Vacation (English Vocabulary)

ESL Vocabulary for Vacation

The following page has learning games and example sentences using the following 30 words from the "vacation" category:
Exploring vacation-related words is important for travel planning and sharing holiday experiences.

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Example Sentences


yacht icon

a luxurious sailing or motor vessel often used for leisure and cruising in coastal waters

Easy Examples

  • A yacht is a big boat used for sailing or cruising on the water.
  • People enjoy yachts for vacations and leisure.
  • Yachts can be luxurious and comfortable.

Harder Examples

  • They spent their summer vacation sailing on a beautiful yacht.
  • Yachts are equipped with comfortable cabins and amenities for passengers.
  • The yacht glided gracefully across the calm sea.

beach bag

beach bag icon

a large bag designed to carry essentials for a day at the beach, such as towels, sunscreen, and snacks

Easy Examples

  • A beach bag is a bag used to carry things to the beach.
  • Beach bags often have space for towels, snacks, and sunscreen.
  • A good beach bag is convenient for a day by the sea.

Harder Examples

  • She packed her beach bag with sunscreen, a book, and a hat.
  • Beach bags often have multiple pockets for organizing beach gear.
  • They bought a colorful beach bag to match their swimsuits.

beach ball

beach ball icon

an inflatable ball, often brightly colored, used for games and recreational activities on the beach

Easy Examples

  • A beach ball is a colorful, inflatable ball used for playing on the beach.
  • People toss beach balls in the air or play games with them.
  • Beach balls are fun for group activities.

Harder Examples

  • They played a lively game of beach volleyball with a beach ball.
  • Beach balls are a popular choice for fun and games by the shore.
  • She tossed the beach ball to her friends in the water.


bikini icon

a two-piece swimsuit for women, typically consisting of a top and bottom, designed for swimming and sunbathing

Easy Examples

  • A bikini is a type of swimsuit worn by women.
  • Bikinis come in various styles and designs.
  • Many people wear bikinis while swimming or sunbathing.

Harder Examples

  • She wore a stylish bikini while lounging by the pool.
  • Bikinis come in various designs, colors, and patterns.
  • They went shopping for a new bikini before their beach vacation.


bucket icon

a container with a handle, often made of plastic or metal, used for carrying and scooping sand or water at the beach

Easy Examples

  • A bucket is a container with a handle used for carrying sand or water at the beach.
  • Kids use buckets to build sandcastles or collect seashells.
  • Buckets are handy tools for beach play.

Harder Examples

  • Children use buckets to build sandcastles on the beach.
  • They filled the bucket with seashells and treasures from the shore.
  • The bucket was indispensable for collecting water to build a moat.


cocktail icon

a mixed alcoholic drink typically served with ice, fruit garnishes, and colorful straws, often enjoyed at beachside bars

Easy Examples

  • A cocktail is a mixed drink often enjoyed on vacation or at the beach.
  • Cocktails come in many flavors and can be fruity or refreshing.
  • Sipping a cocktail can be relaxing.

Harder Examples

  • They sipped a refreshing cocktail while watching the sunset on the beach.
  • Beach resorts offer a variety of tropical cocktails for guests.
  • She ordered a fruity cocktail with a tiny umbrella as a garnish.


deckchair icon

a portable chair with a reclining backrest, commonly used for relaxing on the beach or by the pool

Easy Examples

  • A deckchair is a foldable chair used for lounging on the beach.
  • People relax in deckchairs while sunbathing or reading.
  • Deckchairs are designed for comfort.

Harder Examples

  • He unfolded the deckchair and positioned it facing the ocean.
  • Deckchairs are often rented at beachfront resorts and clubs.
  • She reclined on a comfortable deckchair, enjoying the sea breeze.

flip flops

flip flops icon

casual, open-toed footwear, usually made of rubber or foam, and characterized by a Y-shaped strap, ideal for walking on sandy beaches

Easy Examples

  • Flip flops are lightweight sandals worn on the beach.
  • They are easy to slip on and off and protect feet from hot sand.
  • Flip flops are perfect for a casual beach look.

