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The following page has learning games and example sentences using the following 16 words from the "school subjects" category:
Understanding school subject vocabulary is important for academic discussions and describing areas of study.

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Example Sentences


Spanish icon

the study of the Spanish language and its cultural aspects, including grammar, vocabulary, and communication skills

Easy Examples

  • Spanish is a language that people speak in some countries like Spain and Mexico.
  • Learning Spanish can be fun because you get to talk to people from different places.
  • Hola! That means 'hello' in Spanish!

Harder Examples

  • She enjoys learning Spanish and hopes to travel to Spanish-speaking countries.
  • He practices his Spanish pronunciation by conversing with native speakers.
  • They have a Spanish test next week and are reviewing verb conjugations.


sport icon

the study of physical activities, exercises, and competitive games that promote physical fitness and well-being

Easy Examples

  • Sport is an activity where you play games, run, or do exercises to stay active and healthy.
  • Playing sports with friends can be a great way to have fun and make new friends.
  • Sports like soccer, basketball, and swimming are popular around the world.

Harder Examples

  • She participates in multiple sports, including soccer and swimming.
  • He enjoys watching sports on television, especially during the Olympics.
  • They believe that team sports teach valuable life lessons such as teamwork and sportsmanship.


art icon

the study of visual and creative expressions through various mediums, such as drawing, painting, sculpture, and design

Easy Examples

  • Art is a creative activity where you can draw, paint, or make things with your hands.
  • Art lets you express yourself and make beautiful or interesting creations.
  • You can use colors, shapes, and your imagination in art.

Harder Examples

  • She has a talent for art and often creates beautiful paintings and sketches.
  • He appreciates the history of art and famous artists like Leonardo da Vinci.
  • They are taking an art class to explore their creativity and learn new techniques.


biology icon

the study of living organisms, their structure, functions, and the processes that sustain life

Easy Examples

  • Biology is the science that studies living things like animals, plants, and people.
  • Biology helps us understand how our bodies work and how animals and plants grow.
  • Biology is all about the amazing world of life!

Harder Examples

  • She dreams of becoming a biologist and conducting research on marine life.
  • He finds genetics and evolution topics in biology fascinating.
  • They are conducting a biology experiment to study plant growth.


chemistry icon

the study of the composition, properties, and behavior of matter, as well as chemical reactions and processes

Easy Examples

  • Chemistry is the science that studies different substances and how they react with each other.
  • Chemistry is like a big experiment where you mix things to see what happens.
  • Chemistry is used in making things like medicines and colorful fireworks.

Harder Examples

  • She excels in chemistry and enjoys conducting experiments in the lab.
  • He aspires to pursue a career in chemical engineering after studying chemistry.
  • They are learning about the periodic table and the elements in chemistry class.


drama icon

the study of theatrical arts, including acting, playwriting, and theatrical production

Easy Examples

  • Drama is a type of performing art where people act out stories on a stage.
  • Acting in a drama lets you become different characters and tell interesting stories.
  • Drama can be exciting and full of emotions.

Harder Examples

  • She auditioned for the lead role in the school drama production.
  • He appreciates the power of drama to convey important messages and emotions.
  • They practice their lines and stage movements for the upcoming play.


English icon

the study of the English language, literature, and communication skills, including reading, writing, and speaking

Easy Examples

  • English is a language that people use to communicate in many parts of the world.
  • Learning English can help you talk to people from different countries and read books and stories.
  • English is a language of adventure and discovery.

Harder Examples

  • She is passionate about English literature and often reads classic novels.
  • He excels in English composition and has won writing contests.
  • They believe that strong English skills are essential for effective communication.


French icon

the study of the French language and its cultural aspects, including grammar, vocabulary, and language proficiency

Easy Examples

  • French is a beautiful language spoken in France, Canada, and other places.
  • Learning French can be fun because it sounds lovely and has interesting words.
  • Bonjour! That means 'hello' in French!

