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The following page has learning games and example sentences using the following 18 words from the "places to live" category:
Understanding vocabulary related to places to live is crucial for discussing housing options, real estate, and lifestyle choices.

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Example Sentences

house boat

house boat icon

A houseboat is a type of boat or floating dwelling designed for people to live in. It typically features living quarters, such as bedrooms, a kitchen, and a bathroom, and is often used as a residential property on waterways

Easy Examples

  • A house boat floats on water.
  • People live on house boats.
  • House boats can be cozy.

Harder Examples

  • Houseboats are a unique form of housing, offering the experience of living on the water while providing many of the comforts of a traditional home.
  • Some houseboats are stationary, while others are capable of cruising on rivers, lakes, or canals, allowing residents to change their location as desired.
  • Houseboat communities can be found in various parts of the world, providing a distinctive way of life.


hut icon

A hut is a small and simple shelter, often made from natural materials such as wood, thatch, or mud. Huts are typically used as temporary or rudimentary dwellings in rural or remote areas

Easy Examples

  • A hut is a small, simple house.
  • People build huts in the woods.
  • Huts are basic and cozy.

Harder Examples

  • Huts are common in regions where traditional building materials are readily available and used for cost-effective housing solutions.
  • Some cultures and indigenous communities continue to construct and live in huts as part of their traditional way of life.
  • Huts may lack modern amenities and infrastructure found in urban housing.


igloo icon

An igloo is a traditional Inuit or Eskimo dwelling made of snow blocks or ice blocks. It is designed to provide insulation and protection from extreme cold temperatures in Arctic regions

Easy Examples

  • An igloo is a house made of ice and snow.
  • In very cold places, people build igloos.
  • Igloos keep you warm.

Harder Examples

  • Igloos are constructed by compacting and carving snow or ice into dome-shaped structures with an entrance tunnel.
  • The interior of an igloo remains relatively warm due to the insulating properties of snow and the heat generated by occupants.
  • Igloos are part of the cultural heritage of Arctic indigenous peoples and are still used for shelter in some areas.


lighthouse icon

A lighthouse is a tall structure equipped with a light source, such as a lamp or beacon, that emits a powerful beam of light to guide and warn ships and boats at sea or near coastlines

Easy Examples

  • A lighthouse helps boats find their way.
  • Sailors look for lighthouses at sea.
  • Lighthouses have bright lights.

Harder Examples

  • Lighthouses serve as critical navigational aids, helping vessels avoid dangerous areas, rocky shores, and shallow waters.
  • Modern lighthouses are often automated, with sophisticated lighting systems and advanced technology for maintaining safety at sea.
  • Some historic lighthouses are open to the public and offer insights into maritime history.


mansion icon

A mansion is a large, grand, and often opulent residence. It typically features multiple rooms, expansive living spaces, and luxurious amenities, and is associated with wealth and luxury

Easy Examples

  • A mansion is a big, fancy house.
  • Some mansions have many rooms.
  • Mansions are luxurious.

Harder Examples

  • Mansions are commonly owned by affluent individuals or families and may include features such as a pool, extensive gardens, and high-end finishes.
  • Historic mansions often have architectural significance and are preserved as cultural landmarks.
  • Mansions can vary in architectural styles, from classic Victorian mansions to modern architectural marvels.

semi-detached house

semi-detached house icon

A semi-detached house, also known as a duplex in some regions, is a residential building that shares one common wall with an adjacent dwelling. Each unit in a semi-detached house is typically independent and has its own entrance

Easy Examples

  • A semi-detached house shares a wall.
  • You find rows of them in some neighborhoods.
  • Each side is a separate home.

Harder Examples

  • Semi-detached houses offer a compromise between single-family homes and apartments, providing separate living spaces for multiple households in close proximity.
  • They are common in suburban and urban areas, offering a balance of space and affordability.
  • Semi-detached houses may have a similar layout on each side, or the design may vary depending on construction and local building codes.


tent icon

A tent is a portable and temporary shelter made of fabric or similar materials. Tents are often used for camping, outdoor adventures, and temporary accommodation

Easy Examples

  • A tent is a small camping shelter.
  • Families sleep in tents when camping.
  • Tents are easy to set up.

Harder Examples

  • Camping tents come in various sizes and designs, from small backpacking tents to spacious family tents with multiple rooms.
  • Tents are designed to be lightweight, easy to set up, and provide protection from the elements while allowing users to experience nature.
  • Camping enthusiasts and adventurers often use tents to explore remote or natural areas.

terraced house

terraced house icon

A terraced house, also known as a townhouse or row house, is a type of residential dwelling that shares walls with adjacent houses on both sides. Terraced houses are often arranged in a row, creating a uniform streetscape

Easy Examples

  • A terraced house is in a row of houses.
  • They look similar in some neighborhoods.
  • Many families live in terraced houses.

Harder Examples

  • Terraced houses are common in densely populated urban areas, offering an efficient use of space and a sense of community.
  • Each unit in a terraced house typically has multiple floors and may include a small yard or garden in the front or back.
  • Terraced houses can have various architectural styles and designs, reflecting the history and character of the neighborhood.


treehouse icon

A treehouse is a small structure built in or around the branches of a tree. It is often used as a play area, retreat, or even as a living space in some cases

Easy Examples

  • A treehouse is a house in a tree.
  • Kids love playing in treehouses.
  • Treehouses are like secret hideouts.

