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The following page has learning games and example sentences using the following 18 words from the "parts of the house" category:
Understanding house-related vocabulary is important for describing living spaces and home maintenance.

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Example Sentences


window icon

an opening in a wall, often with glass panes, that allows light and air to enter a building

Easy Examples

  • A window is a glass opening in a wall to let in light.
  • You can see outside through a window.
  • Windows can be opened or closed.

Harder Examples

  • She gazed out of the window at the scenic view of the mountains.
  • Windows are essential for natural illumination in a room.
  • They decorated the window sill with potted plants and ornaments.


yard icon

an open area of land surrounding a house, often used for outdoor activities, gardening, or relaxation

Easy Examples

  • A yard is an open area around a house with grass or plants.
  • Yards are for playing and relaxing.
  • Some people have gardens in their yards.

Harder Examples

  • Children played in the yard, running and laughing.
  • She spent hours gardening in her spacious yard.
  • Yards can be transformed into beautiful outdoor living spaces.


balcony icon

an elevated platform with a railing, typically attached to a building, providing an outdoor space for relaxation or dining

Easy Examples

  • A balcony is a small platform outside a building.
  • You can stand or sit on a balcony.
  • Balconies often have a nice view.

Harder Examples

  • They enjoyed breakfast on the balcony with a view of the city skyline.
  • Balconies are a sought-after feature in apartments and homes.
  • She decorated the balcony with potted flowers and cozy furniture.


chimney icon

a vertical structure on the roof of a building, designed to channel smoke and gases from a fireplace or stove outside

Easy Examples

  • A chimney is a tall, narrow structure on a roof.
  • Chimneys release smoke and gases from a fireplace.
  • Santa Claus comes down the chimney.

Harder Examples

  • Smoke billowed from the chimney as they lit the fireplace.
  • Chimneys are often made of brick or metal for heat resistance.
  • The chimney sweep cleaned and inspected the chimney for safety.


door icon

a hinged or sliding barrier that allows entry or exit from a building or room

Easy Examples

  • A door is an entrance or exit with a knob or handle.
  • You can open and close doors.
  • Doors keep rooms private.

Harder Examples

  • He knocked on the door and waited for someone to answer.
  • Front doors are often chosen for their aesthetic and security features.
  • Automatic doors are common in commercial buildings for convenience.


doorbell icon

a device near the entrance of a building that produces a sound or chime when pressed, alerting occupants to visitors

Easy Examples

  • A doorbell is a button outside a door that makes a sound.
  • Press the doorbell to let someone know you're there.
  • Doorbell rings can be different tunes.

Harder Examples

  • She pressed the doorbell and heard a pleasant chime inside the house.
  • Doorbell cameras provide security by allowing homeowners to see and communicate with visitors remotely.
  • The doorbell rang repeatedly, announcing the arrival of guests.


doorstep icon

the raised or paved surface at the entrance of a building, often used as a step to enter or exit

Easy Examples

  • A doorstep is the small step outside a door.
  • You step on it when you enter or exit a house.
  • Sometimes, people leave packages on doorsteps.

Harder Examples

  • She sat on the doorstep, enjoying the warm afternoon sun.
  • The delivery person left the package on the doorstep.
  • He swept the leaves and debris from the front doorstep.


driveway icon

a private road or path that leads from the street to a garage or parking area near a house

Easy Examples

  • A driveway is a path or road that leads to a garage or house.
  • Cars are parked in driveways.
  • Driveways can be made of concrete or gravel.

Harder Examples

  • Cars lined up in the long driveway for the family reunion.
  • Driveways are often paved or made of gravel for vehicle access.
  • They shoveled the snow from the driveway after a winter storm.


fence icon

a barrier made of wood, metal, or other materials that encloses or marks the boundary of a property

Easy Examples

  • A fence is a barrier made of wood or metal.
  • Fences mark the boundary of a property.
  • Some fences have gates for entry.

