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The following page has learning games and example sentences using the following 16 words from the "sports equipment" category:
Mastering sports equipment vocabulary is important for sports enthusiasts and discussions about athletic activities.

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Example Sentences


volleyball icon

a ball used in the sport of volleyball, typically made of leather or synthetic material and filled with air

Easy Examples

  • Volleyball is a fun team sport played with a ball over a net.
  • Serving the ball is an important skill in volleyball.
  • Volleyball players try to score points by getting the ball over the net.

Harder Examples

  • She served the volleyball with precision over the net.
  • He practiced his spikes with the volleyball team.
  • They enjoyed a friendly game of beach volleyball.


whistle icon

a small device used by sports officials to make a loud sound, often to signal the start or stop of a game

Easy Examples

  • A whistle is used by referees to signal the start and stop of games.
  • The referee blew the whistle to begin the soccer match.
  • You can hear the referee's whistle during sports events.

Harder Examples

  • The referee blew the whistle to halt the play.
  • He kept a whistle around his neck while coaching youth sports.
  • They heard the whistle signaling the end of the match.

baseball glove

baseball glove icon

a leather or synthetic glove worn by baseball players to catch and field the baseball

Easy Examples

  • A baseball glove is worn by players to catch the ball.
  • Baseball gloves come in different sizes and styles.
  • A good catch with a baseball glove can save the game.

Harder Examples

  • She broke in her new baseball glove before the season.
  • He caught a high fly ball with his baseball glove.
  • They discussed the importance of a well-fitted baseball glove.


baseball icon

a bat-and-ball sport played between two teams, with players attempting to hit a pitched baseball and score runs

Easy Examples

  • Baseball is often called America's favorite pastime.
  • Pitchers in baseball try to strike out the batter.
  • Hitting a home run is a big achievement in baseball.

Harder Examples

  • She enjoys watching baseball games at the stadium.
  • He practiced his swing at the local baseball field.
  • They organized a friendly game of backyard baseball.


basketball icon

a team sport played on a rectangular court with the objective of shooting a ball through the opponent's hoop

Easy Examples

  • Basketball is played with a round ball and two hoops.
  • Dribbling the ball is an essential skill in basketball.
  • Scoring a three-point shot is exciting in basketball.

Harder Examples

  • She dribbled the basketball down the court with skill.
  • He joined a basketball league to stay active.
  • They cheered for their favorite basketball team in the championship game.


bat icon

a piece of sports equipment, often made of wood or metal, used to strike the ball in sports like baseball and cricket

Easy Examples

  • Bats are used in sports like baseball and cricket.
  • Cricket players use a bat to hit the ball and score runs.
  • A baseball bat is made of wood or metal.

Harder Examples

  • She swung the baseball bat and hit a home run.
  • He selected a cricket bat with a comfortable grip.
  • They practiced their batting skills in the batting cages.

bowling ball

bowling ball icon

a heavy ball used in the sport of bowling, designed to roll down the lane and knock down pins

Easy Examples

  • Bowling is a fun indoor sport where players roll a heavy ball at pins.
  • The weight of a bowling ball can vary depending on the player's preference.
  • A perfect game of bowling is getting a strike in every frame.

Harder Examples

  • She rolled the bowling ball with precision and scored a strike.
  • He joined a bowling league with his friends.
  • They celebrated a perfect game of bowling with a special dinner.

cricket ball

cricket ball icon

a hard ball used in the sport of cricket, typically made of leather and used by bowlers to try and dismiss batsmen

Easy Examples

  • Cricket is a popular sport in many countries, and it's played with a ball and bat.
  • Bowlers in cricket try to get the batsman out by bowling the ball.
  • The color of a cricket ball can be red or white, depending on the game.

