Rooms (English Vocabulary)

ESL Vocabulary for Rooms

The following page has learning games and example sentences using the following 14 words from the "rooms" category:
Studying room-related vocabulary is important for describing different living spaces within a building.

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Example Sentences


balcony icon

an outdoor platform with a railing, often attached to an upper floor of a building, providing space for relaxation or outdoor activities

Easy Examples

  • A balcony is like a tiny outdoor room attached to a building where you can sit and look outside.
  • You might put a chair or some plants on a balcony to make it nice.
  • Balconies are good spots for fresh air and views.

Harder Examples

  • They enjoyed breakfast on the balcony while admiring the city view.
  • She placed potted plants on the balcony to create a small garden.
  • The balcony was the perfect spot for stargazing on clear nights.


basement icon

the lowest floor of a building, often partially or entirely below ground level, typically used for storage, utilities, or additional living space

Easy Examples

  • A basement is a room under a house where you might store things or play.
  • Some basements have toys and games, while others have tools and boxes.
  • Basements can be cool and quiet.

Harder Examples

  • The basement served as a home theater and game room.
  • He stored boxes of old books and memorabilia in the basement.
  • They renovated the basement into a cozy guest suite.


bathroom icon

a room in a house or building designed for personal hygiene activities, such as bathing, toileting, and washing

Easy Examples

  • A bathroom is a small room where you wash your hands, take baths, and use the toilet.
  • Bathrooms have a sink, a toilet, and a bathtub or shower.
  • Bathrooms are where you get clean.

Harder Examples

  • She took a relaxing bubble bath in the spacious bathroom.
  • He forgot to replace the towel rack in the bathroom after painting.
  • They installed a new mirror and vanity in the bathroom.


bedroom icon

a private room in a house or apartment used primarily for sleeping and often containing a bed, furniture, and personal items

Easy Examples

  • A bedroom is where you sleep and keep your clothes and toys.
  • Bedrooms have a bed, a closet, and maybe some books or stuffed animals.
  • Bedrooms are where you rest and dream.

Harder Examples

  • Her bedroom was decorated in soothing shades of blue and white.
  • He read a bedtime story to his children in their cozy bedroom.
  • They rearranged the furniture to create a more spacious bedroom.


conservatory icon

a room with large windows or glass walls, designed to allow sunlight in, often used for cultivating plants or as a sunroom

Easy Examples

  • A conservatory is a sunny room in a house with lots of windows where you can grow plants or sit and relax.
  • Some people make their conservatories like a beautiful garden.
  • Conservatories are like indoor sunshine.

Harder Examples

  • She spent her afternoons in the conservatory, tending to her orchids.
  • He enjoyed his morning coffee in the warm conservatory while watching birds.
  • The conservatory was filled with lush greenery and colorful flowers.

dining room

dining room icon

a room in a house or apartment designated for eating meals, typically furnished with a dining table and chairs

Easy Examples

  • A dining room is a special place in a house where you eat together with family and friends.
  • Dining rooms have a table and chairs for sharing meals.
  • Dining rooms are for delicious food and fun conversations.

Harder Examples

  • They hosted a festive Thanksgiving dinner in the elegant dining room.
  • She set the table with fine china and crystal glasses in the dining room.
  • The dining room was adorned with a beautiful chandelier.


garage icon

a building or enclosed space used for parking vehicles, storing tools, or performing maintenance on vehicles

Easy Examples

  • A garage is like a big storage room for cars and tools.
  • Sometimes people use garages to fix things or make crafts.
  • Garages keep cars safe and dry.

Harder Examples

  • He parked his car in the garage to protect it from the weather.
  • She organized the garage to create more space for storage.
  • They converted part of the garage into a home gym.


garden icon

an outdoor area, typically near a house, where plants, flowers, and sometimes vegetables are grown and cultivated

Easy Examples

  • A garden is an outdoor place where you can grow pretty flowers and plants.
  • Gardens can be big or small and are full of colors and smells.
  • Gardens are for enjoying nature.

Harder Examples

  • They spent weekends working in the garden, planting vegetables and flowers.
  • She enjoyed the serenity of the Japanese garden in her backyard.
  • The garden was teeming with butterflies and hummingbirds.


hallway icon

a narrow corridor or passage in a building, often connecting different rooms or providing access to various areas

Easy Examples

  • A hallway is like a narrow path inside a house that connects rooms together.
  • Hallways have walls and maybe some pictures on them.
  • Hallways help you get around the house.

Harder Examples

  • The hallway was lined with family photographs in decorative frames.
  • He installed motion-sensor lights in the dark hallway for safety at night.
  • They hung a large mirror in the hallway to create a sense of space.


kitchen icon

a room used for cooking and food preparation, typically equipped with appliances, counters, and storage

Easy Examples

  • A kitchen is where you cook food, wash dishes, and keep all your kitchen stuff.
  • Kitchens have stoves, sinks, and lots of pots and pans.
  • Kitchens are where yummy meals are made.

Harder Examples

  • She cooked a delicious meal in the modern, well-equipped kitchen.
  • He remodeled the kitchen to include a spacious island for seating.
  • They gathered in the kitchen to bake cookies together.

living room

living room icon

a central and often spacious room in a house, used for relaxing, socializing, and entertaining guests

Easy Examples

  • A living room is a cozy place where you sit, watch TV, and spend time with family.
  • Living rooms have sofas, chairs, and a table for snacks.
  • Living rooms are where you relax and have fun.

Harder Examples

  • Their living room featured comfortable sofas and a fireplace.
  • She hosted a movie night in the cozy living room with friends.
  • The living room was adorned with artwork and a large area rug.


nursery icon

a room in a home dedicated to caring for infants or young children, often furnished with a crib, changing table, and baby essentials

Easy Examples

  • A nursery is a special room for babies and young kids to sleep and play.
  • Nurseries have baby beds, toys, and colorful things on the walls.
  • Nurseries are where little ones have fun.

Harder Examples

  • They painted the nursery in soft pastel colors for their newborn.
  • She organized the baby's clothes and toys in the nursery closet.
  • The nursery was filled with stuffed animals and storybooks.


study icon

a room designed for reading, studying, or working, often furnished with a desk, bookshelves, and a comfortable chair

Easy Examples

  • A study is a quiet room where you read, work, or learn things.
  • Studies have books, a desk, and a comfy chair for reading.
  • Studies are for being smart and focused.

Harder Examples

  • He spent hours in the study, immersed in research and writing.
  • She organized her books and reference materials in the study.
  • The study had a tranquil ambiance, perfect for concentration.


attic icon

the space or room beneath the roof of a house, often used for storage or as an extra living area

Easy Examples

  • An attic is a space at the top of a house where you might keep old things or make it into another room.
  • Some attics are like bedrooms, playrooms, or offices.
  • Attics can be a surprise treasure.

Harder Examples

  • They discovered old family heirlooms in the dusty attic.
  • She converted the attic into a charming guest bedroom.
  • The attic had a window that provided a view of the neighborhood.
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