Routine (English Vocabulary)

ESL Vocabulary for Routine

The following page has learning games and example sentences using the following 17 words from the "routine" category:
Learning routine-related vocabulary is valuable for describing daily activities and time management.

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Example Sentences

watch TV

watch TV icon

to view television programs or shows on a television set

Easy Examples

  • I like to watch TV in the evening.
  • We watch TV together as a family.
  • I don't watch TV during the day.

Harder Examples

  • She likes to watch TV in the evening to relax.
  • He watched TV with his family on Sunday nights.
  • They decided to watch TV together and enjoy a movie.

arrive home

arrive home icon

to reach one's place of residence or return to one's house

Easy Examples

  • I usually arrive home after school.
  • What time do you arrive home from work?
  • It's nice to arrive home after a long trip.

Harder Examples

  • She usually arrives home from work at around 6 PM.
  • He arrived home after a long day of traveling.
  • They were excited to arrive home and reunite with their pets.

comb hair

comb hair icon

to run a comb or brush through one's hair to tidy or style it

Easy Examples

  • I comb my hair every morning.
  • She combs her hair before going out.
  • Don't forget to comb your hair today.

Harder Examples

  • She took a moment to comb her hair before the party.
  • He combed his hair neatly for the job interview.
  • They combed their child's hair before the school photoshoot.

cook dinner

cook dinner icon

to prepare and make the evening meal

Easy Examples

  • My mom cooks dinner for the family.
  • Cooking dinner can be fun and creative.
  • What are you going to cook for dinner tonight?

Harder Examples

  • She enjoys cooking dinner for her family every night.
  • He decided to cook dinner together with his friends.
  • They experimented with new recipes when cooking dinner.


sleep icon

to rest with one's eyes closed and body in a state of rest

Easy Examples

  • We need to sleep to rest and recharge.
  • I like to sleep in on weekends.
  • How many hours of sleep do you get each night?

Harder Examples

  • She needed a good night's sleep after a tiring day.
  • He couldn't sleep well due to the noisy neighbors.
  • They tried to sleep early to be well-rested for the trip.

feed the dog

feed the dog icon

to provide food to a pet dog

Easy Examples

  • I feed the dog in the morning and evening.
  • Don't forget to feed the dog before you leave.
  • Feeding the dog is an important daily task.

Harder Examples

  • She feeds the dog twice a day, morning and evening.
  • He asked his neighbor to feed the dog while he was away.
  • They took turns feeding the dog and playing with it.

finish work

finish work icon

to complete one's tasks or job for the day

Easy Examples

  • I usually finish work around 5 PM.
  • When do you finish work?
  • Finishing work early is a great feeling.

Harder Examples

  • She was relieved to finish work early on Friday.
  • He stayed late to finish work on a tight deadline.
  • They celebrated when they finally finished work on the project.

get dressed

get dressed icon

to put on clothes and get ready for the day

Easy Examples

  • I get dressed in my school uniform.
  • She takes her time to get dressed.
  • Getting dressed for a special occasion is exciting.

Harder Examples

  • She gets dressed in formal attire for work.
  • He quickly gets dressed in casual clothes on weekends.
  • They helped their child get dressed for a special event.

get up

get up icon

to rise from a lying or seated position

Easy Examples

  • I get up early to start my day.
  • What time do you usually get up?
  • Getting up late on weekends is nice.

Harder Examples

  • She gets up early to enjoy the sunrise.
  • He struggled to get up after a night of little sleep.
  • They planned to get up at dawn for a hike.

go to bed

go to bed icon

to get into one's bed with the intention of sleeping

Easy Examples

  • It's time to go to bed and get some sleep.
  • I like to read a book before I go to bed.
  • Going to bed late can make you tired.

Harder Examples

  • She likes to go to bed early to get a good night's rest.
  • He read a book before going to bed.
  • They decided to go to bed late and watch a movie.

go to work

go to work icon

to travel to one's workplace or office

Easy Examples

  • Many people go to work in the morning.
  • I go to work by taking the bus.
  • Going to work can be a daily routine.

Harder Examples

  • She commutes by train to go to work every day.
  • He goes to work by bike to stay active.
  • They carpooled with colleagues to go to work.

have breakfast

have breakfast icon

to eat the morning meal, typically the first meal of the day

Easy Examples

  • Having breakfast is important for a healthy start.
  • I usually have breakfast with cereal and milk.
  • Skipping breakfast is not a good idea.

Harder Examples

  • She has a healthy breakfast with fruits and cereal.
  • He enjoys having breakfast at a local cafe.
  • They made pancakes and eggs for a special weekend breakfast.

have dinner

have dinner icon

to eat the evening meal, often the largest meal of the day

Easy Examples

  • We have dinner as a family every evening.
  • Having dinner together is a special time.
  • What's your favorite dish to have for dinner?

Harder Examples

  • She usually has dinner with her family at the dining table.
  • He ordered takeout for a quick dinner after a busy day.
  • They invited friends over to have dinner and chat.

have lunch

have lunch icon

to eat the midday meal, typically between breakfast and dinner

Easy Examples

  • I have lunch at the cafeteria during school.
  • Having a balanced lunch is important.
  • What time do you usually have lunch?

Harder Examples

  • She packed a homemade lunch to take to work.
  • He had a working lunch while attending a conference.
  • They decided to have lunch at the new restaurant downtown.


shower icon

to cleanse one's body by using water and soap

Easy Examples

  • I like to take a shower in the morning.
  • Taking a warm shower can be relaxing.
  • Showering before bed can help you sleep better.

Harder Examples

  • She takes a warm shower in the morning to wake up.
  • He enjoys a cold shower after a workout.
  • They shared a relaxing shower to unwind.

start work

start work icon

to begin one's work tasks or job duties for the day

Easy Examples

  • I start work at 9 AM every day.
  • What time do you usually start work?
  • Starting work with a positive attitude is important.

Harder Examples

  • She starts work early to get a head start on her projects.
  • He had a productive morning when he started work early.
  • They always start work with a team meeting.

wake up

wake up icon

to become conscious and alert after sleeping

Easy Examples

  • I wake up early to get ready for the day.
  • What wakes you up in the morning?
  • Waking up with a smile is a great way to start the day.

Harder Examples

  • She wakes up with the sound of her alarm clock every morning.
  • He woke up feeling refreshed after a restful night.
  • They woke up early to catch the sunrise at the beach.
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