Harder Examples

  • They slipped on their flip flops before heading to the beach.
  • Flip flops are easy to clean and perfect for beach outings.
  • She wore colorful flip flops that matched her beachwear.


flippers icon

short, fin-like swimming gear worn on the feet to enhance underwater propulsion and swimming speed, commonly used for snorkeling and diving

Easy Examples

  • Flippers are swimming fins worn on the feet for snorkeling or diving.
  • Flippers help people move smoothly through the water.
  • Scuba divers and snorkelers use flippers for underwater exploration.

Harder Examples

  • They put on their flippers and snorkeling gear to explore the coral reef.
  • Flippers help divers maneuver through the water with ease.
  • She swam gracefully with the help of her flippers.


hammock icon

a suspended bed or swinging chair made of fabric or netting, often hung between two trees, providing a relaxing place to rest and sway in the breeze

Easy Examples

  • A hammock is a swinging bed often hung between trees on the beach.
  • People relax and nap in hammocks while enjoying the ocean breeze.
  • Hammocks provide a unique beachside experience.

Harder Examples

  • They lounged in a hammock, swaying gently under the palm trees.
  • Hammocks are a popular choice for napping or reading at the beach.
  • She tied her hammock between two sturdy palm trees.


lifeguard icon

a trained individual responsible for monitoring and ensuring the safety of beachgoers, often equipped with rescue equipment

Easy Examples

  • A lifeguard is a person responsible for safety on the beach.
  • Lifeguards watch for swimmers in trouble and provide assistance.
  • Lifeguards play a crucial role in beach safety.

Harder Examples

  • The lifeguard kept a vigilant watch over the swimmers in the designated area.
  • Lifeguards respond quickly to emergencies and provide first aid when needed.
  • She thanked the lifeguard for their prompt response to a swimmer in distress.

palm tree

palm tree icon

a tall, tropical tree with a single straight trunk and large, fan-shaped leaves, commonly found along coastal regions and beaches

Easy Examples

  • Palm trees are tall, slender trees with large leaves that provide shade on the beach.
  • Palm trees give beaches a tropical feel.
  • People often relax under palm trees to escape the sun.

Harder Examples

  • Palm trees provided welcome shade on the scorching beach.
  • Coconut palms are known for producing delicious, hydrating coconut water.
  • She took a photo of the picturesque palm trees silhouetted against the sunset.


parasol icon

a lightweight umbrella often made of fabric or paper, used to provide shade from the sun at the beach

Easy Examples

  • A parasol is a small umbrella used to block the sun on the beach.
  • Parasols provide shade and protection from the sun's rays.
  • Beachgoers use parasols to stay cool.

Harder Examples

  • She sat under a colorful parasol to shield herself from the sun's rays.
  • Parasols are a stylish and practical accessory for beachgoers.
  • They rented a beach chair with a built-in parasol for added comfort.


passport icon

an official document issued by a government that certifies a person's identity and citizenship, necessary for international travel

Easy Examples

  • A passport is an official document needed for international travel.
  • People show their passports at customs and immigration checkpoints.
  • A valid passport is essential for going on a beach vacation abroad.

Harder Examples

  • He carefully placed his passport in a waterproof pouch while at the beach.
  • A valid passport is essential for crossing international borders.
  • She presented her passport at the airport check-in counter before her beach vacation.


postcard icon

a small card with an image on one side and space for a written message and recipient's address on the other, often sent as a souvenir from vacation destinations

Easy Examples

  • A postcard is a small card with a picture often sent as a souvenir from the beach.
  • People send postcards to share their travel experiences with friends and family.
  • Postcards capture memories of beach destinations.

