed pages.
  • They will explore an old castle on their vacation.


bad icon

not good or of poor quality, unfavorable

Easy Examples

  • It's a bad day.
  • She had a bad dream.
  • He is in a bad mood.

Harder Examples

  • The movie received bad reviews from critics.
  • She had a bad day at work due to a challenging project.
  • They will turn a bad situation into an opportunity.


beautiful icon

having qualities that delight the senses and please the eye

Easy Examples

  • The sunset is beautiful.
  • She is a beautiful singer.
  • They live in a beautiful house.

Harder Examples

  • The sunset over the ocean was absolutely beautiful.
  • She wore a beautiful dress to the special occasion.
  • They will visit a beautiful garden with colorful flowers.


big icon

having a large size or being of considerable magnitude

Easy Examples

  • The elephant is big.
  • He has a big house.
  • She wears a big hat.

Harder Examples

  • The big elephant trumpeted loudly in the safari park.
  • He moved into a big house with a spacious yard.
  • They will need a big suitcase for their trip.


blunt icon

having a dull or rounded edge, not sharp

Easy Examples

  • The knife is blunt.
  • She is blunt with her words.
  • He uses a blunt pencil.

Harder Examples

  • The blunt knife couldn't cut through the tough meat.
  • She prefers to use a blunt pencil for shading.
  • They will need a sharpener to avoid writing with a blunt pencil.


bright icon

emitting or reflecting a strong light, vivid in color

Easy Examples

  • The sun is bright.
  • She wears bright clothes.
  • They have a bright smile.

Harder Examples

  • The bright stars lit up the night sky.
  • She wore a bright red dress to the party.
  • They will enjoy a bright and sunny day at the beach.


clean icon

free from dirt, stains, or impurities, hygienic

Easy Examples

  • The room is clean.
  • He likes to keep things clean.
  • She has clean hands.

Harder Examples

  • The clean kitchen countertops sparkled in the sunlight.
  • He takes pride in keeping his car clean and shiny.
  • They will hire a professional cleaner for the spring cleaning.


dark icon

having little or no light, of a deep color

Easy Examples

  • It's dark outside.
  • She has dark hair.
  • They like dark chocolate.

Harder Examples

  • The room was so dark that they needed a flashlight.
  • She chose a dark shade of paint for the bedroom.
  • They will have a picnic under the dark night sky.


dirty icon

covered in or marked by dirt, unclean

Easy Examples

  • The shirt is dirty.
  • He plays in the dirty mud.
  • She has dirty shoes.

Harder Examples

  • The muddy boots left dirty footprints on the floor.
  • He noticed a dirty stain on his shirt after lunch.
  • They will wash their hands thoroughly to remove the dirt.


distant icon

far away in space or time, remote or separated

Easy Examples

  • The mountain is distant.
  • He feels distant from his friends.
  • She has a distant look.

Harder Examples

  • The mountain range appeared distant from their location.
  • She felt a distant connection to her ancestral homeland.
  • They will send a letter to a distant relative.


empty icon

containing nothing or having no occupants

Easy Examples

  • The glass is empty.
  • She has an empty backpack.
  • They feel empty inside.

Harder Examples

  • The empty room echoed with each step they took.
  • He realized the gas tank was empty when the car stalled.
  • They will find an empty seat in the crowded theater.


fast icon

moving or capable of moving quickly, rapid

Easy Examples

  • The car is fast.
  • She runs fast.
  • He eats fast.

Harder Examples

  • The cheetah is the fastest land animal in the world.
  • She drives fast on the highway to reach her destination.
  • They will have a fast internet connection for streaming.


fat icon

having an excess of flesh or being overweight

Easy Examples

  • He is fat.
  • She feels fat after eating.
  • They have a fat cat.

Harder Examples

  • He gained weight and became fat after the holidays.
  • She avoids eating too much fat in her diet.
  • They will work out regularly to lose fat and stay healthy.


filthy icon

covered in or characterized by dirt and grime

Easy Examples

  • The floor is filthy.
  • She works in a filthy environment.
  • They have a filthy habit.

Harder Examples

  • The neglected room was filthy and needed a thorough cleaning.
  • She wore gloves to clean the filthy bathroom.
  • They will take a shower to wash off the filthy mud.


first icon

coming before all others in time or order

Easy Examples

  • It's the first day.
  • She is the first in line.
  • He got the first prize.