Harder Examples

  • Treehouses are typically constructed for recreational purposes and are popular among children and nature enthusiasts.
  • Some treehouses are built to be sturdy and safe, allowing adults and families to enjoy a unique and elevated perspective of the natural surroundings.
  • Treehouse construction requires careful consideration of tree health and safety measures.


villa icon

A villa is a large and luxurious residence, often located in scenic or rural areas. Villas are known for their spacious layouts, extensive grounds, and architectural elegance

Easy Examples

  • A villa is a big vacation house.
  • Villas are often near the beach.
  • People stay in villas for relaxing vacations.

Harder Examples

  • Villas are commonly associated with vacation destinations and may be used as holiday homes or rented for short-term stays.
  • They offer a tranquil and upscale living environment, featuring amenities such as private pools, gardens, and picturesque views.
  • Historic villas are found in various regions and may have cultural or historical significance.


windmill icon

A windmill is a mechanical device powered by the energy of wind to perform various tasks, such as grinding grain, pumping water, or generating electricity. Windmills have distinctive rotor blades that capture wind energy and convert it into rotational motion

Easy Examples

  • A windmill uses wind for work.
  • Windmills grind grain and pump water.
  • Blades spin in the wind.

Harder Examples

  • Historically, windmills were used for tasks like milling grain into flour and draining water from low-lying areas.
  • Modern windmills, or wind turbines, are a source of renewable energy and play a significant role in generating electricity from wind power.
  • Windmills are found in various forms and sizes worldwide and have evolved over centuries of use.

apartment block

apartment block icon

An apartment block, also known as an apartment building or apartment complex, is a multi-story residential structure consisting of individual apartment units. Residents share common areas and amenities, such as hallways, elevators, and possibly recreational facilities

Easy Examples

  • An apartment block has many homes.
  • City people often live in apartment blocks.
  • Some have elevators and parking.

Harder Examples

  • Apartment blocks are a common form of urban housing, providing housing for multiple households within a single building.
  • They offer various apartment layouts, from studios to multi-bedroom units, catering to diverse housing needs and preferences.
  • Property management companies or landlords typically oversee the maintenance and management of apartment blocks.


bungalow icon

A bungalow is a single-story residential dwelling characterized by its low, horizontal profile and typically having a veranda or porch. Bungalows are known for their convenience and accessibility, with all living spaces on one level

Easy Examples

  • A bungalow is a one-story house.
  • Bungalows are simple and cozy.
  • Many have small gardens.

Harder Examples

  • Bungalows are popular among homeowners seeking single-level living and often feature an open floor plan and outdoor living spaces.
  • They have a wide range of architectural styles, from traditional craftsman bungalows to modern interpretations.
  • Bungalows are commonly found in suburban and residential neighborhoods.

camper van

camper van icon

A camper van, also known as a campervan or motorhome, is a recreational vehicle (RV) designed for travel and camping. It combines transportation and accommodation, typically featuring sleeping quarters, a kitchen, and bathroom facilities

Easy Examples

  • A camper van is a travel house on wheels.
  • People use them for road trips.
  • Camper vans have beds and kitchens.

Harder Examples

  • Camper vans offer the freedom to travel and explore while providing the convenience of a mobile home.
  • They come in various sizes, from compact vans with basic amenities to larger motorhomes with luxuries like TVs and full kitchens.
  • Camper van enthusiasts often embark on road trips and adventures, enjoying the flexibility and comfort of their mobile accommodations.


castle icon

A castle is a fortified, often grand, and historic structure built for defensive purposes or as a residence for royalty, nobility, or important figures. Castles are known for their imposing architecture, walls, towers, and moats

Easy Examples

  • A castle is a big old fortress.
  • Kings and queens lived in castles.
  • Tourists visit castles for history.

Harder Examples

  • Castles played a significant role in medieval history, serving as fortifications and symbols of power and authority.
  • Some castles have been preserved as historical landmarks, offering insights into the architecture and lifestyle of the past.
  • Castles are often associated with stories of knights, battles, and royal courts.


cave icon

A cave is a naturally occurring underground cavity or chamber, formed by geological processes. Caves can range in size from small passages to extensive networks of underground chambers

Easy Examples

  • A cave is a dark underground place.
  • People explore caves for fun.
  • Caves can be mysterious.

Harder Examples

  • Caves are found in various types of rock formations, including limestone, granite, and volcanic rock.
  • They often contain unique geological features, such as stalactites and stalagmites, formed over millions of years.
  • Caves have been used by humans for shelter, religious rituals, and scientific exploration throughout history.


cottage icon

A cottage is a small, cozy dwelling, often located in rural or semi-rural areas. Cottages are characterized by their quaint charm, simple design, and rustic appeal

Easy Examples

  • A cottage is a small, cozy house.
  • Cottages are often in the countryside.
  • People love staying in cottages for getaways.

Harder Examples

  • Cottages are commonly used as vacation homes or as primary residences in rural settings.
  • They may have features such as exposed beams, thatched roofs, and fireplaces, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere.
  • Cottages are associated with a slower pace of life and a connection to nature.

detached house

detached house icon

A detached house, also known as a single-family home, is a standalone residential building not attached to any other dwelling. It offers privacy, independence, and exclusive use of the property and land

Easy Examples

  • A detached house stands alone.
  • Families often live in detached houses.
  • Detached houses have yards for playing.

Harder Examples

  • Detached houses are popular for homeowners seeking autonomy and a private outdoor space, such as a yard or garden.
  • They come in various architectural styles and sizes, accommodating a wide range of housing preferences.
  • Detached houses are often situated in suburban and residential neighborhoods.
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