Harder Examples

  • They purchased colorful postcards to send to friends and family back home.
  • Postcards capture the beauty and memories of travel experiences.
  • She received a lovely postcard from her friend who was enjoying a beach holiday.


sand icon

tiny, loose particles of rock and mineral that cover the beaches and create the soft surface for beach activities

Easy Examples

  • Sand is the soft, granular material that covers beaches.
  • People build sandcastles and play games in the sand.
  • Beaches are known for their sandy shores.

Harder Examples

  • Children love building sandcastles and digging in the sand.
  • The sand on this beach is golden and powdery, perfect for sunbathing.
  • They spread their beach towels on the warm sand and relaxed by the shore.


sandcastle icon

a sculpture or structure built from wet sand, often in the form of a castle or other imaginative design, created by beachgoers, especially children

Easy Examples

  • A sandcastle is a sculpture made by shaping wet sand.
  • People use buckets and shovels to create intricate sandcastles.
  • Sandcastle building is a popular beach activity.

Harder Examples

  • Kids had a blast building elaborate sandcastles near the shoreline.
  • Sandcastle-building competitions are a fun beach tradition.
  • She carefully sculpted turrets and moats for her sandcastle masterpiece.


sea icon

a large body of saltwater that covers most of the Earth's surface, providing opportunities for swimming, boating, and marine activities

Easy Examples

  • The sea is the large body of saltwater that stretches to the horizon at the beach.
  • People swim, surf, and sail in the sea.
  • The sound of the sea is soothing to many beachgoers.

Harder Examples

  • They waded into the clear, turquoise waters of the sea.
  • The sea teems with diverse marine life and ecosystems.
  • She loved the soothing sound of waves crashing on the shore at night.


shells icon

the protective outer coverings of mollusks, often found washed up on beaches, collected as souvenirs or for decorative purposes

Easy Examples

  • Shells are the hard outer coverings of marine creatures found on the beach.
  • Beachcombers collect shells as souvenirs.
  • Shells come in various shapes and sizes.

Harder Examples

  • Children combed the beach for seashells of various shapes and colors.
  • Seashell collections remind beachgoers of their coastal adventures.
  • She strung seashells into a beautiful necklace.


snorkeling icon

an underwater activity that involves swimming on the surface while wearing a snorkel mask and breathing tube to observe underwater life

Easy Examples

  • Snorkeling is a water activity where people swim with a mask and breathing tube to explore underwater.
  • Snorkelers can see fish and coral reefs while snorkeling.
  • Snorkeling is a great way to observe marine life.

Harder Examples

  • They enjoyed snorkeling in the crystal-clear waters of the coral reef.
  • Snorkeling allows you to explore the vibrant world beneath the sea's surface.
  • She spotted colorful fish and coral formations while snorkeling.


starfish icon

a marine animal with a star-shaped body and multiple arms, often found in shallow coastal waters and tide pools

Easy Examples

  • A starfish is a marine animal with a star-shaped body.
  • Starfish are often found in tide pools or on the beach.
  • Starfish come in different colors and sizes.

Harder Examples

  • Children marveled at the discovery of a live starfish in a tide pool.
  • Starfish have a unique ability to regenerate lost limbs.
  • She gently placed the starfish back in the water after examining it.


suitcase icon

a rectangular, portable container with a handle and usually wheels, used for carrying personal belongings when traveling

Easy Examples

  • A suitcase is a travel bag used to pack clothes and belongings for a beach vacation.
  • People pack their suitcase with swimsuits, clothes, and essentials.
  • A suitcase makes traveling to the beach convenient.

Harder Examples

  • They packed their suitcase with clothing and essentials for the beach vacation.
  • A durable suitcase is essential for stress-free travel.
  • She wheeled her suitcase through the airport terminal.

sun hat

sun hat icon

a wide-brimmed hat designed to provide shade and protect the face and head from the sun's rays, commonly worn at the beach

Easy Examples

  • A sun hat is a wide-brimmed hat worn to protect the face from the sun.
  • Sun hats provide shade and reduce sun exposure.
  • Wearing a sun hat is important for sun safety.