Harder Examples

  • She is fluent in French and enjoys conversing with French-speaking friends.
  • He plans to travel to France to immerse himself in the French culture.
  • They are practicing French pronunciation and accent in language class.


geography icon

the study of Earth's physical features, landscapes, climates, and the relationships between humans and the environment

Easy Examples

  • Geography is the subject that helps you learn about the Earth's lands, people, and cultures.
  • In geography, you can explore maps, study countries, and understand how our world works.
  • Geography lets you travel without leaving your classroom.

Harder Examples

  • She loves geography and is fascinated by maps and geographical patterns.
  • He believes that understanding geography is crucial for addressing environmental issues.
  • They are studying world geography and learning about countries and capitals.


geometry icon

the study of shapes, sizes, properties of space, and mathematical principles governing angles, lines, and solids

Easy Examples

  • Geometry is a type of math that studies shapes, sizes, and properties of objects.
  • Geometry helps you understand the world around you by looking at shapes and patterns.
  • Geometry is like solving puzzles with lines and angles.

Harder Examples

  • She excels in geometry and enjoys solving complex geometric proofs.
  • He uses geometry principles in architectural design and construction.
  • They are learning about the properties of triangles and quadrilaterals in geometry class.


history icon

the study of past events, cultures, and societies, as well as the analysis of historical documents and records

Easy Examples

  • History is the subject that tells us about the past, including events, people, and civilizations.
  • In history class, you'll learn about ancient times, famous leaders, and important moments in history.
  • History helps us understand how the world has changed over time.

Harder Examples

  • She is a history enthusiast and often visits museums to learn about the past.
  • He is passionate about ancient history and studies ancient civilizations.
  • They are researching a historical event for a school project.


ICT icon

the study of information and communication technology, including computer science, programming, and digital skills

Easy Examples

  • ICT stands for Information and Communication Technology, which is all about computers and technology.
  • ICT helps you use computers, the internet, and digital tools to do cool things like coding and creating.
  • ICT is the future of how we communicate and work.

Harder Examples

  • She is pursuing a degree in ICT and hopes to work in software development.
  • He enjoys coding and solving problems using ICT tools and software.
  • They are learning about cybersecurity and data privacy in ICT class.


mathematics icon

the study of numbers, quantities, shapes, and patterns, as well as mathematical concepts and problem-solving techniques

Easy Examples

  • Mathematics, often called math, is a subject that deals with numbers, calculations, and problem-solving.
  • Math is all around us, from counting money to measuring things and solving puzzles.
  • Mathematics helps us understand the language of numbers.

Harder Examples

  • She has a strong aptitude for mathematics and participates in math competitions.
  • He believes that mathematics is the universal language of science and engineering.
  • They are solving complex math equations and exploring mathematical theorems.


music icon

the study of musical theory, composition, performance, and the appreciation of various musical styles and genres

Easy Examples

  • Music is the art of creating and playing sounds that can be beautiful, exciting, or even calming.
  • Listening to music and playing instruments can be a joyful and expressive experience.
  • Music is a universal language that brings people together.

Harder Examples

  • She plays multiple musical instruments and enjoys composing her own music.
  • He attends music concerts and appreciates the talent of musicians.
  • They are practicing for a music recital featuring classical pieces.


physics icon

the study of the fundamental principles of the physical world, including forces, energy, motion, and matter

Easy Examples

  • Physics is a science that explores the laws of nature, how things move, and the forces at work in the universe.
  • Physics helps us understand phenomena like gravity, light, and electricity.
  • Physics is the key to unlocking the mysteries of the universe.

Harder Examples

  • She aspires to become a physicist and conduct experiments to explore the laws of the universe.
  • He finds the study of quantum physics and relativity theory mind-boggling.
  • They are conducting a physics experiment to understand the concept of inertia.


religion icon

the study of religious beliefs, practices, and the role of religion in human societies and cultures

Easy Examples

  • Religion is a belief system that people follow to understand the meaning of life and their connection to the divine.
  • Different religions have their own customs, traditions, and beliefs about the spiritual world.
  • Religion can be a source of comfort, guidance, and community for many people.

Harder Examples

  • She is deeply spiritual and enjoys exploring the teachings of different religions.
  • He believes that religion can provide guidance and purpose in life.
  • They are studying the history of religious movements and their impact on society.
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