Shapes (English Vocabulary)

ESL Vocabulary for Shapes

The following page has learning games and example sentences using the following 13 words from the "shapes" category:
Exploring shape-related terms is important for geometry and describing the physical characteristics of objects.

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Example Sentences


heart icon

a symbol or shape resembling a heart, often used to represent love or affection

Easy Examples

  • A heart is a shape that looks like this ♥ and is a symbol of love.
  • When you draw a heart, you make two round parts and a point at the bottom.
  • Hearts remind us of caring and affection.

Harder Examples

  • She drew a heart on the Valentine's Day card for her partner.
  • He carved their initials inside a heart on the tree trunk.
  • They exchanged heart-shaped chocolates on their anniversary.


hexagon icon

a polygon with six sides and six angles, characterized by its flat, straight sides

Easy Examples

  • A hexagon is a shape with six sides and six corners.
  • If you count the sides and corners of a hexagon, you'll find there are six of each.
  • Hexagons can be found in nature, like honeycomb cells.

Harder Examples

  • The beehive was constructed with hexagonal cells.
  • He identified the stop sign as an octagon, not a hexagon.
  • They counted the hexagonal tiles on the floor of the bathroom.


octagon icon

a polygon with eight sides and eight angles, often used in the design of stop signs

Easy Examples

  • An octagon is a shape with eight sides and eight corners.
  • Octagons have eight straight lines, and each corner is a point.
  • Stop signs are often shaped like octagons.

Harder Examples

  • The patio was decorated with octagonal tiles in various colors.
  • She marveled at the intricate design of the octagon-shaped window.
  • They studied the geometry of regular octagons in math class.


oval icon

a shape that is elongated and rounded, resembling a flattened circle

Easy Examples

  • An oval is a shape that is like a stretched-out circle.
  • Ovals are round, but not perfectly round like a ball.
  • Ovals are used for things like mirrors and eggs.

Harder Examples

  • The antique mirror had an ornate oval frame.
  • He noticed an oval-shaped stain on the tablecloth.
  • They enjoyed a game of soccer on the oval field in the park.


pentagon icon

a polygon with five sides and five angles, often associated with military symbols and government buildings

Easy Examples

  • A pentagon is a shape with five sides and five corners.
  • You can count five straight lines and five points on a pentagon.
  • The Pentagon building in Washington, D.C., is a famous example.

Harder Examples

  • The Pentagon is one of the most iconic government buildings in the United States.
  • She drew a perfect pentagon for her geometry assignment.
  • They discussed the significance of the pentagon shape in architecture.


rectangle icon

a four-sided polygon with opposite sides of equal length and four right angles

Easy Examples

  • A rectangle is a shape with four sides and four right angles.
  • Rectangles have two long sides and two short sides.
  • Books and picture frames are often rectangular.

Harder Examples

  • The book had a rectangular shape with a colorful cover.
  • He used a rectangular piece of paper for his art project.
  • They measured the room's dimensions and found it to be rectangular.


rhombus icon

a four-sided polygon with all sides of equal length but with opposite angles not necessarily equal

Easy Examples

  • A rhombus is a shape with four sides of equal length and opposite angles that are the same.
  • If you measure the sides, you'll find they are all the same size.
  • Diamonds are often shaped like rhombuses.

Harder Examples

  • The kite he flew had a rhombus shape and vibrant colors.
  • She noticed the rhombus pattern on the tiled floor of the hallway.
  • They learned about the properties of rhombi in geometry class.


semicircle icon

a half-circle or a shape resembling half of a complete circle

Easy Examples

  • A semicircle is a shape that looks like half of a circle.
  • It's round on one side and straight on the other.
  • You can find semicircles in things like windows and rainbow arcs.

Harder Examples

  • The semicircular bench provided a comfortable seating area.
  • He admired the semicircle of colorful flowers in the garden.
  • They placed the semicircular rug in front of the fireplace.


square icon

a four-sided polygon with all sides of equal length and four right angles, characterized by its symmetry

Easy Examples

  • A square is a shape with four sides of equal length and four right angles.
  • All the sides of a square have the same size, and the corners are square.
  • Boxes and dice are shaped like squares.

Harder Examples

  • The chessboard consisted of alternating black and white squares.
  • She folded the piece of paper into a perfect square.
  • They laid out square tiles to create a pattern on the patio.


star icon

a shape with multiple points radiating outward, often resembling a celestial body or a decorative symbol

Easy Examples

  • A star is a shape with five or more points that stretch out from a center.
  • Stars can have different numbers of points, but they always look sparkly and bright.
  • Stars twinkle in the night sky.

Harder Examples

  • The night sky was filled with countless stars, forming constellations.
  • He crafted a star-shaped ornament for the Christmas tree.
  • They gazed at the star-shaped fireworks lighting up the sky.


trapezoid icon

a four-sided polygon with one pair of parallel sides, often used in geometry and engineering

Easy Examples

  • A trapezoid is a shape with four sides where two sides are parallel, and the other two sides are slanted.
  • Trapezoids have one pair of parallel sides, and the angles can be different sizes.
  • Some road signs have trapezoid shapes.

Harder Examples

  • The roof of the building had a trapezoidal shape to accommodate solar panels.
  • She solved the geometry problem involving a trapezoid.
  • They measured the trapezoid-shaped field for fencing.


triangle icon

a three-sided polygon with three angles, often characterized by its simplicity and versatility

Easy Examples

  • A triangle is a shape with three sides and three corners.
  • Each side of a triangle is called a 'side,' and the corners are 'vertices.'
  • Triangles are strong shapes used in buildings and bridges.

Harder Examples

  • The pyramid was constructed with triangular sides.
  • He identified the yield sign as an equilateral triangle.
  • They used triangular sails for their sailboat.


circle icon

a two-dimensional shape with all points equidistant from the center, often associated with perfect symmetry

Easy Examples

  • A circle is a perfectly round shape with no corners or sides.
  • If you draw a circle, it looks the same no matter how you turn it.
  • Wheels and buttons are often shaped like circles.

Harder Examples

  • The moon appeared as a full circle in the night sky.
  • She used a compass to draw a perfect circle on the paper.
  • They marveled at the circle-shaped ripples on the pond's surface.
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