Harder Examples

  • She wore a stylish sun hat to shield her face from the sun.
  • Sun hats are both fashionable and functional for beachgoers.
  • They purchased matching sun hats for their family to stay sun-safe.


sun icon

the star at the center of our solar system, which provides heat, light, and energy to Earth, making life possible

Easy Examples

  • The sun is a bright, hot star in the sky that provides warmth and light to the beach.
  • The sun makes beach days enjoyable and sunny.
  • Sunlight is essential for a fun day at the beach.

Harder Examples

  • The sun cast a warm glow over the beach, creating a picturesque scene.
  • Sunlight is essential for photosynthesis and the growth of plants.
  • They applied sunscreen to protect their skin from the sun's harmful UV rays.


sunbathing icon

the practice of lying or sitting in the sun to relax and soak up its warmth, often done on sandy beaches

Easy Examples

  • Sunbathing is the practice of lying in the sun to get a tan.
  • People use sunscreen while sunbathing to protect their skin.
  • Sunbathing is a common beach activity.

Harder Examples

  • Beachgoers stretched out on their towels, enjoying a day of sunbathing.
  • Sunbathing is a common way to achieve a tan and unwind at the beach.
  • She fell asleep while sunbathing and woke up with a gentle sun-kissed glow.


sunglasses icon

protective eyewear with dark or tinted lenses that shield the eyes from the sun's glare and harmful UV rays

Easy Examples

  • Sunglasses are protective eyewear that shields the eyes from the sun's glare.
  • People wear sunglasses to reduce brightness and protect their eyes.
  • Sunglasses come in various styles and designs.

Harder Examples

  • He wore stylish sunglasses to shield his eyes from the bright sun.
  • Sunglasses are essential for eye protection on sunny days at the beach.
  • She chose oversized sunglasses for a trendy beach look.

suntan lotion

suntan lotion icon

a cosmetic product, often in the form of a lotion or spray, applied to the skin to protect it from sunburn and UV radiation

Easy Examples

  • Suntan lotion, or sunscreen, is a lotion applied to the skin to protect it from the sun's UV rays.
  • Suntan lotion prevents sunburn and skin damage.
  • Using suntan lotion is important for sun safety at the beach.

Harder Examples

  • They generously applied suntan lotion to their exposed skin before heading to the beach.
  • Suntan lotion with high SPF helps prevent sun damage and skin aging.
  • She kept a bottle of waterproof suntan lotion in her beach bag.


surfboard icon

a long, narrow board designed for riding ocean waves, often used in the sport of surfing

Easy Examples

  • A surfboard is a long, flat board used for riding waves in the sea.
  • Surfers paddle on surfboards and catch waves for fun and sport.
  • Surfing is a popular beach activity.

Harder Examples

  • Surfers paddled out into the waves with their surfboards, ready to catch a wave.
  • Riding a surfboard requires skill and balance in the water.
  • She practiced her surfboard maneuvers in the early morning swell.


surfing icon

a water sport in which individuals ride ocean waves on a surfboard, often practiced by enthusiasts and professionals at beach locations

Easy Examples

  • Surfing is a water sport where people ride on waves using a surfboard.
  • Surfers balance on the board and ride the waves to shore.
  • Surfing requires skill and practice.

Harder Examples

  • Surfing is a thrilling and challenging water sport enjoyed by many.
  • He watched surfers catching big waves and performing tricks near the shore.
  • She took surfing lessons to learn how to ride the waves effectively.

swimming shorts

swimming shorts icon

short, lightweight, and quick-drying swimwear designed for men and boys, suitable for swimming and water activities

Easy Examples

  • Swimming shorts are short, lightweight pants worn for swimming in the sea.
  • Swimming shorts are comfortable for beach activities.
  • People wear swimming shorts for a dip in the water.

Harder Examples

  • He wore his favorite swimming shorts for a dip in the sea.
  • Swimming shorts come in various colors and patterns, perfect for the beach.
  • They packed extra pairs of swimming shorts for their beach vacation.
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