Harder Examples

  • She was the first person to arrive at the party.
  • He won first place in the race and received a medal.
  • They will have the first slice of cake at the celebration.


full icon

containing all that can be held or filled to capacity

Easy Examples

  • The glass is full.
  • She ate a full meal.
  • They have a full schedule.

Harder Examples

  • The glass was full of refreshing cold water.
  • She felt full after a hearty meal at the restaurant.
  • They will have a full day of fun and adventure.


good icon

having desirable qualities or characteristics

Easy Examples

  • He is good.
  • She did a good job.
  • They have a good idea.

Harder Examples

  • He is known for his good deeds and generosity.
  • She gave a good speech that inspired the audience.
  • They will make good memories during their vacation.


heavy icon

having a high weight or mass, difficult to lift or move

Easy Examples

  • The box is heavy.
  • She lifts heavy weights.
  • He has a heavy workload.

Harder Examples

  • The suitcase was heavy, so he asked for help.
  • She wore a heavy coat to stay warm in the snow.
  • They will need a heavy-duty vehicle for transporting goods.


last icon

coming after all others in time or order

Easy Examples

  • It's the last page.
  • She is the last to arrive.
  • He got the last piece.

Harder Examples

  • She was the last one to leave the office for the day.
  • He received the last piece of cake at the party.
  • They will enjoy the last rays of sunlight at sunset.


light icon

emitting or reflecting illumination, not heavy

Easy Examples

  • The room is light.
  • She carries a light bag.
  • They like light colors.

Harder Examples

  • The light bulb brightened the room when turned on.
  • She carried a light backpack for the hiking trip.
  • They will use a flashlight to find their way in the dark.


long icon

having a great length or extending for a considerable distance

Easy Examples

  • The road is long.
  • She has long hair.
  • He waits for a long time.

Harder Examples

  • The long river winds through the forest.
  • She has long hair that reaches her waist.
  • They will take a long road trip across the country.


near icon

close to or not far from a particular place or point

Easy Examples

  • The store is near.
  • She lives near the park.
  • They have a near miss.

Harder Examples

  • The grocery store is near their apartment.
  • She found a park near the city center.
  • They will stay in a hotel near the beach.


new icon

recently made, discovered, or created

Easy Examples

  • The phone is new.
  • She got a new dress.
  • He has a new idea.

Harder Examples

  • They bought a new car to replace the old one.
  • She is excited to wear her new dress to the event.
  • They will explore the new museum in town.


noisy icon

making a lot of noise, loud and disruptive

Easy Examples

  • The street is noisy.
  • She lives in a noisy neighborhood.
  • They make a noisy crowd.

Harder Examples

  • The construction site next door is very noisy.
  • She put on noise-canceling headphones to block out the noisy traffic.
  • They will find a quiet place away from the noisy crowd.


opaque icon

not allowing light to pass through, not transparent

Easy Examples

  • The glass is opaque.
  • She uses opaque curtains.
  • They prefer opaque solutions.

Harder Examples

  • The curtains are made of opaque fabric to provide privacy.
  • She couldn't see through the opaque glass window.
  • They will use an opaque screen to hide the surprise.


poor icon

having little or insufficient wealth or resources

Easy Examples

  • He is poor.
  • She comes from a poor family.
  • They live in a poor village.

Harder Examples

  • He grew up in a poor neighborhood but worked hard to succeed.
  • She helps the poor by donating to charity organizations.
  • They will provide assistance to the poor and needy.


quiet icon

making little or no noise, peaceful and calm

Easy Examples

  • The library is quiet.
  • She enjoys quiet evenings.
  • They like a quiet atmosphere.

Harder Examples

  • The library is a quiet place for reading and studying.
  • She enjoys the quiet solitude of the countryside.
  • They will have a quiet evening at home with a book.


rich icon

having a great deal of money, possessions, or resources

Easy Examples

  • They are rich.
  • He has a rich taste.
  • She owns a rich collection.

Harder Examples

  • They live in a luxurious mansion and are very rich.
  • She became rich after starting her successful business.
  • They will donate to charity because they believe in sharing their wealth.


sharp icon

having a fine or keen edge, capable of cutting

Easy Examples

  • The knife is sharp.
  • She has sharp eyes.
  • He is sharp-witted.

Harder Examples

  • The chef used a sharp knife to slice the vegetables.
  • She noticed a sharp pain in her foot after stepping on a rock.
  • They will use a sharp pencil for drawing detailed illustrations.
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