Stationery (English Vocabulary)

ESL Vocabulary for Stationery

The following page has learning games and example sentences using the following 12 words from the "stationery" category:
Understanding stationery vocabulary is valuable for office supplies, school, and writing-related discussions.

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Example Sentences


calculator icon

a device used for mathematical calculations and numerical operations

Easy Examples

  • A calculator helps you do math calculations quickly.
  • Students use calculators for homework and tests.
  • There are different types of calculators for various tasks.

Harder Examples

  • She used a calculator to solve complex equations for her math homework.
  • He carried a pocket-sized calculator to help with quick calculations on the go.
  • They relied on the calculator's functions to make financial projections.


eraser icon

a tool used to remove pencil or ink marks from paper or other surfaces

Easy Examples

  • An eraser is used to remove pencil marks on paper.
  • Artists use erasers to make corrections in their drawings.
  • Erasers come in different shapes and sizes.

Harder Examples

  • She gently rubbed the eraser over the pencil marks, making them disappear.
  • He accidentally smudged his drawing and had to use an eraser to correct it.
  • They appreciated the high-quality erasers that didn't leave smudges behind.


notebook icon

a bound collection of pages for writing, taking notes, or drawing

Easy Examples

  • A notebook is a book with pages for writing or drawing.
  • Students take notes in notebooks during class.
  • You can also use notebooks as journals.

Harder Examples

  • She carried a notebook in her bag to jot down ideas and thoughts throughout the day.
  • He used a notebook with graph paper for sketching architectural designs.
  • They filled their notebooks with handwritten notes and sketches during a creative workshop.


paperclip icon

a small, bent wire or plastic clip used to hold sheets of paper together

Easy Examples

  • A paperclip is a small metal clip for holding papers together.
  • Paperclips come in handy for organizing documents.
  • You can easily attach and remove them from papers.

Harder Examples

  • She attached a paperclip to keep the important documents neatly organized.
  • He reached for a paperclip to fasten the pages of his research report.
  • They had a variety of colorful paperclips to add a touch of creativity to their paperwork.


pen icon

a writing instrument that uses ink to create marks on paper or other surfaces

Easy Examples

  • A pen is a writing instrument that uses ink.
  • People use pens to sign documents and write letters.
  • There are many pen colors and styles to choose from.

Harder Examples

  • She signed the contract with a fountain pen, adding a touch of elegance to the document.
  • He always carried a pen in his pocket for taking quick notes during meetings.
  • They purchased a set of gel pens in different colors to make their notes more vibrant.

pencil sharpener

pencil sharpener icon

a tool used to sharpen the point of a pencil by removing wood and exposing the graphite

Easy Examples

  • A pencil sharpener is a tool for sharpening pencils.
  • Students need pencil sharpeners to keep their pencils pointed.
  • Electric and manual sharpeners are available.

Harder Examples

  • She sharpened her pencil using an electric pencil sharpener for a fine point.
  • He used a manual pencil sharpener with a crank to avoid wasting pencil lead.
  • They placed a pencil sharpener in the classroom so students could maintain sharp pencils.


pencil icon

a writing instrument with a graphite core encased in wood or other materials

Easy Examples

  • A pencil is a writing instrument that uses graphite.
  • Pencils are great for sketching and drawing.
  • You can erase pencil marks if you make a mistake.

Harder Examples

  • She sketched a beautiful landscape using colored pencils on a canvas.
  • He grabbed a pencil and began jotting down ideas for his next novel.
  • They provided students with pencils and erasers for the upcoming exam.

push pin

push pin icon

a small pin with a plastic or metal head used to fasten papers or notes to a bulletin board or wall

Easy Examples

  • A push pin is a small pointed pin with a round head.
  • Push pins are used to attach papers to bulletin boards.
  • Be careful not to prick your fingers with push pins.

Harder Examples

  • She pinned a reminder to her bulletin board using a colorful push pin.
  • He organized his schedule by pinning important dates with push pins on a calendar.
  • They displayed a map on the wall with push pins marking places they wanted to visit.


scissors icon

cutting tools with two blades used to cut paper, fabric, or other materials

Easy Examples

  • Scissors are cutting tools with two sharp blades.
  • Scissors are used for cutting paper, fabric, and more.
  • Children should use scissors under adult supervision.

Harder Examples

  • She carefully trimmed the edges of the paper using a pair of sharp scissors.
  • He used scissors to cut out shapes for a craft project with his children.
  • They kept a pair of safety scissors in the kitchen for opening food packages.


stapler icon

a device that fastens sheets of paper together by driving a metal clasp (staple) through them

Easy Examples

  • A stapler is a device for fastening papers together with staples.
  • Offices often have staplers for binding documents.
  • Staplers come in various sizes and capacities.

Harder Examples

  • She stapled the pages of her report together to keep them in order.
  • He borrowed a stapler from his colleague to secure the stack of documents.
  • They had a heavy-duty stapler in the office for binding thick manuals.


tape icon

a strip of adhesive material used for sticking items together or for sealing packages

Easy Examples

  • Tape is adhesive material used for sticking things together.
  • People use tape to wrap gifts and mend torn paper.
  • There are different types of tape, like masking tape and duct tape.

Harder Examples

  • She wrapped a gift with colorful tape to make it look more festive.
  • He used double-sided tape to hang a poster on the wall without damaging it.
  • They sealed the cardboard box with strong packaging tape before shipping it.

bulldog clip

bulldog clip icon

a type of metal or plastic clip with two flat, hinged arms used for holding a stack of papers together

Easy Examples

  • A bulldog clip is a strong metal clip used to hold papers together.
  • Bulldog clips are larger and can secure more pages than paperclips.
  • They have a strong grip to prevent papers from falling apart.

Harder Examples

  • She secured a bundle of documents with a large bulldog clip to keep them organized.
  • He used a bulldog clip to attach important notes to his clipboard for easy access.
  • They had a collection of decorative bulldog clips on their office desk.
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