Tools (English Vocabulary)

ESL Vocabulary for Tools

The following page has learning games and example sentences using the following 15 words from the "tools" category:
Understanding tool-related terminology is valuable for DIY projects, construction, and repair discussions.

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Example Sentences


wrench icon

a hand tool with a movable jaw that can be adjusted to fit different sizes of nuts and bolts, used for tightening or loosening them

Easy Examples

  • A wrench is a tool used for turning nuts and bolts.
  • Mechanics use wrenches to tighten or loosen nuts.
  • Wrenches come in different sizes for various tasks.

Harder Examples

  • He used a wrench to tighten the bolts on the bicycle.
  • Wrenches come in various sizes and types for different applications.
  • She needed a wrench to fix the loose nuts on the car's wheel.


bolts icon

metal fasteners with threads on the outside, designed to be paired with nuts for securing objects together

Easy Examples

  • Bolts are fasteners used to hold objects together.
  • Bolts are often paired with nuts for secure connections.
  • Bolts come in various lengths and types.

Harder Examples

  • They used bolts and nuts to assemble the furniture.
  • Bolts are commonly used in construction and engineering projects.
  • She replaced the old bolts with new ones to reinforce the structure.


chainsaw icon

a motorized saw with a rotating chain used for cutting through wood, branches, or trees

Easy Examples

  • A chainsaw is a powerful tool used for cutting trees and wood.
  • Chainsaws have a rotating chain with sharp teeth.
  • Chainsaws are essential for forestry and tree maintenance.

Harder Examples

  • He used a chainsaw to cut firewood for the winter.
  • Chainsaws are essential tools for forestry and tree removal.
  • She carefully operated the chainsaw while trimming the overgrown bushes.


drill icon

a power tool used for making holes in various materials by rotating a drill bit, often powered by electricity or batteries

Easy Examples

  • A drill is a tool used for making holes in materials like wood and metal.
  • Drills use rotating bits to create holes.
  • Drills are common in construction and DIY projects.

Harder Examples

  • He drilled holes in the wall to hang up the new shelves.
  • Drills are versatile tools used in construction and DIY projects.
  • She used a cordless drill to assemble the wooden bookshelf.


hammer icon

a hand tool with a weighted head and a handle, used for driving nails, pins, or other fasteners into materials

Easy Examples

  • A hammer is a tool used for driving nails and pounding objects.
  • Hammers have a heavy head and a handle.
  • Hammers are versatile tools found in many households.

Harder Examples

  • He used a hammer to secure the picture frame to the wall.
  • Hammers come in different types, such as claw hammers and ball-peen hammers.
  • She carefully tapped the nail with the hammer to avoid damaging the wood.


level icon

a tool with a bubble-filled vial and a straight edge, used to determine if a surface is perfectly horizontal or vertical

Easy Examples

  • A level is a tool used to check if a surface is straight and even.
  • Levels have a bubble inside a tube for measurement.
  • Levels are essential for ensuring precision in construction.

Harder Examples

  • He checked the level to ensure the shelf was straight on the wall.
  • Levels are crucial for ensuring precise alignments in construction.
  • She adjusted the picture frame until the level's bubble was centered.


nail icon

a pointed metal fastener with a flat head, typically used to join materials by being driven through them with a hammer

Easy Examples

  • A nail is a small metal pin used for fastening objects together.
  • Nails are hammered into surfaces to secure them.
  • Nails come in different lengths for various tasks.

Harder Examples

  • They used nails to attach the wooden boards together for the fence.
  • Nails come in different lengths and types for various applications.
  • She carefully hammered the nail into the plywood to secure it in place.


nuts icon

small, typically hexagonal metal fasteners with threads on the inside, designed to be paired with bolts for securing objects together

Easy Examples

  • Nuts are small, threaded fasteners used with bolts.
  • Nuts are screwed onto bolts to hold objects in place.
  • Nuts are commonly used in construction and machinery.

Harder Examples

  • He tightened the nuts and bolts to secure the machinery in place.
  • Nuts are commonly used in automotive and machinery assembly.
  • She used a wrench to loosen the nuts before removing the old parts.


pickaxe icon

a hand tool with a pointed end and a chisel-like blade on the other side, used for breaking up hard ground or rock

Easy Examples

  • A pickaxe is a tool with a pointed end and a chisel-like blade.
  • Pickaxes are used for digging and breaking hard ground.
  • Miners and archaeologists often use pickaxes.

Harder Examples

  • They used a pickaxe to dig a trench for the foundation of the building.
  • Pickaxes are essential for excavation and mining work.
  • He swung the pickaxe to break apart the large boulders in the path.


pliers icon

handheld tools with two hinged jaws used for gripping, bending, or cutting materials such as wires or small objects

Easy Examples

  • Pliers are hand tools used for gripping and bending objects.
  • Pliers have two handles and a pivot point for leverage.
  • Pliers come in various types for different tasks.

Harder Examples

  • She used pliers to bend the wire into the desired shape for her art project.
  • Pliers come in various types, including needle-nose pliers and wire-cutting pliers.
  • They needed pliers to remove the stuck bolt from the machinery.


pocketknife icon

a small, folding knife with one or more blades, designed for everyday tasks such as cutting, slicing, and opening packages

Easy Examples

  • A pocketknife is a small, folding knife that fits in a pocket.
  • Pocketknives have multiple blades and tools.
  • Pocketknives are handy for various cutting tasks.

Harder Examples

  • He carried a pocketknife with him for various utility purposes.
  • Pocketknives are handy tools for camping and outdoor activities.
  • She used the pocketknife to open the sealed envelope.


screwdriver icon

a hand tool with a flat or Phillips-head tip, used for turning screws to fasten or loosen them

Easy Examples

  • A screwdriver is a tool used for turning screws into materials.
  • Screwdrivers have a flat or Phillips head for different screws.
  • Screwdrivers are common in assembling and repairing.

Harder Examples

  • They used a screwdriver to assemble the furniture by tightening the screws.
  • Screwdrivers come in different sizes and types to match various screw heads.
  • She carefully turned the screwdriver to secure the door handle in place.


shears icon

handheld cutting tools with two blades used for trimming or cutting various materials such as fabric, paper, or plants

Easy Examples

  • Shears are cutting tools used for trimming plants and materials.
  • Gardeners use shears to shape bushes and hedges.
  • Shears come in various sizes for different applications.

Harder Examples

  • She used gardening shears to trim the overgrown bushes in the yard.
  • Shears are essential for crafting and gardening tasks.
  • They sharpened the kitchen shears to make precise cuts in the kitchen.


spade icon

a digging tool with a flat, sharp-edged metal blade and a long handle, used for digging, turning over soil, or planting

Easy Examples

  • A spade is a tool with a flat, sharp blade used for digging.
  • Gardeners and landscapers use spades for planting and digging.
  • A spade is an essential tool for gardening.

Harder Examples

  • He used a spade to dig a hole for planting the new tree.
  • Spades are indispensable tools in gardening and landscaping.
  • She turned the soil with the spade to prepare the garden bed for planting.


vice icon

a mechanical device with two jaws that can be tightened together, used for holding and securing objects in place during work or repair tasks

Easy Examples

  • A vice is a clamping tool used to hold objects firmly in place.
  • Vices have two jaws that can be tightened to secure items.
  • Vices are often used in woodworking and metalworking.

Harder Examples

  • They clamped the piece of wood in the vice to saw it more precisely.
  • Vices are commonly used in woodworking and metalworking.
  • He adjusted the vice to firmly hold the metal rod while welding.
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