Prepositions (English Vocabulary)

ESL Vocabulary for Prepositions

The following page has learning games and example sentences using the following 14 words from the "prepositions" category:
Studying prepositions is useful for understanding and expressing relationships between objects, time, and location.

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  • This is a memory game as well as a vocabulary-learning game.
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Example Sentences


above icon

in or to a higher place or position than something else

Easy Examples

  • The bird is flying above the tree.
  • Look at the stars above in the night sky.
  • The sun is shining from above.

Harder Examples

  • The painting hung above the fireplace, catching everyone's attention.
  • He spotted a bird flying high above in the clear blue sky.
  • They found the key hidden above the door frame.


around icon

in a circular or surrounding route or direction

Easy Examples

  • Children are playing around the playground.
  • Let's walk around the park and explore.
  • People are gathered around the campfire.

Harder Examples

  • She took a leisurely walk around the park, enjoying the scenery.
  • He wrapped his arm around her shoulders as they strolled together.
  • They noticed colorful flags strung around the festival grounds.


behind icon

at or toward the back or rear of something or someone

Easy Examples

  • The cat is hiding behind the couch.
  • Don't forget your backpack; it's behind the door.
  • I'll be right behind you on the hiking trail.

Harder Examples

  • She left her backpack behind on the bus and had to retrieve it later.
  • He heard footsteps approaching from behind and turned to see who it was.
  • They discovered an old letter hidden behind a book on the shelf.


beside icon

next to or by the side of something or someone

Easy Examples

  • The puppy is sitting beside its owner.
  • I'll sit beside you during the movie.
  • There's a beautiful garden beside the house.

Harder Examples

  • She sat beside her best friend during the school assembly.
  • He parked his bicycle beside the lamppost before going into the store.
  • They placed the vase of flowers beside the window to catch the sunlight.


between icon

in or into the space that separates two things or people

Easy Examples

  • The sandwich is between two slices of bread.
  • You can choose between chocolate and vanilla ice cream.
  • I'm standing between my two best friends.

Harder Examples

  • She stood between her parents in the family portrait.
  • He negotiated a compromise between the two conflicting parties.
  • They chose a spot for their picnic between the tall trees.


first icon

before anything else in order, time, or importance

Easy Examples

  • I'll go first in the race.
  • Let's read the first chapter of the book.
  • The first day of school is always exciting.

Harder Examples

  • She finished the race in first place, winning the gold medal.
  • He took the first piece of cake from the dessert table.
  • They arrived at the concert venue first to secure front-row seats.

in front of

in front of icon

located ahead of or before someone or something

Easy Examples

  • The car is parked in front of the house.
  • Please stand in front of the class and introduce yourself.
  • There's a beautiful view in front of the mountain.

Harder Examples

  • She nervously stood in front of the audience before her performance.
  • He parked the car in front of the building's entrance.
  • They placed a welcome mat in front of the front door.


in icon

located or situated inside or within a particular area or thing

Easy Examples

  • The keys are in the drawer.
  • We live in a small house near the lake.
  • It's warm in the sunshine.

Harder Examples

  • She found her lost keys in her backpack.
  • He noticed a beautiful painting hanging in the art gallery.
  • They kept their valuables safe in a locked drawer.


last icon

coming after all others in order, time, or importance

Easy Examples

  • She was the last person to arrive at the party.
  • This is the last piece of cake.
  • The last bus leaves at 10:00 PM.

Harder Examples

  • She was the last person to leave the party, saying her goodbyes.
  • He ate the last slice of pizza, savoring every bite.
  • They arrived at the concert venue last but still enjoyed the show.


near icon

close to or not far from a particular place or object

Easy Examples

  • There's a park near our school.
  • I live near the beach, so I can go swimming often.
  • The store is near the shopping mall.

Harder Examples

  • She found a cozy cafe near the train station for a quick coffee.
  • He noticed a park near the office where he could take breaks.
  • They booked a hotel room near the beach for their vacation.


on icon

physically in contact with and supported by a surface

Easy Examples

  • The book is on the table.
  • The cat is sitting on the windowsill.
  • Let's have a picnic on the grass.

Harder Examples

  • She placed the book on the table and started reading.
  • He spilled some coffee on the newspaper, leaving a stain.
  • They set the picnic blanket on the grassy field and unpacked their lunch.


opposite icon

situated or positioned directly across from someone or something else

Easy Examples

  • The restaurant is opposite the movie theater.
  • The two houses are opposite each other.
  • He sat in the chair opposite me.

Harder Examples

  • She sat at the table opposite her colleague during the meeting.
  • He noticed a mirror on the wall opposite the entrance.
  • They booked seats on the train that were opposite each other.


through icon

from one side or end to the other side or end of something

Easy Examples

  • We walked through the forest on our hike.
  • You can see the stars through the telescope.
  • He read the book from beginning to end.

Harder Examples

  • She walked through the forest, enjoying the sound of birdsong.
  • He found a shortcut through the crowded market to reach the other side.
  • They read through the entire book in one sitting.


under icon

physically below or beneath something else

Easy Examples

  • The cat is hiding under the bed.
  • There's a treasure chest under the sand.
  • She placed her backpack under the tree.

Harder Examples

  • She found her missing shoe under the bed.
  • He placed a blanket under the picnic basket to cushion it.
  • They discovered a hidden treasure chest buried under the sand.
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