Survival (English Vocabulary)

ESL Vocabulary for Survival

The following page has learning games and example sentences using the following 19 words from the "survival" category:
Mastering survival-related vocabulary is important for outdoor enthusiasts and emergency preparedness.

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Example Sentences


rope icon

a strong cord or line made of twisted or braided fibers, used for various purposes such as tying, pulling, or climbing

Easy Examples

  • We used a rope to tie the tent to the tree.
  • Rope is handy for climbing and securing things.
  • Make sure the rope is strong and doesn't break.

Harder Examples

  • She used a rope to secure the tent to the ground in case of strong winds.
  • He tied a knot in the rope to create a makeshift leash for the dog.
  • They climbed the steep hill with the help of a sturdy climbing rope.


shovel icon

a hand tool with a flat blade and a long handle, used for digging or moving earth, snow, or other materials

Easy Examples

  • The shovel helped us dig a hole for the campfire.
  • A shovel is useful for digging and moving dirt.
  • Always put the shovel away when you're done.

Harder Examples

  • She dug a hole for the campfire pit using a shovel.
  • He used a shovel to clear the snow from the driveway after the winter storm.
  • They buried their trash in a deep hole they dug with a shovel.

sleeping bag

sleeping bag icon

a portable insulated bag designed for sleeping in, typically used by campers and hikers

Easy Examples

  • I slept in my warm sleeping bag under the stars.
  • A sleeping bag keeps you cozy while camping.
  • Zip up your sleeping bag to stay warm at night.

Harder Examples

  • She crawled into her cozy sleeping bag after a long day of hiking.
  • He unrolled his sleeping bag and lay down under the starry sky.
  • They packed their sleeping bags for the camping trip to stay warm at night.


tent icon

a portable shelter made of fabric and supported by poles or a frame, often used for camping or outdoor activities

Easy Examples

  • We set up the tent next to the river.
  • A tent is like a portable house for camping.
  • Make sure to stake the tent securely in the ground.

Harder Examples

  • She pitched the tent in a clearing by the river for a weekend camping trip.
  • He set up a spacious tent for the family to enjoy during their vacation.
  • They chose a waterproof tent to withstand potential rain during the hike.

water bottle

water bottle icon

a container designed for carrying and storing water, often used by hikers and campers

Easy Examples

  • Don't forget to fill your water bottle before hiking.
  • A water bottle keeps you hydrated on hot days.
  • It's essential to carry a full water bottle in the desert.

Harder Examples

  • She filled her water bottle from a natural spring in the mountains.
  • He attached a water bottle to his backpack for easy access during the hike.
  • They carried multiple water bottles to stay hydrated during the long trek.


axe icon

a cutting tool with a sharp blade attached to a handle, used for chopping wood or other materials

Easy Examples

  • We used an axe to chop firewood for the campfire.
  • An axe is a tool for cutting wood.
  • Always be careful when handling a sharp axe.

Harder Examples

  • She used an axe to chop firewood for the campfire.
  • He swung the axe skillfully to split logs for the cabin's fireplace.
  • They brought a small axe for various outdoor tasks during the trip.


binoculars icon

a pair of optical devices with lenses and prisms, used for viewing distant objects more clearly

Easy Examples

  • With binoculars, we saw birds in the distance.
  • Binoculars help you see faraway objects up close.
  • Bring binoculars for wildlife watching.

Harder Examples

  • She adjusted the binoculars to get a better view of the wildlife in the distance.
  • He used binoculars to observe the birds perched high in the trees.
  • They brought binoculars on the birdwatching expedition to identify species.


compass icon

a navigational tool that indicates direction by aligning with the Earth's magnetic field

Easy Examples

  • The compass pointed us in the right direction.
  • A compass helps you find your way in the wilderness.
  • Learn how to use a compass for navigation.

Harder Examples

  • She checked the compass to ensure they were heading in the right direction.
  • He used a compass to plot the course for their orienteering adventure.
  • They relied on the compass to find their way through the dense forest.

cooking pot

cooking pot icon

a vessel with a lid, typically made of metal, used for cooking food over an open flame or camping stove

Easy Examples

  • We used a cooking pot to make soup over the fire.
  • A cooking pot is great for preparing meals while camping.
  • Be careful with hot pots and pans over the flames.

Harder Examples

  • She boiled water in the cooking pot to prepare hot beverages.
  • He simmered a delicious stew in the camping pot over the campfire.
  • They packed a lightweight cooking pot for their backcountry cooking needs.

first aid kit

first aid kit icon

a collection of medical supplies and equipment used to provide basic medical care and treatment for injuries or emergencies

Easy Examples

  • We have a first aid kit for any emergencies.
  • A first aid kit contains supplies for treating injuries.
  • It's important to carry a first aid kit on outdoor adventures.

