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ESL Vocabulary for Transport

The following page has learning games and example sentences using the following 18 words from the "transport" category:
Studying transport-related terms is useful for discussing various modes of transportation and travel logistics.

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Example Sentences


taxi icon

a car that is typically used for hire, providing transportation services for passengers

Easy Examples

  • A taxi is a car that you can hire to take you places.
  • Taxis are usually yellow or checkered.
  • You can wave your hand to stop a taxi.

Harder Examples

  • She hailed a taxi to take her to the airport.
  • He shared a taxi with his colleagues after a late-night meeting.
  • They often take a taxi when they need to get around the city quickly.


tractor icon

a powerful vehicle used in agriculture to pull or push heavy machinery and perform various farming tasks

Easy Examples

  • A tractor is a big vehicle used on farms.
  • Tractors help farmers plow fields and do other work.
  • Tractors can be red, green, or blue.

Harder Examples

  • She watched as the farmer drove the tractor across the field, plowing the soil.
  • He grew up on a farm and learned how to operate a tractor at a young age.
  • They admired the efficiency of the modern tractor used for harvesting.


train icon

a mode of transportation consisting of connected railway cars, usually used for long-distance travel

Easy Examples

  • A train is a long line of cars that runs on tracks.
  • Trains carry people and goods from one place to another.
  • Trains can be very long with many cars.

Harder Examples

  • She took a train to visit her family in another city.
  • He commuted to work by train every day, enjoying the scenic route.
  • They planned a cross-country journey on a historic steam train.


airplane icon

a powered aircraft with fixed wings and jet or propeller engines, used for air travel

Easy Examples

  • An airplane is a big flying machine that carries people in the sky.
  • Airplanes take off and land at airports.
  • Airplanes can go very fast.

Harder Examples

  • She boarded the airplane for her first international flight.
  • He was fascinated by the technology behind how airplanes stay in the air.
  • They often fly on airplanes for vacations and business trips.


ambulance icon

a specially equipped vehicle used for transporting sick or injured individuals to medical facilities

Easy Examples

  • An ambulance is a special vehicle that helps sick or injured people.
  • Ambulances have flashing lights and sirens.
  • Ambulances rush to emergencies to save lives.

Harder Examples

  • She called 911, and an ambulance arrived quickly to respond to the emergency.
  • He worked as an EMT, driving the ambulance to rescue people in distress.
  • They appreciated the dedication of paramedics in ambulances.


bicycle icon

a human-powered vehicle with two wheels, pedals, and a handlebar for steering

Easy Examples

  • A bicycle is a two-wheeled vehicle that you pedal to move.
  • Bicycles are great for exercise and riding around the neighborhood.
  • You should wear a helmet when riding a bicycle.

Harder Examples

  • She enjoyed riding her bicycle through the park on a sunny afternoon.
  • He and his friends often went on long bicycle rides on weekends.
  • They decided to participate in a charity event, cycling for a good cause.


bus icon

a large public road vehicle designed to carry a large number of passengers along a specific route

Easy Examples

  • A bus is a large vehicle that carries many people.
  • Buses have stops where people get on and off.
  • Buses are a common way to travel in cities.

Harder Examples

  • She waited at the bus stop, checking the schedule for her bus to arrive.
  • He took the bus to work to reduce his carbon footprint and save money.
  • They organized a school field trip and rented a charter bus for the students.


car icon

a motorized vehicle with four wheels, typically used for personal transportation

Easy Examples

  • A car is a small vehicle that you drive on the road.
  • Cars come in many colors and sizes.
  • People use cars to go to work and run errands.

Harder Examples

  • She drove her car to the grocery store to pick up some essentials.
  • He spent the weekend washing and waxing his car to keep it looking shiny.
  • They decided to go on a road trip, packing their car with camping gear.

fire truck

fire truck icon

a specialized vehicle used by firefighters to transport equipment and personnel to extinguish fires

Easy Examples

  • A fire truck is a big red vehicle used by firefighters.
  • Fire trucks have ladders and hoses to put out fires.
  • Fire trucks are important for safety.

Harder Examples

  • She witnessed the fire truck rushing to the scene of a blazing building.
  • He admired the bravery of the firefighters on the fire truck, risking their lives to save others.
  • They supported their local fire department by attending an open house event.


helicopter icon

a versatile aircraft with rotating blades that allow vertical takeoff and landing, often used for various purposes, including transportation and rescue missions

Easy Examples

  • A helicopter is a flying machine with spinning blades on top.
  • Helicopters can hover in the air and land in tight spots.
  • Helicopters are used for rescue missions and transportation.