Harder Examples

  • The wooden fence provided privacy for their backyard.
  • White picket fences are a classic symbol of suburban life.
  • Fences can be decorative or functional, serving various purposes.


garage icon

a building or enclosed space used for housing and storing vehicles, tools, and equipment

Easy Examples

  • A garage is a building to store cars and other things.
  • Garages protect cars from the weather.
  • Some people use garages as workshops.

Harder Examples

  • He parked his car in the garage to protect it from the weather.
  • Garages often double as workshops for DIY projects.
  • She organized the clutter in the garage for better storage.


gate icon

a movable barrier, often with a swinging or sliding mechanism, that controls access to a fenced or enclosed area

Easy Examples

  • A gate is a barrier you can open and close to enter or exit.
  • Gates are often found in fences.
  • Some gates are decorative.

Harder Examples

  • The garden gate creaked open as they entered the backyard.
  • Gates can be adorned with decorative patterns or motifs.
  • The gate was locked to prevent unauthorized entry.

hanging basket

hanging basket icon

a suspended container typically used for planting flowers or trailing plants, often hung from a hook or bracket

Easy Examples

  • A hanging basket is a container with flowers that hangs from a hook.
  • Hanging baskets add beauty to porches and balconies.
  • Watering hanging baskets keeps the flowers fresh.

Harder Examples

  • The hanging basket on the porch was filled with colorful petunias.
  • Hanging baskets add a touch of beauty to outdoor spaces.
  • She watered the hanging baskets to keep the flowers vibrant.


mailbox icon

a receptacle, often mounted on a post near the street, for receiving mail and packages from postal services

Easy Examples

  • A mailbox is a box outside a house for receiving mail.
  • Mail carriers put letters and packages in mailboxes.
  • You can find bills and letters in mailboxes.

Harder Examples

  • He checked the mailbox for letters and parcels every afternoon.
  • Mailboxes are often personalized with house numbers or names.
  • The mailbox was overflowing with holiday greeting cards.


roof icon

the uppermost covering of a building, often made of various materials, providing protection from weather and the elements

Easy Examples

  • A roof is the top covering of a house.
  • Roofs protect homes from rain and snow.
  • Some roofs have chimneys.

Harder Examples

  • Snow collected on the roof during the winter, creating a picturesque scene.
  • Roofs come in different styles, including gable, flat, and pitched roofs.
  • They repaired the damaged roof after a severe storm.

satellite dish

satellite dish icon

a device mounted on a building or structure that receives signals from communication satellites for television or internet reception

Easy Examples

  • A satellite dish is a device on a roof to receive TV signals.
  • Satellite dishes bring TV channels to homes.
  • Satellite dishes need to face the right direction.

Harder Examples

  • The satellite dish on the rooftop ensured a stable TV signal.
  • Satellite dishes need a clear line of sight to the sky for optimal reception.
  • They installed a larger satellite dish to access more channels.


swing icon

a suspended seat or platform often attached to ropes or chains, used for leisurely swinging back and forth

Easy Examples

  • A swing is a seat attached to chains or ropes.
  • You swing back and forth on a swing.
  • Swings are fun in playgrounds.

Harder Examples

  • Children giggled as they took turns on the swing in the backyard.
  • Swings are a popular feature in playgrounds and parks.
  • She relaxed on the porch swing, enjoying the gentle breeze.


treehouse icon

a small, elevated structure built in a tree, often used as a play area or hideaway

Easy Examples

  • A treehouse is a small house built in a tree.
  • Treehouses are fun places to play and hide.
  • Kids often dream of having a treehouse.

Harder Examples

  • Kids built a treehouse in the old oak tree, complete with a rope ladder.
  • Treehouses offer a unique perspective and connection to nature.
  • They furnished the treehouse with cushions and fairy lights.


wall icon

a vertical surface that forms the sides of a room or enclosure, often made of bricks, stone, drywall, or other materials

Easy Examples

  • A wall is a vertical structure that divides spaces.
  • Walls are made of bricks, wood, or other materials.
  • Pictures and shelves can be hung on walls.

Harder Examples

  • She hung a painting on the living room wall, adding a pop of color.
  • Walls can be painted, wallpapered, or adorned with artwork.
  • They installed shelves on the wall to display their book collection.
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