Harder Examples

  • She reached for the first aid kit to clean and dress a minor wound.
  • He carried a well-stocked first aid kit on all his outdoor adventures.
  • They knew the importance of having a first aid kit on hand during their trips.


flashlight icon

a portable handheld device that emits light when turned on, used for illumination in dark or low-light conditions

Easy Examples

  • The flashlight helped us find our way in the dark.
  • A flashlight provides light when it's dark outside.
  • Don't forget to bring extra batteries for your flashlight.

Harder Examples

  • She turned on the flashlight to search for her belongings in the tent.
  • He used the flashlight to navigate through the woods after sunset.
  • They brought extra batteries for their reliable camping flashlight.

gas lantern

gas lantern icon

a portable lantern that emits light by burning gas, commonly used for outdoor lighting while camping

Easy Examples

  • The gas lantern lit up our campsite at night.
  • A gas lantern is a portable light source for camping.
  • Make sure the lantern is safely positioned.

Harder Examples

  • She hung a gas lantern from the tent's ceiling to light up the interior.
  • He adjusted the gas lantern's flame to create a warm and inviting ambiance.
  • They relied on a gas lantern for cooking and nighttime activities at the campsite.

hiking boots

hiking boots icon

sturdy and supportive footwear designed for hiking and outdoor activities, often with durable soles and ankle support

Easy Examples

  • Wear comfortable hiking boots for a long trek.
  • Hiking boots provide support and grip on rough terrain.
  • Choose the right hiking boots for your adventure.

Harder Examples

  • She laced up her hiking boots before embarking on a challenging trail.
  • He selected waterproof hiking boots to keep his feet dry in wet conditions.
  • They broke in their new hiking boots by taking shorter hikes initially.

life jacket

life jacket icon

a buoyant garment designed to assist a person in staying afloat in water, often used for safety during water activities

Easy Examples

  • Wear a life jacket when kayaking on the river.
  • A life jacket keeps you afloat in water.
  • Safety first – always wear a life jacket when boating.

Harder Examples

  • She ensured that everyone had a properly fitted life jacket before canoeing.
  • He wore a bright orange life jacket while kayaking on the lake.
  • They packed life jackets for the family's rafting adventure down the river.


lighter icon

a small device used to ignite a flame for various purposes, including lighting campfires and stoves

Easy Examples

  • Use a lighter to start the campfire quickly.
  • A lighter is handy for lighting stoves and fires.
  • Keep the lighter away from children.

Harder Examples

  • She used a lighter to start the campfire and provide warmth.
  • He kept a reliable lighter in his backpack for emergencies.
  • They shared a lighter to ignite the gas stove and prepare meals.


map icon

a visual representation of an area, often with symbols and markings, used for navigation and orientation

Easy Examples

  • We followed the map to reach our destination.
  • A map shows you the way and important landmarks.
  • Study the map before starting your hike.

Harder Examples

  • She unfolded the map to plan the hiking route and mark key landmarks.
  • He studied the topographic map to understand the terrain before hiking.
  • They relied on a detailed map to explore the vast wilderness.


matches icon

small sticks coated with a substance that ignites when rubbed against a rough surface, used for starting fires

Easy Examples

  • We used matches to light the campfire.
  • Matches are great for starting fires in the wilderness.
  • Keep matches dry to ensure they work properly.

Harder Examples

  • She struck a match to light the campfire and create a cozy atmosphere.
  • He kept waterproof matches in a secure container for camping trips.
  • They shared a box of matches for various fire-starting needs.


penknife icon

a small folding knife with one or more blades, suitable for various tasks such as cutting, whittling, and camping

Easy Examples

  • A penknife is a useful tool for cutting and carving.
  • A penknife is small and easy to carry.
  • Always be careful when using a sharp penknife.

Harder Examples

  • She used her penknife to sharpen sticks for roasting marshmallows.
  • He always carried a versatile penknife in his pocket during hikes.
  • They found a use for the penknife in preparing food and gear.


radio icon

an electronic device that receives and broadcasts radio signals, often used for communication and entertainment

Easy Examples

  • We brought a radio to listen to music at the campsite.
  • A radio provides entertainment and information.
  • Enjoy your favorite tunes with a portable radio.

Harder Examples

  • She tuned the radio to listen to weather updates and news while camping.
  • He brought a portable radio to enjoy music while relaxing by the campfire.
  • They relied on a two-way radio for communication during their remote expedition.
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