Harder Examples

  • She had the opportunity to take a helicopter tour and enjoy breathtaking aerial views.
  • He watched a helicopter airlift a stranded hiker to safety in a remote area.
  • They saw a news helicopter hovering over the scene of a breaking story.

hot air balloon

hot air balloon icon

a non-powered aircraft filled with hot air to create lift, providing a unique and leisurely form of transportation

Easy Examples

  • A hot air balloon is a large balloon filled with hot air.
  • Hot air balloons float in the sky and can carry people.
  • Hot air balloons are colorful and peaceful.

Harder Examples

  • She and her partner celebrated their anniversary with a hot air balloon ride at sunrise.
  • He marveled at the tranquility of floating in a colorful hot air balloon high above the landscape.
  • They attended a hot air balloon festival, watching the sky fill with vibrant balloons.


minivan icon

a compact van designed for family transportation, typically with seating for several passengers

Easy Examples

  • A minivan is a family car with extra space inside.
  • Minivans are great for trips with lots of people or cargo.
  • Minivans are comfortable for long journeys.

Harder Examples

  • She drove the minivan to pick up her children from school and soccer practice.
  • He found the minivan's spacious interior perfect for family road trips.
  • They considered the safety features when choosing a minivan for their growing family.


motorbike icon

a two-wheeled motorized vehicle, also known as a motorcycle, designed for personal transportation and recreational riding

Easy Examples

  • A motorbike is a small motorcycle with an engine.
  • Motorbikes are fast and popular for quick travel.
  • Some people wear helmets when riding a motorbike.

Harder Examples

  • She enjoyed the thrill of riding her motorbike along winding country roads.
  • He joined a motorbike club and participated in group rides with fellow enthusiasts.
  • They attended a motorcycle rally, showcasing a variety of motorbikes.

police car

police car icon

a marked vehicle used by law enforcement agencies to patrol streets, enforce laws, and respond to emergencies

Easy Examples

  • A police car is a vehicle used by the police to enforce laws.
  • Police cars have flashing lights and sirens to respond quickly.
  • Police cars help keep our communities safe.

Harder Examples

  • She spotted a police car with flashing lights speeding down the road in pursuit of a suspect.
  • He respected the dedication of police officers who served in police cars to keep communities safe.
  • They attended a community event where children got to sit in a police car and meet officers.


sailboat icon

a watercraft with sails that harness the wind for propulsion, used for recreational sailing and racing

Easy Examples

  • A sailboat is a boat with sails that catch the wind to move.
  • Sailboats are used for sailing on lakes, rivers, and oceans.
  • Sailboats are graceful and relaxing to sail.

Harder Examples

  • She and her friends chartered a sailboat for a weekend getaway to explore nearby islands.
  • He learned to navigate and steer a sailboat during a sailing course.
  • They enjoyed a leisurely afternoon sail on a serene lake.


scooter icon

a small motorized vehicle with two wheels, often used for short trips and urban commuting

Easy Examples

  • A scooter is a small, two-wheeled vehicle that you stand on and push with your foot.
  • Scooters are a fun way to get around and can be used by kids and adults.
  • Scooters come in various colors and styles.

Harder Examples

  • She zipped around the city on her scooter, avoiding traffic jams.
  • He rented a scooter while on vacation to explore the picturesque streets of a coastal town.
  • They considered purchasing an electric scooter as an eco-friendly mode of transportation.


ship icon

a large vessel designed for maritime transportation of goods and passengers across bodies of water

Easy Examples

  • A ship is a large boat used for carrying cargo and people across water.
  • Ships can be enormous and travel across the ocean.
  • Some ships have colorful flags on their masts.

Harder Examples

  • She embarked on a cruise ship for a tropical vacation, complete with fine dining and entertainment.
  • He marveled at the historic tall ships on display at the harbor.
  • They discussed the challenges faced by sailors on cargo ships during long voyages.


submarine icon

a watercraft capable of underwater navigation, often used for military purposes, research, and exploration

Easy Examples

  • A submarine is a special watercraft that can travel underwater.
  • Submarines are used by the navy and for underwater exploration.
  • Submarines have periscopes to see above the water.

Harder Examples

  • She watched a documentary about deep-sea exploration in a research submarine.
  • He learned about the advanced technology and stealth capabilities of submarines.
  • They visited a maritime museum and toured a decommissioned submarine.
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