Harder Examples

  • She watched the bowler deliver a fast cricket ball.
  • He practiced his spin bowling with a red cricket ball.
  • They discussed the strategies of seam bowlers in cricket.


football icon

a sport where two teams compete to score goals by kicking a ball into the opponent's goal

Easy Examples

  • Football, also known as soccer, is a worldwide sport played with a round ball.
  • Scoring a goal in football is a moment of celebration.
  • Football players use their feet and heads to control and pass the ball.

Harder Examples

  • She kicked the football with precision and scored a goal.
  • He joined a football team as a wide receiver.
  • They tailgated before the big football game with friends.

golf ball

golf ball icon

a small ball used in the sport of golf, typically made of plastic or rubber and used with clubs to play the game

Easy Examples

  • Golf is a relaxing sport played on a large course with a small ball.
  • Hitting the golf ball into the hole with as few strokes as possible is the goal.
  • Golfers carry a variety of clubs to use for different situations on the course.

Harder Examples

  • She teed up the golf ball and took a swing.
  • He enjoyed a round of golf with his colleagues.
  • They admired the skill of professional golfers in tournaments.

hockey stick

hockey stick icon

a long stick used in the sport of hockey to control and hit the puck or ball

Easy Examples

  • Hockey players use sticks to hit a puck or ball into the opposing team's goal.
  • Ice hockey and field hockey are two different variations of the sport.
  • Handling the puck with skill is crucial in ice hockey.

Harder Examples

  • She handled the hockey stick with finesse on the ice.
  • He played ice hockey as a defenseman.
  • They watched an intense field hockey match at the Olympics.

table tennis bat

table tennis bat icon

a paddle-like piece of equipment used in the sport of table tennis to hit the ball across the table

Easy Examples

  • Table tennis, also known as ping pong, is a fast-paced indoor sport.
  • Table tennis bats are used to hit the lightweight ball over the net.
  • A good serve in table tennis can set the tone for the game.

Harder Examples

  • She practiced her table tennis strokes with a skilled partner.
  • He served the table tennis ball with precision.
  • They organized a friendly table tennis tournament in the basement.


puck icon

a flat, disc-shaped object used in the sport of ice hockey and some other sports, typically made of hard rubber

Easy Examples

  • A puck is used in ice hockey as the object that players try to score with.
  • The puck moves quickly across the ice during a hockey game.
  • Ice hockey players wear protective gear to stay safe from the puck.

Harder Examples

  • She watched the goalie block a fast-moving puck.
  • He played roller hockey with friends using a puck.
  • They cheered for their favorite ice hockey team in the playoffs.


racket icon

a sports equipment used in various racquet sports like tennis, badminton, and squash to hit the ball

Easy Examples

  • Rackets are used in sports like tennis and badminton to hit the ball or shuttlecock.
  • In tennis, a strong forehand with the racket can win points.
  • Badminton players need quick reflexes to use the racket effectively.

Harder Examples

  • She had a powerful forehand swing with her tennis racket.
  • He enjoyed playing badminton with a lightweight racket.
  • They played a game of squash with well-matched rackets.


shuttlecock icon

a conical object with feathers used in the sport of badminton, designed to be hit over the net

Easy Examples

  • Badminton is a sport played with a lightweight shuttlecock over a net.
  • The shuttlecock is designed to be aerodynamic for fast gameplay.
  • A skilled badminton player can perform powerful smashes with the shuttlecock.

Harder Examples

  • She practiced her badminton serves with precision.
  • He enjoyed playing badminton in the backyard with family.
  • They watched an intense badminton match at the sports club.

soccer ball

soccer ball icon

a spherical ball used in the sport of soccer (football), typically made of leather or synthetic material

Easy Examples

  • Soccer, or football in many countries, is played with a spherical ball.
  • Players use their feet to control and pass the soccer ball.
  • A penalty kick is a critical moment in a soccer match.

Harder Examples

  • She dribbled the soccer ball past defenders with skill.
  • He played soccer with friends at the local park.
  • They celebrated a victory after a hard-fought soccer match.
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